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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Dynamo are already satisfied with fifth-eighth places

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 19:00:48

Dynamo spends another gray season. It all stems from the fact that head coach Alexei Kudashov will fail in the second tiebreaker in a row. At the same time, the general director of the club, Anatoly Kharchuk, believes that the results of the coach’s work are “excellent”, and a new long-term contract should be offered for fifth place in the regular season. With such statements, the Blue and Whites deliberately mark themselves out from the number of serious clubs. Do curators and fans agree that Dynamo is deliberately becoming a middle-class man?

To be honest, I am shocked by the latest statements from the CEO of Dynamo. Anatoly Kharchuk has already called the club’s results in the season “excellent”. And he added to the public pressure on the leadership of his own club. He is now at the same time with the General Manager Alexei Sopin: he calls the black white in the same way, in the same way demands to quickly extend the contract with Kudashov. Waiting for the playoff results.

The cynicism is overwhelming. It would be nice if the CEO was a beginner in sports management; then one could assume that he himself was deceived by stories about an “excellent result.” But Kharchuk has been in big hockey for more than 20 years. He led the club in the blue and white championship in the 2004/05 season. No mention of inexperience. So everything is done on purpose. Including statements that have nothing to do with reality.

And the real image is this. Dynamo had every opportunity to create a really strong team capable of fighting for medals. More than 700 million rubles were spent only on salaries with bonuses – an amount at the level of the best KHL clubs.

But the quality categorically does not correspond to the huge costs. Only the price of the current Dynamo is champion. And the result is a team that can get through at most one round of the playoffs. And even then, I’m not sure that the Muscovites will win the series against Torpedo. But even if they win, it will be the ceiling. With the inevitable departure of SKA in the second round. Most likely, with an embarrassing score (four or five games in a series).

The chances of getting into the top four are zero. Even today’s Dynamo can only dream of bronze medals. If you call things by their name, then this is a failure.

The playoffs will put everything in its place. The result will reveal all the flaws. And it’s understandable why Sopin and Kharchuk are in such a hurry to get Kudashov a new contract right now. Before the coach, he fails for the second consecutive Spring Cup.

But I note that the CEO of Dynamo chose an extremely unfortunate wording. Based on regular season results, the team is 5th. She was overtaken not only by SKA, CSKA and Lokomotiv, but also by Ak Bars, who fell asleep half of the championship. As well as Torpedo, which spent two and a half times less than Dynamo on player salaries. Such results should be ashamed of. And to call them beautiful is a disgrace.

Great forgotten story. Dynamo’s next centenary has been forgotten. The tradition of setting the highest goals has been forgotten. In fact, the Blue and Whites’ CEO publicly and directly devalued his own club to the status of desperate middle peasant. He declared him mediocre, incapable of fighting for medals, not even dreaming of them. It deliberately sets out to forget that only in the 21st century Dynamo hockey had four championship titles (no one has won more in these 23 years).

It is ridiculous to read the arguments that the coach should be “given time to work.” Kudashov was actually already two years old! Now is not the time to issue a trust credit. On the contrary, it is time to ask for what has been done.

Last spring – a very weak playoffs. The seventh game of the series with poor Severstal, desperate 0-4 in the second round of CSKA. What has been done to take at least a small step forward? Nothing. Instead, the inevitable prospect of stepping on a well-known rake. It is only proposed that the next black eye be considered a lantern that lights the way to a “bright and successful future.”

Kudashov has nothing to be proud of. The work of a coach does not deserve high marks. Of course, if he makes it to the Western finals, I’ll go back on my words. But that’s what we’re talking about! A healthy approach to business is first the result, and only then the demand for new preferences. If you do the opposite, then it is simply impossible to achieve success.

An impartial hockey manager would simply analyze Traktor’s downfall. Last spring, the Chelyabinsk club awarded a long-term guaranteed contract to head coach Anvar Gatiyatulin. And, mind you, he gave it as a reward for bronze medals (a height that is unattainable for today’s Dynamo).

The coach got everything he wanted, and he suspended the 2022/23 hockey season, bypassing the playoffs. Gatiyatulin frankly poorly worked. He clung to methods that failed to produce results. I stopped doing creative research, I didn’t look for new principles of team management. And yet psychologically relaxed by the feeling of inviolability from him. As a result, the tournament failed.

And now Kharchuk invites his own club to deliberately repeat Traktor’s strategic mistake. Does the CEO have the right to insist on such experiments? Why does he create the prerequisites for the exact same failure? Why introduce something that has already ruined the people of Chelyabinsk? Copying unsuccessful decisions is at least incompetent.

Blue and white would take a closer look at the “Magnitogorsk”. There is only a sober approach. They have just publicly announced that the fate of Ilya Vorobyov’s coaching staff will be decided based on the results of the playoff performances. this is healthy. This increases not only responsibility, but also motivation.

And at Dynamo, they don’t just copy the worst examples. Then they also drive away the remaining fans of the club. The opinion expressed by the CEO, in fact, has an extremely unpleasant connotation. Since the managers are ready to praise for the 5th place in the conference, since they are already running away from responsibility for the playoffs, then the fans will understand this in such a way that there is a conscious rejection of Big Goals. The club signs that it does not want any championship or medals. As of now, the ceiling of dreams is relegation to the second round of the playoffs. The team seems to report that it’s not worth rooting for now.

On the one hand, it publishes a ticket program with a high price of 4-10 thousand rubles for good seats. On the other hand, you report that no one needs medals, that living in a tournament swamp is wonderful in itself. Well, let’s see what happens with this assist approach.

And how will the senior leaders, curators of the club evaluate everything that happens. In a good way, such “management principles” should be liked even less than amateurs.

Especially if the prerequisites for a spring failure, developed within Dynamo, already work in the series with Torpedo. After all, if he does not respond to such requests in time, soon Kudashov and Co. will begin to present a first-round playoff exit as “a step towards winning the Gagarin Cup.”

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