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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Dynamo is not Canada’s bone breaking team! Kudashov’s master class for young girls from the teacher.

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:18:08

Dynamo surprised me in the first half. After Saturday’s carnage in Nizhny Novgorod, I allowed myself to compare the white and blue with the maple leaves of the 1972 Super Series sampler, and the Volzhans with the Red Car of Igor Larionov’s time. He did not expect that the Olympic champion Andrey Kovalenko, the father of the leader of the Torpedo attack, would have the same opinion:

– I’m a little surprised that Dynamo went to Canadian hockey. Even so, the blue and whites just played the regular phase, there were beautiful games and victories. But in the playoffs, Dynamo, apparently out of fear of Torpedo, drastically simplified their style. In the long run of the playoffs, this may not bring success. But Aleksey Kudashov is a great coach, he knows better. What will be the deciding factor in the series? In my opinion, a lot will depend on arbitration. Dynamo is one of the traditional leaders of our hockey, a club with resources, Torpedo is a young team that has become the wild card of the season. There were falls, many crashes and difficult moments for arbitration. Let’s see if the refs can hold their line.

Personally, I was sure that the Muscovites on their ice would continue in the same spirit – to hit and destroy everything that moves, especially what has stopped. But not!

From the first minutes it became clear that Kudashov decided to play pure hockey with Larionov. Maybe he decided to save his strength, because his power style consumes a lot of energy. Or save this argument in case the opponent takes the initiative.

Photo source: HC “Torpedo” (Nizhny Novgorod)

However, the chief referee of the KHL may have heard the professor’s fiery speech at the post-match press conference – Igor Nikolayevich said so, they say, I would like the KHL to pay special attention to this series. So that rigidity does not turn into cruelty. Well, from the league, perhaps, the board came to Dynamo, to control itself.

These are all assumptions, and the game itself should have provided the answer. So, if on Saturday the Muscovites used 17 power moves only in the opening third, and in just 60 minutes – 36, then this time in the first period the hosts were honored with only seven hits? Auto manufacturers answered three. Here is the best illustration of how the opponents have adjusted their tactics.

Both teams focused on defense. All the fouls – two eliminations in the initial 20 minutes – are the result of a technical defect. But either way, not out of rudeness! It is curious that even with a numerical superiority, no one created obvious moments. Dynamo players, apparently, were afraid of counterattacks from torpedoes, because those well-known craftsmen, to score in the minority.

In a word, for the game to open, the first goal was needed. The factor of the distant bench in the second half seems to have contributed to the emphasis on attack: it is easier for attackers to change on the way. However, after the break, nothing has changed. Both teams consistently kept two players behind, and when the puck was lost, a third would immediately join them. The main thing is to avoid cuts, counterattacks with a numerical advantage, especially one-on-one starts.

Photo source: HC “Torpedo” (Nizhny Novgorod)

The Dynamo’s most sophisticated players triumphed in this trench hockey. In the 28th minute the scoring was opened in full accordance with the cup classics. Trineev took the puck out of Kulbakov’s goal, returned it to Gotovets, who immediately transferred it to a penny – Igumnov blocked the goalkeeper’s view and was the first to shoot.

Three minutes later, Muranov, having caught the confused guests in his zone, achieved success. The blue and whites barely took advantage of the distant bench for the torpedoes. Those obviously overcame the turn, and Dynamo entered the selection in the corner with three attackers. Larionov did not notice, she threw the puck into her farthest penny, where the captain of the “Torpedo” Sizov was not waiting for her. But Muranov calculated everything instantly, and put the shell in the top nine. 2:0!

Avtozavodtsy, with incredible efforts, at the end of the period transferred the game to the Dynamo zone. However, it was evident that the Professor’s youth was simply unemotional.

Photo source: HC “Torpedo” (Nizhny Novgorod)

It can be seen that Saturday’s home win was too high a price – 5:2. Psychologically, the torpedoes seemed emasculated to zero. Giving up on the scoreboard, in the second 20 minutes they were honored with only 8 shots. Dynamo didn’t go far: 10, but their attacks were much sharper. At the same time, the hosts, taking advantage of their size, simply broke through, pushed the defense of the miniature Volzhans, mastered in martial arts.

In the final third, the torpedoes had no choice but to advance with great forces. And immediately they ran into a two-on-one counterattack, which turned into a three-on-two. But this did not help the car manufacturers. O’Dell shot Kulbakov without any resistance – 3:0 69 seconds after the opening faceoff.

Clear victory for Alexei Kudashov! How will Igor Larionov answer the day after tomorrow?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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