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“Either you finish the game or you go to jail.” We choose the main scandal of the Classic

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 12:45:55

“Either you finish the game or you go to jail.” We choose the main scandal of the Classic

Kirill Zakatchenko April 21, 2024, 12:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Party in Franco’s time? Ramos psychosis? Or Mourinho’s bad education?

El Clásico is one of the most interesting matches not only in Spain, but in all of world football. Before the new match (which will be held today, April 21), we remember the scandalous pages of the matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Your task is to classify them in our ranking. During the voting, the clubs will be distributed by places; The rating depends entirely on the votes of the “Championship” readers and is formed online.

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Rating: the most remembered scandal of the Classic


Pig’s head for Figo, 2002

In 2000, Luis Figo decided to take a very bold step: he left Barcelona for Real Madrid. As you will understand, the fans of the Catalan Club did not like this act of the footballer. In the first match after the player’s return to the Camp Nou, the fans prepared several banners with the inscription juda$ (Judas). They deliberately replaced the letter s with a dollar sign, thus accusing the Portuguese of being corrupt. A couple of years later, Figo’s arrival in the capital of Catalonia was even more memorable. Luis had no qualms about taking the curves and fans regularly threw various objects at him. Everything he had on hand flew. Coins and glass bottles were thrown at Figo, and someone even threw a pig’s head at him. The match was interrupted for several minutes and the players were removed from the field. However, play was later resumed.

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Ramos’ psychosis in the last minutes, 2010

José Mourinho’s first season as coach of Real Madrid. That’s when he suffered the worst loss of his career at the time: 0-5. Already in added time, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos took the headline title. First, he openly knocked down Lionel Messi, for which he rightly received a red card. Do you think Sergio calmed down after this? No. He pushed Carles Puyol in the face and then Xavi in ​​the chin. A fight broke out on the field and it almost came to a fight. The mutual insults continued after the teams entered the grandstand area. There was also an episode during the match in which Josep Guardiola threw the ball to the side, which Cristiano Ronaldo did not like. The Portuguese pushed the Barça coach and then got into a fight with Iniesta.


“Either you finish the game or go to prison”, 1943

The second leg of the 1943 Copa del Rey became a nightmare for the Barcelona players. There are several versions of what happened. According to one of them, some military personnel ordered the Catalans to lose before the game. According to another, the Barcelona players were defeated even before the opening whistle; according to the third, the military ordered the arbitration team to organize the required result. In the first half, the Catalan Club goalkeeper did not jump at the balls, but rather dodged the stones that flew at him from the stands. When the guests took a throw-in or took a corner, the fans sitting in the first rows grabbed them by their shirts. The teams went to halftime with the score 0:8. They say that the blue garnets did not want to come out for the second half, but they were forced to do so by people in military uniforms. “Either you finish the game or you go straight from here to prison,” were the words that the Barça players heard in the locker room. During the time of dictator Franco, it was impossible not to take these threats seriously. The result was a 1:11 defeat.

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Mourinho punches Vilanova in the eye, 2011

With the arrival of Mourinho as Real Madrid coach, the games with Barcelona became explosive. In 2011, the best clubs in Spain were playing in the country’s Super Cup and in the last minutes a brawl broke out. Both footballers and coaches participated in it. In the midst of the chaos, Mourinho sneaked up on Tito Vilanova (Guardiola’s assistant) and poked him in the eye. In a press conference after the match, the Portuguese stated that at that moment he did not know who Vilanova was. “I work a lot with my players to achieve emotional control,” Mourinho said a year later. “We should only think about decent work and play.” So I made a mistake and I’m not looking for excuses. As Tito himself said a few weeks ago, a bad image lasts forever.”

Photo: frame of the transmission.

Pepe stepped on Messi’s hand, 2012

At the beginning of 2012, Barça defeated Real Madrid (2-1) in the first match of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals. The match was remembered for the fact that Madrid defender Pepe stepped on Messi’s hand while he was sitting on the grass. After the match, the Portuguese received a wave of hatred directed at himself. They even had to apologize, although Pepe said that he accidentally stepped on the attacker’s hand. “The incident with Messi was not intentional, but I still want to apologize if he felt offended. All I do is work for the team, I’m willing to give my heart and soul for it. “I never thought about hurting a colleague,” Pepe said the next day.

Photo: AOP.Press/Getty Images

Busquets stepped on Pepe’s head, 2014

Another scandalous episode involving Pepe. This time the defender acted as the injured party. Barça midfielder Sergio Busquets stepped on Pepe’s head while he was lying on the grass. After the match, the Spaniard said that he did it accidentally because he did not see his opponent. Pepe had a different point of view. “One of the virtues of a person is being honest and being able to sometimes admit what you have to apologize for. If I were Busquets I would no longer play for Real Madrid, which is what many want. If I had stepped on Busquets, they would have wanted to expel me from Spain, such is the cost of the reputation as a murderer that is attributed to me,” Pepe lamented after the game.

Photo: frame of the transmission.

Look at the shirt, 2017.

Perhaps the most iconic photo of El Clásico is that of Lionel Messi at the Santiago Bernabéu in 2017. Then Barcelona defeated Real in Madrid (3-2) and Leo himself scored a double. He scored his second goal (the winning one) in added time. Immediately afterwards, Messi ran to the stands, took off his shirt and defiantly showed it to the Real Madrid fans. A shameless celebration against the backdrop of exhausted opponents and a cursing Ronaldo. A few months later, Cristiano will dress up for the celebration after Messi’s goal at the Camp Nou.

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