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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Evseev took the “Torch” out of the joint zone! And “Wings” may lose Pisarsky and a place in the RPL

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 16:44:45

Evseev took the “Torch” out of the joint zone! And “Wings” may lose Pisarsky and a place in the RPL

Anatoly Romanov May 28, 2023, 18:45 Moscow time

Voronezh surrounded Samara at the table. In his match, all the shots on goal ended in goals.

Vadim Evseev and Igor Osinkin’s teams are competitors in the fight to keep a place in the RPL. Before the face-to-face meeting, Fakel was in the joint zone, and Wings of the Soviets was right in front of him, in the 12th saving position. Competitors shared only two points. The tournament situation left Voronezh no choice but to take risks and play to win, because on matchday 30, Fakel expects a match with Zenit in St. Petersburg. Wings of the Soviets, in turn, will host Spartak in Samara.

However, the debut of the game occurred in the middle of Fakel’s field. “Wings of the Soviets” wanted to impose their game on the opponent, but it did not work out. Evseev’s team still dragged Samarans into football that is more familiar to Voronezh. He became a lot of martial arts, fighting for rebounds, rapes and saves. The Torch players squeezed everything to not disappoint the packed stands. With such an environment in football, it is a sin to fly out of the RPL. As a result, even before the break, Mendel and Gongadze were injured in episodes when they themselves went into tackles and fouled the ball.

But before that, Mendel did the most important thing: he put the hosts ahead in the 12th minute. It was the first shot on goal in the Voronezh match and the first successful action of Fakel’s midfielder in the RPL in his career. True, the goal was largely made by another center – Akbashev. First, he developed an attack, moving to the right and hitting the wall in the third due to a thin heel pass from Summer, and then he made a run, got the ball on the rebound and assisted Mendel. The defender only had to score from where players of any role have no right to miss.

After that, the game continued in the same way. There was no complete picture. Fakel’s players constantly hung on the legs of their Wings of the Soviets opponents, giving neither time nor space for decision-making. Mendel’s goal was the only shot on goal for the two before the break. Center forward “KS” Pisarsky held another dark match. In the first half, he was only remembered for an unsuccessful attempt to score a penalty. He made 16 touches of the ball, but in Fakel’s penalty area, only one, when he made a header.

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The second half is the continuation of the cut. And new injuries. “Torch” lost replacement center Haw Yakimov, who injured the back of his thigh. And “Wings of the Soviets” was left without Pisarsky, who before his replacement managed to find the ball only once. The center forward of the Samara team was harshly met by the Voronezh defender Bozhin – Vladimir injured his left leg. He tried to get back in the game, but failed. He was limping heavily. Pisarsky did not even leave the field, instead hopping onto his bench on one leg. Apparently, he will miss the game with Spartak. That’s why he never scored for “KS” in the RPL.

Meanwhile, “Fakel” showed the perfect implementation of the moments: two shots on goal in an hour of play – two goals scored! All that day he went as planned by the “scriptwriter” Evseev. The episode with the second goal began with another unsuccessful exit from the defense guests, and ended with quick interactions from the attacking players of the hosts. The cross to Akbashev was not blocked, and the hero of the match competently opened in the zone between the Krylia defenders Sovetov Soldatenkov and Gorshkov and delivered a good header. Voronezh sent Samara to a fall.

However, it did not come to a knockout. After 18 minutes, Krylya Sovetov returned to the game, scoring with his first shot on goal in the entire match. Samaran’s goal attack turned out to be simple – everything was decided not by the team, but by individual actions. Garre passed to the flank of Brahimi, and Rasskazov won Kalinin’s horsemanship martial arts. Evseev immediately reacted to Brahimi’s mistake – he took the legionnaire out of the field.

Osinkin, having lost an important forward Pisarsky, transferred the center back Evgeniev to the offensive line. “Wings of the Soviets” crushed, and Roman himself once managed to break through to the goal: his shot was blocked. But more Samarans missed the mark. Therefore, we lost and let Fakel lead by one point.

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