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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Dzyuba is a prisoner of illusions

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:24:53

Here I fought with myself, don’t believe it. I really didn’t want to write about Dziuba. Because those who understand everything, my arguments for them will be redundant. They already know everything about it, nothing new will surprise them, and those who insist that Dzyuba is the great protagonist of the 2018 World Cup, well, let them rejoice in his illusions.

But there are very important things for me personally that are worth mentioning. First, respect and respect for Nobel. He got smarter with age. This is not true for all bipeds. He does not play smart, does not press the interlocutor with his omniscience: he subtly administers poison in homeopathic doses. So, not everyone will understand that it was poison.

Nobel, without the help of hands, managed to do what Dzyuba himself could not do. So quaint to be naked during an interview… well, skill of course. Magician. Cooler than Harutyun Hakobyan.

When a person talks about his masturbation, then about political slogans, and does it alternately, then he looks just ridiculous. And that is. Without additional semantic load. You say, Artem, that Western values ​​​​are unacceptable for you (although you do not list them, but some kind of ideological scum from TV propagandists), that a traditional family is important to you, so why the hell do you say how? Do women undress you with their eyes? Do you have a wife and, if I’m not mistaken, three children? This is good?

I don’t want to imagine Dziuba as a fool. When this super-patriot began to talk about his political views, he already had well-polished slogans and neat phrases: well, just a State Duma deputy from a talk show on Channel One. When he turns to Semak with Karpin, he again breaks out. in a cheap matchup. He then he will remember the high mission of him, and again by slogans.

How long does it take for Artyom’s brain to fit in? It is still the same thing itself. He is still in the world of some ghostly illusions. This is not the case when a person first speaks, and then thinks. No, that’s what he thinks. Six months in a bank in Turkey, a person was not corrected. He does not go to Talalaev to speak, because Talalaev with Torpedo is in last place. And what are you up to, Artem? All in the same world, where Dzyuba is in the center, and the world itself was usually called centered on Dzyuba? Sadness…

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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