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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Football rejects Dziuba

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:05:05

Artem Dzyuba’s career can be compared to Karim Benzema’s career. Of course, these are players of different levels, but they are the same age and have gone through extra-soccer scandals. In general, with these two examples, children in football schools can be told how important it is to love football and not to love yourself in football. Also, here we see that ability alone is not enough to leave football, leaving a good memory of oneself.

In case you forgot, Benzema was no longer called up to the French national team after the scandal with the films about the sexual adventures of his teammate in the national team and former Dinamo player Mathieu Valbuena. Then Benzema was even detained by the police, but the only punishment was excommunication from the national team. And he turned out to be very scary – the player there did not become a world champion. And he didn’t even become a silver medalist yet, due to a tragic accident in the form of an injury. And if Benzema was part of the French national team, who knows, Messi’s exploits would be discussed not only in the world of football.

However, Benzema survived the scandal, the elimination of the national team, moreover, the one that won the World Cup and rightly took the Ballon d’Or. At 34!

And Artem Dzyuba ends football at the age of 34, although the RPL differs from the Spanish championship, for example, in terms of speed, and, let’s say, Sochi easily concludes a new contract with 37-year-old Christian Noboa. The fact is that Dziuba broke up because of the scandal itself with the recording on the phone of what should not be shown to children. It was he who started the end of his career.

Photo source: Vyacheslav Evdokimov / FC Zenit

The difference between the two players here is that Benzema played football and did not pay attention to everything else, including public opinion, and Dziuba played football to be noticed and admired, and not to make greasy jokes. That is, the first loves soccer and the second loves soccer.

In addition, Dziuba did not start with a film, but with a conflict with the fans, who were taken to the police for “criticizing Dziuba from the stands.” The player, of course, did not react to this, so the fans believed that he almost asked the police to deal with the repressions. I have little doubt that this is why his phone was hacked and the unsightly video was released into the public space. Whatever it was, no matter who was behind it, they achieved their goal – Dzyuba began to fade.

The video overshadowed the World Cup in Russia, which Dziuba may not have made it to. After all, he played not for Zenit, but for Arsenal, where he was rented, and Stanislav Cherchesov did not count on him. According to some insiders, the relationship between the coach and the player was established by the governor of the Tula region, Alexei Dyumin. Dziuba did not disappoint him and had a brilliant tournament. But he then he behaved as if he had caught God by the beard.

Few were surprised that at the age in which Benzema won the Ballon d’Or, Dzyuba left the Turkish club Adana Demirspor, with four appearances and an empty goal. What’s more, he went into the void, since since November he hasn’t found a club for himself.

Photo source: Adana Demirspor FC

It is extremely significant that even the complete stranger from the RPL Torpedo did not take it, that even a miracle will not help to fly to the “best league in the world.” In addition, Dziuba was ready to lower his salary, and this transition would bring good attention from the press and fans to the head of the automobile plant, Ilya Gerkus, whom he loves very much. But it turned out that the player is not suitable for both the game and moral qualities. Poor physical shape and the danger that he would break the team, according to media publications, became the reasons why the romance between Dzyuba and the workers of the car plant did not take place.

If you did not fit the RPL outsider, then your career can be considered complete. Although until recently, less than a year ago, the gold medal of the Russian Championship hung on his chest, and although he himself sat more on the Zenit bench, he still scored goals when he came on as a substitute. If Dziuba loved football, he might as well play in Turkey, especially in the current RPL with a severe shortage of quality players. But any club already understands that at 34 years of age a player is not so good as to assume, firstly, reputational risks and, secondly, to have a time bomb in the dressing room.

They say that you can move to Nizhny Novgorod or return to Turkey. It is possible for this to happen. But only he will not return to football, but he will simply sign a contract. He ensured the inglorious end of his career at his own expense, and while he was still in his prime. Has he now understood that the reputation and affection of the fans at a given moment are more important than the number of goals scored and medals won?

Football rejects narcissists, even talented ones. In fact, after all, a footballer does not belong to himself or to the club, he belongs to the fans, who may not like him, but he himself must at least respect them. If a footballer violates this rule, especially in such a rude way as Dzyuba did, he will not be punished by the club or the law, but by football itself.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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