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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Focus on Body Positivity: Top 5 Trends in Aerobic Fitness

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:24:51

President of the Russian Aerobic Fitness Federation

“Aerobic fitness emerged from gyms. Most of the practitioners of this sport are club card holders who do not consider themselves athletes. But there is also aerobic fitness, with daily training, international competitions, a complex evaluation system and sports categories. What is the relationship between these two “wings” of aerobic fitness? And what trends mark the vector of development of this spectacular and almost universal sport? “Let’s figure it out.”

Interesting facts about aerobic fitness.

According to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation for 2023, currently more than 1.7 million people practice physical aerobics in Russia. According to the Russian Physical Aerobics Federation, about 20 thousand athletes practice this form as professionals. According to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, fitness – aerobics is the sixth most popular sport in our country and the first among non-Olympic sports. More than 5 thousand participants annually gather at the Russian Aerobic Fitness Championship. competition participants has a duration of 1.45 minutes. Athletes perform movements to music at a high pace: 132 beats per minute (step aerobics) and 154 beats per minute (aerobics). The athlete’s pulse during a routine reaches 180 beats per minute, such as when running a distance of one kilometer.

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What are aerobics and how do they help you lose weight? Let’s find out everything about this address.

Focus on body positivity

Everyone who attends an aerobics fitness tournament for the first time pays attention to what, from their point of view, is an unusual detail: already in the final stages of the competition, athletes of very different constitutions can participate in group categories. In our sport, unlike rhythmic gymnastics, points are not deducted for excess weight; We do not have body standards established by public or unspoken rules. The main thing is that the athlete moves to the sound of the music in sync with the group, performing movements at each beat in an easy and artistic way.

This approach is not just a tribute to the general trend towards the humanization of sport, although this is very important. On a practical level, focusing on body positivity simplifies our task of popularizing aerobic fitness and the mass development of children’s and youth sports.

Start – from school

Since last year, aerobic fitness has reached schools, in physical education classes and as complementary education. This was thanks to the efforts of the federation, which developed a school module on physical aerobics and approved it by the Russian Ministry of Education. Later this module was tested successfully and today it works in 356 schools in our country.

Aerobic exercises have several important advantages over other popular “school” sports. Teachers often find it difficult to organize a lesson so that children study at the same time. It happens that students spend most of the lesson waiting and watching their classmates perform tasks, for example, jumping over a “goat”. While aerobic fitness gives the teacher the opportunity to bring the whole class together or even “in parallel” and actively work with all students throughout the lesson.

While performing exercises, children move in one place without stopping, maintaining a heart rate of 110 to 130 beats per minute. This is an excellent cardiovascular and strength resistance workout. Aerobic fitness does not require expensive equipment or special fitness training uniforms. And therefore it can be considered the most democratic and accessible type, which, by the way, suits both boys and girls.

Photo: Aerobic Fitness Federation of Russia.

More categories – more possibilities

New competitive categories are emerging in aerobic fitness. Thus, until now we have had five official, internationally recognized categories: aerobics, five-person aerobics, step aerobics, hip-hop and large group hip-hop.

This year, the federation has developed several more categories and has already begun to “test” them in competitions. These are duo step aerobics, small group step aerobics, large group step aerobics, large group dance aerobics, hip-hop duo, small hip-hop group, hip-hop battle, and power aerobics (solo , duos and small groups).

The goal of these innovations is to make aerobic fitness even more widespread and spectacular. As for entertainment, everything is obvious: innovations keep the public’s interest in the show. We achieve massive popularity through variability.

For example, if a five-person team is disbanded, new disciplines introduced in duos and small groups will help keep the remaining team members in competitive sports. Large groups allow coaches to work with everyone, not select children at the initial stage and give everyone the opportunity to compete as part of the festival movement.

Learn basic movements with us:

Burn up to 600 calories per hour: basic step aerobics exercises

The convergence of professional and amateur aerobics fitness.

Like any federation, we try to involve as many citizens as possible in our sport and “activate” those who seem to be familiar with aerobic fitness, but do not practice it regularly. Starting this year we have started to approach gyms, most of which offer aerobic fitness in one way or another. We provide your visitors with the opportunity to receive ranks by participating in official competitions. Directors of club aerobics and step aerobics programs form teams with their students and prepare them for competitions, taking into account the official requirements of the federations.

For club card holders, this opportunity becomes a good additional motivation not to drop out of classes. It is clear that cash prizes in our competitions are not available to them; After all, we’re talking about amateurs, not professional athletes. However, if they perform successfully, they can receive official sports ranks. In addition, thanks to recent changes to the law “On physical culture and sports of the Russian Federation” in relation to amateur sports, you can become a “high worker” at any age, even in category 35 +, which matches the profile of the main audience of gyms.

Another direction is the launch of children’s aerobics fitness sections in gyms. Many children go to gyms irregularly; the club system allows it. The section helps to involve the child in the competitive process, including within the framework of official competitions organized by the federation. For children, this is an incentive to regularly attend training, and for gyms, additional income.

Photo: Aerobic Fitness Federation of Russia.

Support for professionals: appearance of “awards” and mandatory certifications

One of the priority areas of the federation’s activities today is the development of the professional sports system, which we adopted in 2022. Its main goal is to allow athletes to receive rewards for their victories in professional tournaments in order to continue their sports career in old age. adult. Thus, this year the average prize pool of a major aerobics fitness tournament is 1.8 to 2 million rubles.

At the same time, we are solving the problem of training and certification of our trainers. It is important that beginners trying themselves in aerobic fitness find themselves under the wing of real professionals, whether they are trainers of children’s sports sections or leaders of step aerobics classes in fashionable gyms.

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