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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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From beanies to hats: 7 trendy hats for spring, for men and women

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 19:03:33

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“Spring is the time when you want to take off all your warm clothes and breathe freely. However, there is no need to rush. The beginning of spring is very treacherous. Unfortunately, the sun is not yet as warm as we would like. So, for now we just swap out the warm winter hats for lighter ones. What’s in fashion now? “Let’s figure it out.”


This is a true must-have among hats worn by both men and women. A hat adapts to any type of face. Light tones can refresh the portrait area, while rich colors will help add brightness to your images. Give preference to thinner materials. After all, it’s spring!

For men, a beanie can be fitted to the head, with or without a collar. But women are recommended to choose more relaxed models so that they have a feeling of air in their hair.

Sela men’s hat

Photo: Sela

Baseball cap

It will become the highlight of the arch. Baseball caps come in classic, sporty and casual styles.

1. Insulated Baseball Caps Feel free to wear it with classic coats and suits. They can even fit into office looks.

2. Sports baseball caps It is generally done with brand logos. Choose the version you like the most and combine it with suits for jogging or going to the gym.

New York baseball cap

Photo: New Yorker

3. Casual baseball caps – These are models with a direct visor, printing and inscriptions. The most popular color combinations: green with beige, wine with gray. You can wear these baseball caps with jeans, hoodies, vests, sneakers or sneakers.

adidas Originals baseball cap

Photo: adidas


An accessory that always adds chic to your look. It came to us from France in the fifties. It is true that then it was mainly used by film directors and actors. Today it is available to everyone.

We wear the beret with leather jackets, coats and sheepskin coats. The bottom layer can be a turtleneck sweater or a suit jacket.

For women, this is a headdress that adds elegance and romance. It will perfectly complement the look with a flowy dress or a balloon skirt, fashionable this season. A thin scarf around the neck will help complete the look.

zolla beret

Photo: Zolla

Men can also wear berets. Mix it with coat, leather jacket, trench coat. The beret should not be included in sporty looks. The exception is if you are a fashion blogger and want to create a distinctly unusual look.

Denim, bombers, windbreakers:

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This is still an option for both women and men. However, it goes without saying that representatives of the stronger sex today do not wear hats so often. Although girls are also afraid of this accessory. And in vain!

A hat is elegant and fashionable. A universal option would be a model with a medium-sized brim and a low cup. Choose neutral colors (beige, black) that match your outer clothing. You can also make a hat the accent of your look. Then it should be bright: red, emerald.

christy hat

Photo: Christys

Next we move on to exclusively feminine spring solutions in the field of hats. The list included: a beanie, a sequined hat and a headband.


Initially it was a children’s headdress. Today women have learned to style it skillfully. With handmade ties, ears, caps – all these options can be considered. It is possible to adapt the item to absolutely any image, from romantic to sporty. The texture can be anything. Fluffy angora models are in fashion. While spring is early and you need to stay warm, they are worth paying attention to.

Cape Zhakko

Photo: Zhakko

Sequined hat

Initially, this hat model was used for photo shoots, but with the arrival of spring, women incorporated it into their daily wardrobe. When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the product is literally covered with sequins. But there are also dangerous details. It is important that the hat does not have complex applications or prints. Today this is an anti-trend.

Dunybrend sequin hat

Photo: Dunybrand


Wide headbands were used in the late 90s and early 2000s. Cyclical fashion has given them back to us. Now we can safely show off this elegant and warm accessory. The main advantage of the headband is that it allows you to show off your hair long and loose. This accessory also looks good with bobs and short haircuts.

taer headband

Photo: Taer

Let’s look at styles, materials and methods of use:

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