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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Family, coaches and patriarch. Who is behind Novak Djokovic’s success?

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 07:34:47

Novak Djokovic continues to sweep major tournaments and break new records. The Serbian is 36 years old, he has experience and success, he has something to be proud of. And along the way, Novak, like any legendary athlete, has the help of a large and trusted environment.


Djokovic creates the feeling of an exemplary family man and a person who highly values ​​family ties. He has a large and friendly family. The tennis player has walked hand in hand with his wife Elena since 2005, when at 18 years old he had just debuted in the top 100 of the world ranking.

Novak Djokovic with his wife Elena

Photo: Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Elena accompanies Novak everywhere, regularly appears at boxing and helps her husband in his affairs off the court. The couple gave birth to two children: Stefan in 2014 and Tara in 2017. Both children were with their father in the last final in Turin. After winning the final, Novak spoke about the presence of children in Italy.

“It’s great that my kids have been watching tennis the last two days. It’s perfectly. I always wanted to talk to them when they get to an age where they understand what’s going on. Now it is like this: they are aware of what is happening. I am very grateful to be the father of these two angels. They gave me so much happiness and love. “They give me strength,” the tennis player shared on the court.

Djokovic is a believer, an orthodox Christian. He himself told reporters more than once. In 2011, Novak was awarded the Order of Saint Sava, which is the highest award of the Serbian Orthodox Church. After that, in 2012, the tennis player received an award from the Russian Orthodox Church. And last fall, after winning the Finals, Djokovic, accompanied by Patriarch of the Serbian Church Porfiriy and his family, celebrated Arandjelovdan’s baptism.

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By the way, Novak and his wife Elena came up with the names of their children taking into account religious customs. The couple married in 2014 on the island of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stefan) in Montenegro, a few months before the birth of their first child. The Djokovics decided to name their son after a sacred and significant place for them.

The daughter’s name, Tara, is religious and is often used among Buddhists. Although it can be assumed that the Djokovics named her daughter that out of love and respect for the beloved Serbs and Montenegrins, the places of the same name: the river and Mount Tara.

In October of this year, the Djokovic family baptized both children. This occurred in the Ostrog monastery, in Montenegro, where Novak arrived last January after being deported from Australia. This fall, Patriarch Porfiry, already close to the tennis player’s family, helped in the baptism of Stefan and Tara.

Djokovic also has the support of his father Srdjan, his mother Dijana and his brothers Marko and Djordje. Novak’s parents, by the way, sacrificed a lot for their son’s career.

“We spent many sleepless nights. In the morning we woke up and we didn’t have money to buy bread or the most common things for the children, it was painful. We were just desperate because we didn’t know how to solve these problems. My husband borrowed money from some people to pay off debts to others, and so on. But Srdjan did not allow anyone to say bad words towards Novak.”

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Athlete coaches have the same importance and importance as family. Djokovic has many mentors. And each of them accompanies the tennis player everywhere.

Djokovic’s team is led by coach Goran Ivanisevic. The 2001 Wimbledon champion has been training the Serbian for four years. The Croatian specialist speaks highly of his pupil.

“He is a genius. He is unique. There are not many people in this world who are like him when it comes to sports. There are no excuses. He always tries to find a way to win, how to fight, even when he feels bad, injured, not injured,” Ivanisevic is quoted in the ATP press service.

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Novak’s team also includes physical trainer Marco Panici, physiotherapist Claudio Zimaglia and sparring partner Carlos Gómez-Herrera. Furthermore, for 13 years, the Serbian was accompanied by agents Eduardo Artaldi and Elena Capellaro. However, last week the tennis player announced that he was stopping working with managers.

Homeland and fans

Djokovic is a national hero of Serbia and a true patriot of his country. The journalist and author of a book about Novak, Sasha Ozmo, told Championship what Serbians feel about the tennis player.

“If Novak suddenly decides to become president of Serbia, will he win? I don’t think Djokovic has any ambitions to be a politician: it’s too serious a matter. But I understand what you’re talking about: his popularity. Of course, Djokovic is incredibly popular in Serbia. We have many famous athletes in the past, now, in addition to Novak, we have Nikola Jokic. But only Djokovic is capable of making those who have never been interested in sports interested in them. I know from my own example: my grandparents don’t like sports, but they always watch Novak’s games, even without knowing all the rules. Djokovic does a lot off the court, he cares a lot about Serbia.”

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Novak regularly visits Montenegro, celebrates important family events there and relaxes. Home fans love him almost as much as Serbian fans.

Djokovic does not hesitate to speak publicly about his love for his native countries and support them. At Roland Garros this year, Novak, for example, after one of his victories, without further ado, left a message before the camera: “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Stop the violence. “Through his charitable foundation, the tennis player constantly helps Serbs and Montenegrins in need. And in return they support Novak.

Throughout his 20-year career, Djokovic has come to understand which people around him help him achieve success and stay afloat on the professional circuit. Today, Novak has surrounded himself exclusively with those he trusts and who do it best. This helps the Serbian to win big titles and remain the best tennis player in the world.

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