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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Dynamo won the Fraternal Cup against CSKA. Even Kuranyi came out!

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:23:06

Dynamo won the Fraternal Cup against CSKA. Even Kuranyi came out!

Anatoly Romanov July 9, 2023, 19:05 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Lichka successfully begins his career in Moscow.

The second day of the Fraternal Cup between Dynamo and CSKA was also for the Blue and Whites. According to the sum of two matches, the victory was celebrated by Marcel Licka’s team. Remember that this mini-tournament consisted of two derbies in two days, and the games were held in an unusual format: three 30-minute halves. In addition, in each of the breaks there were challenges, whose winner scored a goal. The day before, Dynamo scored three goals, but won 5-0 thanks to two hits in the challenges.

Naturally, new Dynamo coach Marcel Lichka and his CSKA colleague Vladimir Fedotov completely changed the starting lineups. Only soldier Ermakov came out of the first minutes of the second consecutive day, who played just half an hour yesterday. A large group of young footballers appeared in the conditional foundations. For example, Lepsky, 18, and Seizendal, 19, served in the army’s defense center. And CSKA had 17-year-old defenders Ryadno, Kislyak and Bandikyan at the same time. Torop was at the door behind them. Akinfeev received rest today.

But the main event was getting into the starting lineup for the hosts Kuranya! Kevin, as he promised the fans, participated in the Fraternal Cup. It is true that he could only spend a minute on the field. After knee surgery, it is still difficult for the former German Dynamo star to bear serious stress. Kuranyi managed to mark himself with a subtle and penetrating transfer, after which he left to switch to applause. By the way, the day before, CSKA also pleased the fans with a meeting with the legend – Seydou Doumbia. This time, the Ivorian limited himself to a symbolic touch to the ball before the game.

How the first game of the Fraternal Cup turned out:

Doumbia played for CSKA for the first time in eight years. But Dynamo won 5-0 thanks to challenges.

Lichka went to the coaching bench in a branded pink sweater, but with the letter “D” close to her heart. Now all the Czech’s thoughts are connected with Dynamo. And he did not like what he saw in the first part of the new blue and white coach. CSKA had the advantage and led the way to the break – 7:0! The Argentine Gaich stood out especially, who, in reality, should not have played as a point guard: shortly before the game it was learned that he would replace Carrascal, who had withdrawn for some reason.

Gaich missed two chances and scored on his own late in the first half. Torop started the attack with an impressive Akinfeev-style long pass. Yakovlev released the ball to the Argentine, after which the forward pushed Seidenzal and converted a one-on-one.

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However, the second half started with the score 1:1. While the participants in the match rested, the first challenge was carried out by the substitute goalkeepers of the teams. Dynamo players Rasulov and Davydov fought in a two-on-two format on a short field against the army team Shaikhutdinov and Besaev. The hosts gifted the guests seven goals, conceding only two. The young blue and white goalkeepers play better with their feet.

In the next half hour, 17 thousand spectators gathered in the stands of the VTB Arena saw four more goals. CSKA continued to close the gap. Ermakov scored a brilliant goal already in the first minute: after a rebound, the attacking midfielder fired an accurate volley from outside the penalty area.

Then Gaich, who plucked up his courage, scored a brace. Against the background of CSKA’s young opponents, the Argentine was king. This goal was “brought” by Seidenzal, who presented the ball to the opponent under pressure and, moreover, allowed the attacker to beat himself.

Dynamo seemed completely confused, but at the end of 50 minutes of play they suddenly scored two goals in a row with the first two shots on goal. Grulev took advantage of Kislyak’s fatigue and opened well behind the CSKA centre-back. First, he marked the blue and white striker after a three-on-three attack and a penetrating pass from Lesovoy. Two minutes later, Dynamo intercepted the ball knocked out by Torop, and Kutitsky found Grulev with a fine pass.

At the second break, another challenge took place – a penalty shootout, in which fans of the team, players of the women’s club and star guests – TV presenter Konstantin Anisimov and comedian Philip Voronin took part. This competition, like all the previous ones, was left in the hands of Dynamo. Thus the teams began the third half with a score of 4:3 in favor of the Blue and Whites.

In the third half, Dynamo had a lot of substitutions. And one more goal from Lichki’s team. Very similar to those noted by Grulev. Again there was a pass behind Kislyak’s back, this time from Zakharyan. Smolov should not be given such freedom in the penalty area, at such moments he clicks like crazy.

During the last 10 minutes, Dynamo had another legend – defender Rykov. Vladimir played in bright yellow boots. With Rykov on the field, the Dynamo team brought the matter to victory with a score of 6:3 (excluding challenges – 4:3). After an attack down the right flank, Mazurin beat Kislyak in the penalty area and scored with a double rebound. By the way, in the first match the 21-year-old striker also scored.

This mug really turned out to be Brotherly. In the end, the army fans charged: “D-na-mo”! And the Dynamo players answered them: “Tse-es-ka”!

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