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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“Everyone knew something was wrong.” In volleyball, a scandal is brewing over the rude error of the referees

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 16:16:09

The Polish volleyball team lost the first match of the League of Nations against the Dutch. During the meeting there was an error by the referees – the second in seven days.

“Evident error of the judges”

The Nations League is a commercial tournament that has become an annual preparation for major competitions. This time, to play as a substitute before the matches of the national teams: the autumn European Championship and the qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris at the end of September.

The format is the same: in the preliminary stage, 16 teams will play 12 matches in different countries within three weeks of play with a break. The strongest will advance to the Final Eight. In the second day of the Women’s League of Nations, China, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey play in Hong Kong.

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It was there that Poland scored their first loss in the match against the Netherlands. They admitted defeat: psychologically they could not recover after a difficult victory over Turkey. “The adrenaline went down a bit and the next day we weren’t as efficient anymore. This is not an excuse, it is part of the process,” Poland coach Stefano Lavarini said. But along the way, the coach of the national team condemned the organization of the tournament and, in particular, the actions of the referee team, the mistakes of which, by the way, did not happen for the first time.

In the Hong Kong Coliseum stadium, after the results of a tie on points in the second set with a score of 8:9, the judges first gave the advantage to the Netherlands, but later realized that the decision was wrong and the point had to be counted. for Poland. However, the score on the scoreboard was 9:10 instead of 9:9. The mistake was never corrected and the Netherlands won the game ahead of schedule 25:21, even though they actually only gained 24 points.

The statistician of the Polish volleyball team Kacper Duda was the first to report on the situation, as usual, sending his teammates in the media the numbers of the second set. It was there that they learned that, according to Polish calculations, the match ended with a score of 21:24. After the game, the national team coach explained if the center could intervene and change the result on the scoreboard. “We reported our doubts about the correctness of the score immediately after noticing the error (9:12), but the jury did not take it into account.”

Already after the match and long discussions with the referees and technical delegates of the International Volleyball Federation, the management of the national team and the players chose not to sign the final act of the match – as a protest. But the action did nothing. According to the rules, any change in the final form can be made immediately after the discovery of an error: if the team captain Agnieszka Korneluk approaches the referee’s table and calls for a protest, the result will be reviewed.

“The protest should probably take place exactly at the time the error occurred. In my opinion, it is sad that everyone knew that something was wrong, but the commission did not help to restore the proper order and bring the situation to reality, ”said the national team coach. Consequently, the team did not sign the post-match protocol, but it did not dispute the result of the match either.

“We recognize the superiority of the Netherlands in the match, but we do not accept such an obvious error by the arbitration commission in the presence of technology that accompanies international matches,” Lavarini summed up.

Roof leak, lighting problems in Hong Kong

This is not the first mistake by the referees in this Nations League draw. In addition, the Poles again suffered the actions of the referees in the first week of the tournament in Turkey. At first, they faced the Canadians, theoretically Antalya’s weakest rivals. But it was not easy, the match went to the fifth set. “We know there was a mistake. We hope that he will win the set, – the coach of Poland conveyed the referee’s words to the national team already in the post-match interview. – Fun”.

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In Hong Kong, in addition to refereeing errors, there are also complaints about the organization: there were problems with lighting in the arena of the Hong Kong Coliseum and liquid leaked from the ceiling during matches onto the playing field, which had to be additionally cleaned. In addition, due to the tight schedule, the number of television broadcasts of the matches is still insufficient.

There was a technical error in the match between Poland and the Netherlands

Photo: transmission frame.

Seeing this is a bit strange, because the Nations League is trying to establish itself as a high-tech tournament: they have introduced several innovations. So, in the Final Eight, the judges will use green cards. Unlike the yellow and red, which symbolize a warning and removal, this card will be awarded to players for fair play, acknowledging a touch on the net or a touch on a block. This is done so that opponents are less likely to take video views that lengthen the game. The team with the most green cards during the tournament will receive a prize of $30,000.

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In addition, borrowing the successful experience of the NFL, it was planned to announce the controversial decisions of the referee in the tower on the microphone of the whole room; viewers will hear them on television. And in case of ambiguous moments, the main referee of the match will be able to independently use the video playback on the tablet in real time.

The second week of the Women’s Nations League will end on June 18. The group stage will continue on June 27 with matches in Korea and Thailand.

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