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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Enough angered the fighters, Milokhin wants to fight Khabib’s brother. How the showmen came into contact with MMA

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 10:50:23

Enough angered the fighters, Milokhin wants to fight Khabib’s brother. How the showmen came into contact with MMA

September 27, 2023, 20:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Strange stories emerge again in the world of mixed martial arts.

It happens that in recent years the spectacle element has become more and more entrenched in the world of mixed martial arts. It is often not enough for fighters to be stronger than their opponents in the cage; They also need to make sure that it’s not just MMA fans who remember you. Sometimes, due to the close interaction of these two areas, strange collaborations arise: showbiz artists delve into the world of martial arts, and fighters try to influence pop stars. They both seem pretty ridiculous.

On September 11, a concert by the popular performer Vasily Vakulenko, known as Basta, took place in Kaspiysk (Dagestan). There were no problems with the organization of the event, but afterwards the MMA fighters became alarmed.

It all started with a video on social media showing girls dancing at a concert. Islam Makhachev later reposted the video on his page, Khasbik also reacted, and Murad Machaev, on RGVK, gave a powerful speech condemning the people who attended the concert: “In our republic, religious events are held. free, but people don’t go there. Everything is free, but they don’t go! And at the same time people have no problem paying up to 10,000 rubles and going to the Basta concert. If we take the arithmetic average, the bills paid between 1,500 and 10,000 rubles. The concert was attended by 6,000 people, that is, 30 million rubles. The singer just arrived and earned 30 million rubles. And this is the money that our Dagestanis earn with sweat and blood. And the problem in our Dagestan is not that the singer has arrived, but rather ignorance. If we have religious events and girls, anyone, do not come to them, their ignorance will not be eliminated. And this problem is all over Dagestan, every man must eliminate ignorance from himself. And when you say, “Why are men blamed for their wife or her sister going to this concert?” Because that is the problem with these men, they are ignorant in these matters. And from the point of view of religion, if we consider this question, then religion prohibits us from music. If a man eliminates this ignorance and has knowledge in matters of religion, he will never in his life allow his wife to attend this concert.”

Agree, it is very reminiscent of the story of Yegor Creed’s concert. It is true that at that time the residents of the republic were strongly opposed to the celebration of the event. The concert was eventually canceled and Khabib Nurmagomedov memorably issued: “It’s not a big loss.” This did not go unnoticed by Timati, the owner of the Black Star label, under which Creed performed. As a result, the conflict took a new turn and lasted for a long time, causing heated discussions in the media.

Let’s remember the scandalous story involving Khabib, Timati and Yegor Creed:

Khabib doesn’t want Creed’s concert in Dagestan. Timati defended Yegor

These are the cases in which fighters find themselves in show business. The opposite example was given by the famous tiktoker Danya Milokhin, and even here the name Khabib could not be avoided. The blogger decided to say that he dreams of entering the UFC and, without delaying the matter, he challenged Nurmagomedov’s brother, without specifying which one: “I want to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov’s brother, so that Khabib Nurmagomedov gives me a position. ovation when I win.

It might be a lot of fun. Yes, you can’t say that I am some kind of super fighter. It is clear to me that I am very sweet. But that’s the trick: get on with the fact that I’m a sweet fighter. I will be all in pink, I will wear earrings and before the fight I take them off and give them good ones… Everyone will understand that I show beautiful fights. I’ve been training hard for four months. “I think I can show something and surprise people.”

Apparently, what is going on here? However, the wave of absurdity was picked up by commentator Dmitry Guberniev, who said that he was ready to comment on such a fight, adding that the fighters’ chances would be 50 to 50. But the director of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev , in a conversation with Sport24, spoke quite severely on this topic: “I do not give a sporting assessment to Milokhin’s statements. There’s no point in getting on this plane. I don’t understand why Milokhin is looking for one of Khabib’s relatives among his opponents. What do they have to do with that? There’s not much to discuss here. Say more real names. If Milokhin really wants to fight, you can help him in this matter. I know him as an athlete who still has an orphanage background. But I don’t like to waste time: let’s help him organize a fight. I’m for real things. You need to change the angle of the calls to the other side. If he touches Khabib’s brothers, he won’t make it to the cage.”

Milokhin has little experience in pop MMA. In December 2021 he fought with blogger Artur Babich and won by unanimous decision. It is true that the format was strange: three one-minute rounds and all with huge gloves. But Milokhin apparently considered that he was now ready for more serious challenges.

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