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Friday, July 12, 2024
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“Everything was very clear.” The former director of the world biathlon will go to prison for supporting Russia

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 16:13:12

After six years of proceedings, the former head of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), Anders Besseberg, was found guilty of corruption charges and sentenced to three years and one month in prison.

The case received such resonance that Norwegian television even broadcast online from the courtroom.

How did Besseberg come to live like this?

“This is a murder of justice.” Russia-friendly IBU president faces 10 years in prison


In March 2023, the first president of the International Biathlon Union was accused. According to the case materials, Besseberg, who headed the federation for a quarter of a century and left his position in 2018, received several expensive watches during his work in the position, used the services of women of easy virtue paid by third parties. and she agreed to free trips abroad to hunt.

It was claimed that the former president received all these bribes from Russian biathlon leaders, supposedly to turn a blind eye to doping cases in the country. Among other things, he was accused of owning a BMW X5 car, the costs of which were borne by one of the largest television rights buying and selling companies in the world, Infront Sports & Media.

The entire biathlon world expected the results of the investigation in the fall of 2023. However, it was not until April 2024 that the court decided to find 78-year-old Anders Besseberg guilty of nine counts out of 10 and sentence him to three years and one month in prison, as well as confiscate assets worth NOK 1.45 million (plus 12.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

“He acted in favor of Russia with words and deeds”

The case attracted enormous public attention. Directly from the courtroom, Norway’s largest television channel, NRK, broadcast online as the judge read the 67-page verdict over four hours.

Below are some excerpts from the verdict:

“Overall, the defendant clearly lacks understanding of his position and knowledge of himself – this is how the court sees it.” “The defendant abused the trust associated with his position at the IBU by accepting gifts and benefits.” From a number of documents cited, as well as from the testimony of witnesses, the court has no doubt that he acted in favor of Russia both in word and deed.

However, the court also highlighted Besseberg’s important contribution to the development of world biathlon:

“The court accepts that the defendant made significant contributions to most of his work. “Overall, the court can only state that it is quite obvious that the defendant has done very important work for biathlon at the national and international level.”

Anders Besseberg

Photo: Vianney Thibaut/Getty Images

During the reading of the verdict, Anders, 78, remained calm and even somewhat relaxed. However, immediately after the final verdict, he announced that he would appeal the decision.

“I am disappointed and surprised by the verdict, as well as some of the justifications given. He will immediately appeal the verdict,” Besseberg said.

“Obviously we are very, very disappointed and surprised. Let’s sit down and get familiar with it. We totally disagree with the result and the justification. We are surprised that they do not believe him at all and that the court prefers to emphasize only what speaks against him, but ignores what speaks in his favor,” points out the accused’s lawyer.

“He never did anything to benefit Russia”

The reaction to Besseberg’s verdict was immediate. The current director of the IBU, Olle Dahlin, was satisfied with the completed work.

“We are happy that this process has come to an end and that we at the IBU can move forward, we have had a worrying period,” said the Swede.

Surprisingly, Dalin himself is also under suspicion:

IBU director Olle Dahlin is suspected of financial fraud

His loving compatriot Sebastian Samuelsson was also happy.

“As far as I understand, everything was very clear at the trial. Everyone understood that Besseberg cared about Russia’s interests. The sentence imposed was approximately the same as that demanded by the prosecution. It is nice. The consideration of the case took a long time, but it is nice to see that he was found guilty, ”said the Swedish Russophobe.

“Devastating verdict. “It was a complete defeat for Besseberg and a complete victory for the prosecution,” said the VG crime columnist.

Former vice-president of the IBU, Alexander Tikhonov, whose name was mentioned more than once during the court hearing, also reacted to the court’s ruling.

“I think he should have received at least five years in prison because he disgraced Norway, because he used prostitutes and wasted the money of the International Biathlon Union. It was a shame for Norway. He never did anything for the good of Russia. He doesn’t like me. He only said that “Tikhonov is creating problems.” But I already told him 15 years ago that “this will end in shame and imprisonment, Anders,” Tikhonov said in a telephone conversation with VG.

Although the decision is not final, Anders Besseberg continues to fight. But will the court’s decision change? The question remains open for now.

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