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Dzeko is a unique person: he survived the war, ridicule and is now in the Champions League final

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:05:50

Edin Dzeko loved Milan since he was a child. Also, the only jersey he has in his house has Andriy Shevchenko’s name on it. Bonus – personalized autograph. In the early 2000s, the young, football-loving Bosnian was imbued with the philosophy of Carlo Ancelotti’s team. And for a long time I begged for a friends t-shirt. So he was not yet the Jacko that all of Europe knows. He played for the local Železničar, where he was not especially successful in scoring. Many in his place would have given up long ago. In Sarajevo, a strong pair of hands in working professions would definitely not hurt. But Jack didn’t give up. He is not in his nature at all. I found a friend who took out a jersey and continued to pave the way to big football.

It is curious that seven or eight years after receiving the memory, Edin himself was called to Milan. The club offered a crazy 40 million euros for a guy who scored 26 goals in 32 Bundesliga games. The Germans refused. We think that entering the Champions League, having sold the entire team, is too much. Therefore, one of Jack’s childhood wishes, to play for a club with which he had a strong emotional connection, did not come true.

City and Inter have only one winner of the Champions League trophy. Who is he?

At City and Inter, only one person won the Champions League! A full 18 years ago in the grand finale

Jacko’s life was saved by his mother. and soccer The war in Yugoslavia began when Edin was six years old. Everything collapsed in an instant. My favorite hobby was cut short – chasing the ball with friends in the yard. War was becoming the norm, but many found it difficult to bear. Jacko is seven years old. The guys still periodically met on the site, but the mother of the future star was against it. And she stopped letting him out. The boy got angry. Once a terrible thing happened: rockets flew into the area where children played football. Many died or were disabled.

“My instinct saved my son’s life. I foresaw problems”, recalled the mother of the player Belma.

Destroyed houses in Yugoslavia during the war

Photo: Yugoslav Army/Getty Images

They spent four years in hell. Their house was bombed, so they had to huddle with relatives: 15 people in a room. My father was in front, there was always a shortage of food, and the most popular move was to the basement. Hide from rocket attacks. And the sound of sirens, a sound that Jacko would remember all his life.

“Like most boys, my childhood was stolen from me. We woke up and there was nothing for breakfast. I cried a lot. Now we do not discuss it even with parents and wife. I remember everything very well, but I don’t see the point of constantly looking back. The war has changed us all. We dreamed of a normal life for three years, and when the conflict ended, we tried to start again.”

The war ended in December 1995. I had to start all over again from scratch. Edina’s father survived. And he took the boy to the Zheleznichar club school. He was driven there almost every day by a family friend who worked as a taxi driver. And he did not take money. The future footballer appreciated it very much. And he promised to buy a car when he got it. He kept his word.


Ten years ago, Jacko was already a national hero. But not because he played for City and competed with the best forwards in the world: Agüero, Balotelli or Negredo. And not even because he became the leader of the team that reached the 2014 World Cup final. This is all nonsense. And the outer shell. There are more important things, in this case, the connection to the people and the country that Jacko loves so much.

In May 2014, terrible floods hit Serbia and Bosnia. In three days a three-month rain fell and the water rose nine meters. The rivers overflowed. The north of Sarajevo was flooded. When the water began to recede, terrible shots appeared: infrastructure destroyed, people and animals suffering…

Floods in Bosnia in 2014

Photo: Kemal Zorlak/Getty Images

Naturally, at this time, volunteers from different countries came to the rescue. But two players made a serious contribution: Miralem Pjanic and Edin Dzeko. The first bought a large amount of medicine and the volunteers distributed it to everyone in need. The second – he interrupted the preparations for the World Cup and flew to Sarajevo for several days to play a series of charity matches.

It was an amazing sight. A field in flooded areas, hundreds of boys wearing Jacko shirts, and next to them his idol. The soccer player considered that at this moment it is more important than ever to be in his native country. And nothing should stop him.

At the same time, the footballer’s political position also manifested itself for the first time: in particular, he called for support from the Serbs, who suffered to a greater extent from the floods. Maybe this didn’t increase his popularity, but it certainly clarified his views, no matter what country he ended up in. And it’s stupid to hate each other. Neighbors should live in peace and friendship. Edin passed on this thought throughout the following years.

edin dzeko

about relationships with people

“It doesn’t matter what your name is, whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Catholic. Look at Aleksandar Kolarov – it is important for me that there are good people next to me, and he is a good person. He is from Serbia, but I don’t care about politics, there are good and bad people everywhere.”

Dzeko also opposes the division of the country’s schools along ethnic lines, when only Bosnians study in one and Bosnian Croats in the other. And he believes that everyone should have the same status.

Inzaghi and Guardiola met twice on the pitch. As was:

Inzaghi had two unforgettable meetings with Guardiola. The Italian won more times than he lost


The main myth is that Dzeko, although he is a nice guy, is an average soccer player. You probably think so too. He never became a superstar in mainstream soccer culture. Yes, I played in the best clubs. Yes, I scored a lot. And his whole life is a story of overcoming.

Was it logical to end your career in your native Železničar, where the coach saw you in midfield? Yes. The game didn’t work very well, and instead of recognition, he received a lot of ridicule. With whom they simply did not compare: the most popular is the “light pole”. In such moments, you can overcome yourself with two things: a fanatical love for football and the confidence of a manager. The second point worked perfectly for Jacko. At the first club, he met the young Czech specialist Jiri Pilsnek. First, he moved it to the center of the attack, and then he took it with him to the Greenhouse. According to legend, Zheleznichar was not even taken seriously when someone offered €25,000 for Jacko. They considered it a joke.

It was in the Czech Republic where the Bosnian revealed himself as a top-level striker. There they taught him to push, fight and win the top. It was there that he began to score and prove his worth as a goalscorer. It was there that Felix Magath noticed him and convinced the management that 4 million euros was a super profitable investment.

Edin Dzeko in Wolfsburg

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

What happened next, you already know: the status of Wolfsburg’s top scorer, then five years at City, where he scored 50 goals in 130 games. Manuel Pellegrini generally called Edin “the most important player on the team.” And this is during the period of cousin Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, Kompany and Agüero. Cool? A lot.

Edin Dzeko at Manchester City

Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images

After City, there were seven years at Roma and what seemed like a good end to a career. Dzeko won national championships, became the top scorer, and was able to leave great. The last season in Rome is a rumor at all: the striker’s goals were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Champions League by Barca, and in the semifinals it was not enough to go to extra time with Liverpool – the total score of the confrontation was 6:7 in favor of the British. The Bosnian scored a goal in each of the matches.

Edin Dzeko in Rome

Photo: Getty Images

In the summer of 2021, Dzeko moved to Inter as a free agent. This season, Edin is not always the main one in the championship, but he constantly appears in the Champions League playoffs from the first minutes. For his most important goal against Milan in the first semifinal.

This is how it was:

Inter crushed Milan in the Champions League in three minutes. Here is the vaunted Pioli team

I’m sure Dzeko will play at the base and in the Champions League final against City. But don’t think it will be a pretty ending to a race. Six months ago, Edin said that he didn’t think about it at all. And he wants to continue. He still loves football, watches a lot of games and is immersed in all the processes.

Age is just an illusion for this strong Bosnian.

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