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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Dynamo “tanks” will roll the Volga “cavalry” on the ice

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:50:00

On Wednesday, March 1, the KHL championship playoffs begin. They say that the first circle is poor, it does not intrigue. “Soviet Sport” introduces pairs and gives a forecast.

western conference

SKA (1) – Dynamo Mn (8)

March 1, 3 (both – St. Petersburg) 5, 7 (both – Minsk), 9 * (St. Petersburg), 11 * (Mn), 13 * (St. Petersburg)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-0

The third consecutive meeting of rivals in the playoffs is unlikely to cause a sensation. At least one win for the Bisons will become a sensation. In 2021, SKA handed the opponent a match after Canadian coach Craig Woodcroft came off the benches, facing blatant officiating inconsistency for the first time. And this is common practice in series against a team from St. Petersburg. Last year SKA won 4-0.

Photo source: HC SKA

In St. Petersburg, a full house is guaranteed, but in Minsk – a question. There is hope that on February 5, Sunday, the 15 thousand will be packed with capacity.

CSKA (2) – Severstal (7)

2, 4 (both – Moscow), 6, 8 (both – Cherepovets), 10* (Moscow time), 12* (Chr), 14* (Moscow time)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-2

A year ago, the “lynx” scratched the blue and white a lot, taking the first two games in Moscow. And then the fifth in the capital. But even so, they did not move. At the decisive moment, the goalkeeper Podyapolsky let down the team of Andrey Razin.

Now wait for Shugaev. However, in the last match of the opponents, which ended in the victory of Severstal 6:4, the goalkeeper Samonov, who has personal scores with the champions, made a lot of merit.

Three losses to the Lynxes in four regular season games angered the champions. The more interesting the series will be.

Photo source: HC CSKA

Lokomotiv (3) – Vityaz (6)

1, 3 (both – Yaroslavl), 5, 7 (both – Balashikha), 9* (Yar), 11* (Bshkh), 13* (Yar)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-0

Vityaz did not finish in sixth place in the conference, which is already a success. Vityaz has yet to win in the playoffs (in the KHL), unlike his coach Vyacheslav Butsaev, who won 5 cup matches at the helm of CSKA in 2013. In Balashikha, Podolsk and Chekhov, they are waiting for a historic event for their favorite team. .

Photo source: HC Lokomotiv

Torpedo (4) – Dynamo M (5)

2, 4 (both – Nizhny Novgorod), 6, 8 (both – Moscow), 10* (NN), 12* (Msk), 14* (NN)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 2-4

Avtozavodtsy under the yoke of the injury leaders completed the regular season for peace – four defeats. On the contrary, the blue and white receive the playoffs with the sound of the shield. Only bad luck prevented them from winning over CSKA. Legionnaires, goalkeepers, captain Mironov, Rashevsky, the power trio Dzhioshvili – Kablukov – Muranov are in perfect order, capable of rolling any opponent on the ice. Volga residents are unlikely to resist the Dynamo machine. Suppose that the series will go according to the scenario of the cup match between these rivals in the championship for the blue and white season 2012/13. Then the Muscovites broke through the resistance of the automobile factory thanks to Anisin Jr.

Photo source: HC Dynamo (Moscow)

Eastern Conference

Ak Bars (1) – Neftekhimik (8)

March 1 and 3 (both in Kazan), 5, 7 (both in Nizhnekamsk), 9* (Kz), 11* (Nzhk), 13* (Kz)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-0

The move to the playoffs of the Nizhnekamsk team is akin to a breakthrough into space. And any victory over a principled rival aspiring to the Gagarin Cup will be a miracle. Kazantsy, on the other hand, need to decide on the main goalkeeper and correct some of the negative points that have been highlighted in recent matches against Magnitogorsk and Avangard.

Photo Source: HC Ak Bars

“Salavat Yulaev” (2) – “Admiral” (7)

1, 3 (both – Ufa), 5, 7 (both – Vladivostok), 9* (U), 11* (F), 13* (U)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-1

Opponents can boast reliable goalkeepers. Yezhov from Ufimets and the “sailor” Serebryakov did not give reasons for criticism in the regular season. If they cheer up, they will hermetically close the doors. We expect a tough fight with a minimum of errors and scoring chances. In addition, a record for veteran defender Yulaev Biryukov is on the agenda. This tiebreaker will be his fifteenth in the KHL.

Photo source: HC “Salavat Yulaev”

Avangard (3) – Sibir (6)

2, 4 (both – Omsk), 6, 8 (both – Novosibirsk), 10* (Ohm), 12* (Ns), 14* (Ohm)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 4-1

It’s a shame the snowflake team hasn’t held a housewarming party yet. Although the new arena is ready to receive fans, its director announced this on the air of the KHL channel.

But often the championship cup is won after moving to new palaces. Tested by Yaroslavl, Kazan, Ufa, CSKA…

Photo source: HC Siberia

Goalkeepers can become the Achilles heel of the opponents. Omsk to the last dealt with Demchenko, who received microdamage, the regular season was finished by the inexperienced Mishurov. Sibir has questions for Krasotkin, who lacks size. But will his replacement understudy, Costin, be able to stop the plague attack of the “hawks” led by legionnaires Knight, Boucher, Broadhurst? And how serious is the injury to super scorer Tkachev? By the way, goalkeeper Kostin has experience in cups, and he got it in the 2015 playoffs, playing in … Avangard.

Automobilist (4) – Metallurgy (5)

2, 4 (both – Yekaterinburg), 6, 8 (both – Magnitogorsk), 10* (Ek), 12* (Mg), 14* (Ek)

Prediction “Sovsport”: 1-4

In the 2016 final, CSKA striker Da Costa scored in Magnitogorsk against goalkeeper Koshechkin from midfield. But the Frenchman was not lucky to win the series and win the Gagarin Cup – Ilya Vorobyov’s team squeezed the army team in the seventh match.

Now the second part of his duel is on the agenda. Unless, of course, the veteran goalie takes to the ice. In this case, the MVP of the Cup-2017, like his former teammate Biryukov, will take part in all 15 KHL playoffs.


Avtomobilist was labeled in advance as a “non-Cup team”. However, their captain Shirokov can boast of the experience of big wins in the playoffs, moreover, over Metallurg.

* If required.

Puck Henry
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