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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Fantastic! Slutsky’s favorite brought West Ham the European trophy in the 90th minute

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 23:53:23

Fantastic! Slutsky’s favorite brought West Ham the European trophy in the 90th minute

Anatoly Romanov Jun 8, 2023 00:30 UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The British have been waiting for this for 58 years. And the Italians lost the second European Cup final this season.

West Ham win the Conference League! The hero of the meeting between the British and Fiorentina was winger Bowen, whose career, in fact, was launched in 2017 in Hull by Russian coach Leonid Slutsky. That season was Jarrod’s first successful one in the pros.

For five minutes, Fiorentina and West Ham battled for the initiative, and then Vincenzo Italiano’s side seized territorial and playing advantage. “Violets” controlled the ball 70% of the time, and “Hammers” with the whole team sat deep enough in their own half of the field. Fiorentina’s wing defenders went on the attack. The Moroccan defensive midfielder Amrabat, one of the heroes of the World Cup in Qatar, went down to the centrals to draw and control the area. Between the lines, center forward Jovic, wingers González and Kuame made offers. Everything was beautiful in the “violets”, modern in shape, also with counter-pressure elements. The eighth team of the Italian championship played more interesting than the 14th team of the Premier League. However, style is a matter of taste, and coaches and players will always be judged by the result.

Fiorentina, with all its external beauty, could not find the opportunity to hit the target. Either there were problems with the preparation of the last pass to the penalty area, or with the opening of the forwards, but most likely with everything together. Before the break, the “violets” struck seven times, off the mark. West Ham had one shot on goal and three on goal in 45 minutes. But definitely not on target. Although in some episodes with the ball transitions, Fiorentina lost its compactness, and David Moyes’ team had good chances to bring up the response attacks. However, the marriage in someone else’s third of the field ruined everything for the “Hammers”.

In general, if you don’t take advantage of Jovic’s goal disallowed for offside in stoppage time, in the first half the rivals didn’t create any real scoring chances. The most memorable moment occurred at the end of the half hour, when plastic cups flew at Biraghi’s head. Wild English fans “showed themselves” again. But Biragi is a man! Despite the fact that he cut off his head, the Fiorentina captain did not pretend and portrayed universal torment. Ironically the fans applauded. The blood was stopped, the “bowler” was bandaged. Biragi also went for a corner from the same ‘spot’, as the West Ham supporters settled down a bit.

But in the second half, Biraghi became an anti-hero. First, the West Ham winger Bowen fell into the Fiorentina penalty area when he felt a light blow to the neck of the Violet captain. Apparently, the judges decided that this episode was more of a simulation than a rule violation. But Biraghi took a big risk using his hands in single combat. By the way, a similar episode happened at the beginning of the first half, only in the West Ham penalty area. Gonzalez overreached by fouling after contacting Rice. In the finals, you definitely cannot set such 11 meters.

Who plays for David Moyes:

West Ham have a gang of downed pilots. He collected only a unique composition.

However, at the end of the game hour, Bowen and his teammates were still asking for a penalty, due to the foul by Biraghi! The arms of the Violets captain will be the most talked about part of the player’s body after this final. Applauding in front of the fans, Biraghi was a hero. But waving their hands in their own penalty area only hurt Fiorentina. This time his lack was not in doubt, although the Spanish referee Del Cerro Grande needed the help of the VAR. Benrahma made a great shot from the “point”: the goalkeeper Terracciano missed the corner.

It seemed that after his goal, West Ham would finally close, but it turned out, oddly enough, the opposite. The “Hammerers” got carried away. Even stronger caught fire and “violets”. As a result, within five minutes, the Italian team recovered. It turned out to be a brilliant goal, if simple in appearance: an elegant long pass from Amrabat, a horse martial art boldly won by González, two touches from Buenaventura before an accurate strike. He scored a spin under West Ham captain Rice. In general, the first touch of Buenaventura is usually a masterpiece. great player

Football with a score of 1:1 and 0:0 was different. Although the situations for the teams are the same. West Ham still used the fatigue of Fiorentina who played intensely. In the 90th minute, Paquetá finished off a brilliant through ball and Bowen dove into the free zone between Biraghi and fresh center back dos Santos, who, perhaps, was in the wrong position. The Englishman converted a one-on-one, despite the fact that Terracciano was as close as possible to the most brilliant save of the afternoon.

Then the Hammers simply repelled Fiorentina’s crosses. And they defended themselves. West Ham won the second European Cup in its history; the first was the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965.

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