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Euro 2024 regulations: who advances from the group, 12 playoff options and other surprises

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Euro 2024 regulations: who advances from the group, 12 playoff options and other surprises

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How are places determined in the event of a tie? And how to identify the best from third places? A detailed guide to the intricacies of the tournament.

Euro 2024 starts this Friday! We have prepared a guide to the tournament regulations, compiling everything most important.

Number of participants and group composition.

24 teams participate in the tournament:

20 teams that reached the group stage directly through qualification; three teams that won the qualification play-offs, i.e. Germany, which entered the group without qualifying;

The 24 teams are divided into six groups, each of four teams. The complete list is in one image for your convenience.

In a group, each team plays each other once, with three points awarded for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. Everything is standard here. The third round matches of each group begin at the same time.

All the squads for the Euro Cup


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How many teams advance to the next stage?

From each group, the first two places (12 teams), as well as the four best teams among the third places, advance directly to the round of 16.

Here you can choose your favorite team!


Who will you support at Euro 2024?

How are places determined in the event of a tie?

If two or more teams in the same group have the same number of points at the end of the group stage, the following criteria will be applied to determine their classification:

the number of points scored in the games played between the respective teams. For example, if Spain and Italy score six points (two wins), then the team that won their head-to-head matchup will have a higher score. If they are tied, all eyes are on the next point; the best goal difference in the matches played between the respective teams. But in the case of Italy and Spain this point has also already passed, so we look further; And again our example is left behind, then we go even deeper.

UEFA rules state: “If, after applying the listed criteria, the teams are still tied on points, then the criteria are re-applied exclusively to the matches between the remaining teams to determine their final classification. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, other criteria will be applied.”

Are here:

The one with the greatest goal difference in their group is greater if the previous criterion cannot be applied either, look who scored the most in all the group stage matches, if the number of goals is also the same, they go; to disciplinary points based on yellow and red cards received by players and team officials in all group matches (red card = 3 points, yellow card = 1, expulsion for two yellow cards in the same match = 3 points, last option if they are all); The above criteria fail, – by place in the general classification of the European qualifying tournaments (in this case, if Germany participates in the comparison, a draw is held, since the Germans did not participate in the last selection).

To determine the overall ranking of the European qualifying tournaments, the results of the matches with the sixth-place teams are canceled and then analyzed:

position in the group at the end of the qualifying group stage; number of points scored away from home; number of away wins; UEFA Nations League season – 2022/2023.

But that is not all!

If two teams with the same number of points, in addition to having scored and conceded the same number of goals, meet in the last match of the group stage and all the criteria converge, their final place in the group will be determined in the shootout. of penalties. . True, the condition must be met here that no other team in the group scores the same number of points based on the results of all group matches. If three or four teams have the same number of points, the criteria listed above will apply.

Euro 2024 Regulations

Photo: RIA Novosti

How are the best third place teams determined?

This also has its own criteria: each of the following applies if the previous one does not work.

First, look at who scored the most points. If someone gets an equal number, go to the next point:

goal difference; number of goals scored; number of victories; if all of the above does not work, a system of reducing the number of disciplinary points is applied (the principle is described above; if after this the teams are equal, they are seen); in the general classification of the European qualifying tournaments (we have already described it above).

All euro restrictions

Beer, food and airplanes. There will be many bans at Euro 2024; they could even put you in jail

How will the round of 16 play? After all, it is unknown who will come out of third place.

The schedule is below.

Match 1: Winner of Group B – WB v 3A/D/E/F Match 2: Winner of Group A – Second team of Group C Match 3: Winner of Group F – 3A/B/C. Second team of group E. Match 5: Winner of group E – 3A/B/C/D. Match 6: Winner of group D – Second team of group F. Match 7: Winner of group C – 3D/E/F. Match 8: Second team Group A – Second team of Group B.

How do you know which third team will play which winner? Well, there can be several combinations here.

Options for combinations of groups from which the first three emergedGroup B winnerGroup C winnerGroup E winnerGroup F winnerABC D3A3D3B3CA BC E3A3E3B3CA BC F3A3F3B3CA BD E3D3E3A3BA BD F3D3F3A3BA 3D3C 3B

Will there be overtime in the playoffs?

Yes, two 15 minutes with a five minute break. If during this time the teams do not identify a winner, everything is decided in the penalty shootout.

Euro 2024 Regulations

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

In what cases can a match be canceled or postponed?

If one of the teams has less than seven players, if for some other reason the match cannot start or must be suspended, then the final decision is made by the referee.

When will the canceled match be played?

The match may be played in its entirety or played only the remaining minutes (if it was interrupted) the following day by agreement of the participating teams. As a general rule, it should take place in the same stadium.

Star veterans in action

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