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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Formula 1 faced children. It looks downright regular.

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 09:26:19

At the Hungarian Grand Prix, Formula 1 and Sky Sports conducted an experiment: an additional team of commentators arrived at the … composed of three teenagers. Scarlett, Bradon and Zach were in the paddock throughout the weekend and made special broadcasts for children.

From the start, the idea seemed strange, and as a result, it’s not entirely clear what it was.

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix results:

“Please apologize.”

Liberty Media aims to captivate as many people as possible in Formula 1, and now the promoters have taken care of the children. And, in principle, this desire is very commendable: the more comfortable the stay on the track for the whole family, the more willing the fans with children will be to the stages. But how will separate child transmission help this?

For this broadcast, the producers prepared separate graphics, with larger fonts and cartoon avatars of the pilots instead of photos, and also agreed with the stars to go on air. So, all the charm of children’s spontaneity was felt by Nico Rosberg. The former champion shared that many years ago, Mark Webber, who played with the German for Williams, called him after Britney’s hairstyle, comparing him to Britney Spears.

Nico Rosberg

Photo: Jutta Prechtel – Pool/Getty Images)Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The host of the children’s broadcast Scarlett liked the nickname so much that she twice called the world champion that. “Good luck, Britney,” Rosberg’s presenter said goodbye. “No, Scarlett, that’s not great. I shared it with you secretly,” the German replied. To which the teenager continued: “Thank you, Britney.” “Please apologize,” Nico insisted, only then did Scarlett say “I’m sorry.”

Many were also surprised by the performance of Danica Patrick, the former IndyCar and NASCAR driver. Anyway, Scarlett asked Patrick when women will act in Formula 1. And Danica answered, they say, only one in a hundred goes into F-1, and it is much easier to find a hundred boys interested in karting than a hundred girls who dream of a career as racers. It sounds perfectly logical, but the American didn’t stop there.

Danica Patrick talks to Max Verstappen

Photo: gettyimages

“But at the end of the day, this sport has a very masculine nature. It’s an aggressive sport. It requires a special mental approach, and for the female brain it’s unusual,” Patrick said. – When necessary, I became aggressive on the track, switched to killer mode. But all my friends said, no, I couldn’t do that.”

Danica’s words were not appreciated by feminists, because it was enough to say “competitive” instead of the word “masculine”, and everything would change. In addition, in other sports, the “competitiveness” of the environment for women is not an issue, although it should be noted that in F1 they would have to fight on equal terms with men.

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“What could be better than a bottle of wine?”

Grand Prix on Sesame Street

One way or another, the inevitable question is whether talking about masculinity and femininity will help attract new fans among boys. Around the world, tens of millions of children dream of becoming the new Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, although there are no children’s soccer broadcasts. Sports heroes are idols for children, role models and role models, why simplify them to cartoon avatars?

Who is supposed to be the viewer of these broadcasts? The kids themselves who don’t yet understand the nuances of sports? In order for a child to watch F1 on his own, he must already be interested in it, and then he does not need a separate children’s broadcast. For parents to watch the race with their children? In this case, it is also more logical to turn on the main transmission, and the parent himself will explain the difficult moments to the child.

The reporter of Sky Kids was taller than Yuki Tsunoda

Photo: F1 TV

In the end, the content of the children’s broadcast is not fundamentally different from the main one: only teenagers comment on the events, and not Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg, who can share the secrets of aerobatics and tell some stories of their ex.expertise. In other words, this is the same regular broadcast, but with minimum wages and with cartoon avatars.

So far, there is a feeling that the main reason for the appearance of children’s broadcasts is the display of additional advertising. A children’s broadcast is a good reason to sell advertising space to manufacturers of products for the little ones, and since the father decided to captivate the child with careers, he would more willingly agree to buy a new one. A toy or comic. And the TV will kindly offer the right one.

Other ideas from Liberty aren’t too encouraging either:

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