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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Dzyuba – Russian Cristiano Ronaldo. He killed the remaining reputation with an interview.

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 21:54:12

Ahead of the 2022 World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo gave a great interview to Piers Morgan in which he slandered former managers, Manchester United and actually came out in a way we haven’t seen before. The result was not long in coming, and Manchester United terminated the contract with the Portuguese.

A few months later, Artem Dzyuba decided to repeat Ronaldo’s path, only slightly changing the topics of discussion.

Nobel Arustamyan on his YouTube channel posted an almost two-hour conversation with Artem Dziuba, in which he asked him absolutely all the questions that are of such concern to the football community. Let political views, non-acceptance of European values ​​​​and other opinions remain with him, but I want to discuss exclusively the football side of the conversation, in which there was a lot of nonsense.

Photo source: Nobel Arustamyan YouTube channel

In one of the fragments, Dziuba told why, despite everything, he left Zenit last summer. And it turned out that Zenit was not very determined to extend the contract, but Artem himself was not eager. First of all, he was dissatisfied with the club’s new strategy, which involved buying Brazilian footballers, although, according to Artem, Zenit’s backbone should be Russian. In addition, the former striker of the national team is sure that the base of any European team is built from local players. But is it?

Premier league

The most “English” team in the league is Everton, represented by only 11 foreign players. But this is more the exception than the rule. The rest of the other clubs have at least 15-20 foreign players, which is much more than half the team. For example, Wolves have 24 foreigners (out of 28), Chelsea have 22 (out of 33), Liverpool have 21 (out of 30).

Verdict: The teams are NOT predominantly English.

Photo source: Everton FC


Germany produces dozens of great players from the academies each year, but not many Bundesliga teams rely on them.

Werder Bremen is considered the best in this indicator – only 9 foreigners out of 26 declared players. Well, then everything is standard. Bayern itself has several German point guards, but for the most part, the composition is made up of foreign players, of which there are around 17 out of 27. Only 5 of the 18 Bundesliga teams have more Germans in their squads than visiting players. .

Verdict: The teams are NOT predominantly made up of Germans.

Photo source: FC Bayern

A series

Italy is not far from Germany – only three teams are represented mainly by local players. Everyone else prefers foreigners. For example, the leader Napoli has 19 of 27 players from other countries, and only 2-3 Italians (and even those with a stretch) are in the main team. Milan has 25 of 31, Juventus and Inter have the same: 16 of 27.

Verdict: The teams are NOT predominantly made up of Italians.

Photo source: FC Napoli

Of the big championships, the situation is slightly different only in Spain and France, but this is not so important. Most importantly, I managed to prove that in European countries teams do not have to be made up of local students, and the class of the club and the level of the national team, moreover, do not correlate with this indicator.

Yes, this is a criticism of Dziuba’s interview to the smallest detail, but if a football player criticizes the former club for a similar and wrong strategy in his opinion, reinforcing the examples of other teams, then he has no right to be wrong. . And okay, if this was the only mistake, but the entire interview consists of such inaccuracies.

It seems that Dziuba simply refused to admit that it was just that his time had come at Zenit, and the Latin American newcomers were not to blame for this. The club’s strategy must be dealt with by the management, and judging by the first place of the St. Petersburg team at the moment, it is doing everything well. But in Dziuba, everyone is to blame except him.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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