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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Evseev’s team remained in the RPL! Did “Yenisei” set up a non-working VAR?

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 23:13:25

Evseev’s team remained in the RPL! Did “Yenisei” set up a non-working VAR?

Anatoly Romanov June 10, 2023, 19:42 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Fakel, like Pari NN, retained her place in the elite.

“Torch”, having defeated “Yenisei” at home, won the boards against the Krasnoyarsk team. Voronezh with its crazy atmosphere remains in the elite – good news for the RPL! The First League teams put Fakel and Pari NN on edge, but nothing more.

Thanks to the away victory with a score of 1:0, Fakel was able to play at home in the familiar RPL style – “second number”, on “long” balls. Yenisei had no choice but to take risks. But Krasnoyarsk should have been inspired by the example of Rodina, who a few hours earlier had almost won 0:3 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Shortly before the start of the match, it was learned that the VAR system would not work in this match. For “technical reasons”, according to the RFU. And already in minute eight, Fakel benefited from team break. Referee Sergei Ivanov awarded a penalty after a collision in the penalty area of ​​​​”Yenisei” two Markovs. If the Rostov referee had seen the video, he quite possibly would have changed his own decision. Judging by the replay, Nikolai rather played the ball, and did not hit Yevgeny’s leg. Maybe there was a slight contact on the boots, but this is not a foul. Akbashev coldly noted 11 meters.

In general, the game proceeded according to Evseev’s plan. Enisey tried to control the ball and break through the defense through a pass, but Krasnoyarsk, falling under heavy pressure from the hosts, clung to the other half of the field with great difficulty. The ball almost did not reach the attacking players of the guests. For example, Glushkov in the first half made only eight touches of the ball, and Okladnikov – 10. It took Enisey more than half an hour to take the first shot on goal. The author of him, like the next, was the defender Kichin. However, these blows did not scare the goalkeeper Svinov.

A funny episode from the first half: after Kvekveskiri made a strong foul and received a yellow card, Kalinin went up to his partner, turned his head with his hands and began to calm him down, looking into his eyes. And after a minute or two, Kalinin himself, already excited, pounced on his opponent! The emotions of the players beat to the limit. But these are joints for a place in the RPL, as it should be. Kvekveskiri did not end the game until the 45th minute, Evseev replaced the center hava out of danger.

After the break, the intensity of Fakel’s pressure eased. However, the team is playing the third game in a week, so the fatigue accumulates. Yes, and without the right arrhythmia, it would be difficult to save strength for the end. Yenisei improved the ball in the passes through the center and semi-flanks. In the 56th minute, the guests created a great moment: Okladnikov hit his head, opening on the goalkeeper’s line under a cross from the left, but the hosts were lucky – the ball went wide of the goal. At the same time, the goalkeeper Svinov, not reaching the ball at the start, crashed into Okladnikov. Also controversial. I work in the VAR game, this episode would be studied on penalties.

This is what happened in the first match in Krasnoyarsk:

“He probably didn’t want to step there. But she did it on purpose. rude act on the joints

However, the Yenisei was not enough for a long time. The Voronezh team returned the game to the opposing midfield, and in the middle of the second half scored the second goal. Krasnoyarsk players made very simple mistakes in defense! The central defenders played poorly positionally, so the hero of the match, Akbashev, was able to calmly go one-on-one and just as calmly complete a double. There was suspicion of offside in the dynamics of the game, but the replay showed that the midfielder acted competently, avoiding an offside position. This goal removed all doubts about the outcome of the match between Fakel and Yenisei.

The end was remembered mainly for the injury of the main assistant referee Roman Usachev. He was replaced by reserve referee Artyom Chistyakov. Usachyov suffered a knee injury after being pulled hard and couldn’t even step on his foot. A rare case: the outgoing referee from the rostrum was escorted by applause. Enisey managed to create a couple of dangerous chances, midfielder Ivanov charging a free kick off the crossbar and then failing to score from a deadly position. But Krasnoyarsk, having surpassed Voronezh in shooting (13:8, on target – 5:4), did not gain enough prestige even for one goal.

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