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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Florida’s error gave Vegas the leading scorer. He is now running the exes in the finale.

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 17:31:00

Las Vegas has enough heroes with serious résumés to equally deserve a Conn Smythe if the Knights make it to the Cup. This is Edin Hill, who started the playoffs on the reserve and is betting on the main Stanley Cup sensation, this is Jack Eichel, Who makes forget the rumors that swirled around him in Buffalo, this is the low-key hero Mark Stone, who works on both sides of the site.

However, if the NHL, like the NBA, had a separate award specifically for Finals MVP, the main contender would still be Jonathan Marchesseau. In none of the three games did the striker go without a goal, he scored six points in the final and slipped into first place in the playoff sniper race, ahead of Draisaitl, who ended up playing about a day ago. Jonathan is one of the few Las Vegas players to take the ice in the team’s opener six years ago, and now he’s scoring against his old club.

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On the way to the NHL, the striker had to make his way in several clubs: a player with a height of 175 cm is still difficult to get into the league, and ten years ago the stereotypes were much more tenacious. In the Rangers farm club and in the Columbus system, by which the forward managed to play the first games in the NHL, the talent was not appreciated, and then Tampa took over the forward. Undoubtedly, the Lightning system appreciated not only Marchessault’s offensive talent, but also his defensive skills, thanks to which he was recognized as the best defensive forward in the Quebec league.

At Rayo, Marchesseau established himself in the first team for the first time, but the team did not abandon the striker in the summer of 2016: their squad was full of promising young people with nowhere to go. On the free agency market, Jonathan moved a bit further south, accepting an offer from the Panthers. He turned out to be fantastically successful: in the new place the forward played more often with Barkov and Yagr and in the first season he knocked out 30 goals; prior to that, Florida players had not featured such an achievement.

Jonathan Marchesseau of Florida

Photo: AP/TASS

However, the Panthers had a generally unsuccessful season, although they had won their division the previous year, and management began to move. The people who brought Marchessault to the team were removed from management, and former general manager Dale Tallon returned to manual management of the team. He began canvassing the market for a potential Marchesseau trade: The forward received just $750,000 and could bring the Panthers plenty of assets in return.

At the same time, an expansion draft was looming, in which Florida opted for a surprise strategy. Teams were then allowed to defend three defenders and seven attackers, or eight outfield players without specifying the role. The second option was chosen by some clubs, mostly with a strong defense. For some unknown reason, they were also joined by Florida, which finished the championship 20th in goals conceded. Tallon justified himself by saying that “defense wins championships”, but Alex Petrovich and Mark Pisik, protected by the club, were not like hockey players for defending champions.

Marchesseau didn’t make the top eight: therefore, Florida could lose its best sharpshooter for free. Marchessault was then surprised by such a strategy, and even now she does not hide her surprise from him. “I thought they would protect me from expansion. I was very surprised, but sometimes it happens. It’s been six years now, it doesn’t bother me anymore.” As soon as the expansion lists came out, Florida’s leading scorer began appearing on every potential Las Vegas list.

And Marchesso really became a “gentleman”, in parallel, “Florida” did a very strange thing, giving Reilly Smith to the newborn club. Over time, this is explained logically: the then unprofitable budget of the Panthers was not rubber, and the payment had to be sanitized. However, the departure of Smith, who proved to be a player capable of putting up 50 points in a season, was framed for Vegas to catch him for agreeing to take Marchesseau, and for that, Florida received only a fourth-round pick. Petrovich, by the way, has not played in the NHL for four years.

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This is how Florida helped the future rival in the final and, as it turned out, significantly slowed down its development: after the expansion draft, the club did not reach the playoffs for three seasons in a row, despite active transfer work. Marchesso and Smith, who had some connections to the game, began to appear in the same vein at the new club. Initially they were focused on Oskar Lindberg, but the coaches soon replaced him with another Swede, William Karlsson. This is how the main link of “Vegas” was born, which in the first season became the most productive. After that, the “gentlemen” acquired and released many stars, but the Canadian-Swedish trio ranked first in playing time all these seasons – the coaches preferred not to raise them.

Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchesseau

Photo: AP/TASS

During this time, the partners of the “Link of Dregs”, as they began to be called by the unofficial name of the first “Vegas” composition, became friends off the ice. Marchessault, Carlsson, and Smith were invited to each other’s weddings, traveled to visit each other, and even became co-owners of the restaurant. However, in this tiebreaker, Bruce Cassidy transferred Marchesso to the first link to Barbashev and Aikel; in this way, the team ended the regular season.

Initially, the Francophone was unsuccessful: until the third game of the series with Edmonton, he did not score a goal in the 2023 playoffs. However, the double scored in the first half opened a kind of goal chakra: in 14 minutes of the clincher in Edmonton, Marchesseau scored a hat-trick, methodically “nailed” Dallas with points in five games of six, and now heroism. he has added to this in the final. “He has this… I don’t even know what to call it. Maybe the x factor? – His teammate Nicholas Hug could not find the exact word to describe the effect when Marchesseau is included in the decisive moments of the playoffs.

The entire trio of “scum” is distinguished by a combination of skill and a cool game in defense, but Marchesseau, with his height of 175 centimeters, always came out of the concept of “Vegas”, which from the very beginning of its existence. put in dimensions. It seems like this guy, once drafted by 30 NHL teams, just puts so much soul into his game that it makes up for the missing feet and inches of growth.

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