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From denim to sequins. Women’s Shorts 2023 Trend Guide

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:41:23

stylist-image creator, author of “Stylish Magazine”

With a few days left until the start of summer, it’s time to think about one of the most useful acquisitions for the hot season. Today’s shorts are a universal wardrobe item for any occasion. You can go to the beach, to a business meeting or take a ride in them. The main thing is to find the right model.


To be stylish this summer, you need to choose the right model of shorts. These include:


The absolute favorite of the year. They do not hinder movement, have an acceptable length even for the office and emphasize the waist with a high fit.

Advice: Plus size girls should look at models with folds. They correct wide hips and harmonize the proportions of the figure.

Blended linen shorts, 2799 rubles / sela

Photo: sela

To create business images, you need to choose bermuda shorts made of light suit fabric with arrows. What to wear? With a classic shirt or vest. In informal urban looks, the same shorts look good combined with T-shirts and crop tops.

ultra mini

Bold but whimsical style. It is suitable exclusively for owners of slender legs. To enhance the effect, girls of the model parameters can complement it with high-heeled shoes. It is important to observe the rule of balance: an open “bottom” requires a closed “top”.

Shorts, 1838 rubles / Jelika

Photo: ozone

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Boxer shorts

Borrowed like from a groom’s wardrobe, they will be the perfect base for relaxed everyday outfits. Continuing with the sporty style, they can be combined with sneakers, polo shirts and baseball caps.

Knitted shorts with sela x Rita-Rhetorika print, 1599 rubles / sela

Photo: sela


Taking over as the trendiest pants for summer 2023, cargo shorts win the hearts of fashionistas with their comfort and practicality. However, a baggy silhouette and roomy pockets can add extra volume to the hip area. To balance the huge “bottom”, you can combine them with a silhouette jumper or a top.

Skirt-shorts, 2990 rubles / Fadjo

Photo: fashion

bike shorts

Do not give up relevant positions this year. No longer an exclusive attribute of athletic training, today these shorts are easily integrated into comfortable urban looks. The best companions are long shirts and jackets. From shoes, they look good with sneakers, and in the spirit of street style fashion, even with stiletto sandals.

Color Basic tight cycling shorts, 1299 rubles / YOURS

Is this your photo

with smell

designer, founder of the clothing brand Be in love

This year’s summer promises to be hotter than ever, so crossover shorts will become a trend. Feel free to buy shorts-dummy, which consist of a skirt in front and shorts in the back. Also choose models with sewn-in bike shorts.

Sunrise wrap shorts, 14,000 rubles / Be in Love

Photo: Being in love


Artem Terentiev: this season, bright colors are leaving closets, but pastel colors remain. They are headlining this summer. Of course, black and white will also be in fashion, without them it is impossible to imagine any person’s wardrobe.


Summer is the time for garments in light tones, especially white. Do not forget that these shorts look better on slim legs. Models with decorative buttons will help make the image interesting. Remember one important rule: all accessories must match the color of the buttons. An alternative to this shade can be beige shades. On tanned girls, the color of champagne will look great.

Sugar belted shorts, 14,000 rubles / Be in Love

Photo: Being in love


Shorts in a safari shade will help to be in trend. The influence of cargo pants, which are now very popular among fashionistas, is taking its toll. Choose models in brown and beige with patch pockets. All shades of coffee are also relevant.

Cotton shorts in safari style, 5490 rubles / COCOS Moscow

Photo: COCOS Moscow


The trend has returned to the vertical stripe. It doesn’t matter if it’s narrow or wide. The main condition is two or more colors. Win-win options: black or blue combo with white. Remember that on the “top” it is better to choose clothes of the same color with a strip.

Striped natural linen shorts, 2999 rubles / sela.

Photo: sela


If you want to add brightness to your outfit, pay attention to prints such as flowers, images, and geometric patterns. Do not overlook the side and animalism. Leopard and snake prints are extremely relevant now. They will also look very harmonious in tie-dye shorts.

Shorts with a print, 2799 rubles / sela.

Photo: sela


Polly Ryzhov: On hot days, choose breathable natural fabrics. The rating of the most practical and environmentally friendly is headed by flax, since ancient times a favorite in hot countries. Do not forget about cotton, this is already a classic of the summer wardrobe. For cooler weather or a mandatory dress code (whether office, sporty or festive), look for shorts in suiting fabric and stretch, leather, mixed materials with a metallic texture (the metallic effect is back in style).


Denim shorts go from season to season. However, they remain relevant this summer on one condition: the right style. Forget short and tight models. Feel free to take the elongated ones. Give preference to models with chafing and fringes. Don’t overlook the color variations of the denim.

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What to wear?

In 2023, the main fashion trend is the total look. Feel free to choose denim “top” shirts. A white eyelet off shoulder top and denim shorts are the perfect combination for a walk in the park. Denim looks good with olive tones, so wear it with military-inspired jackets.

Ripped denim shorts, 2599 rubles / sela

Photo: sela

For cool weather, opt for a gold knit cardigan. From the sun, throw a kimono with a floral print on your shoulders – practical and fashionable. You can also choose denim shorts for the office, but pair them with a navy dress shirt.


You can go to a festive or solemn event in shorts. Suitable models with sequins. They will definitely stand out from the crowd and make you the star of the night!

Monkeys, 2720 / Milomoor

Photo: fashion

What to wear?

If the emphasis is on shorts, then the “top” should be simple. For example, a t-shirt or a top. Pair a crisp white long sleeve blouse with sparkly shorts and brown leather pumps for a chic and fashionable look. In everyday life, match it with a sweater.


Shorts made of eco-leather will become a favorite among fashionistas this summer. They will create a concise and effective image. You shouldn’t wear them when it’s hot, but for an evening walk, shopping or going to a restaurant, this is a great option! The style can be completely different, the main thing is to suit your body type: from cycling shorts to models with a high fit. The most daring can choose models of bright colors: scarlet, pink, blue, orange. Beige color is also relevant.

Shorts, 1399 rubles / oodji

Photo: fashion

What to wear?

A win-win option is a combination of black leather with a fuchsia-colored jacket. In the trend and image with a black jacket and with chunky boots with laces. A dark gray knitted cardigan will be the perfect complement. Bold natures can be worn with a hot pink sweater. Combine it with a white and black t-shirt for informal outings. With a different color palette of shorts, a black turtleneck will look like a win-win. For shoes, choose loafers, ankle boots, or chunky shoes.


If comfort and convenience are important to you, knitted shorts are what you need. Now shortened models in a suit version or bicycle shorts are relevant.

Suit, 4499 rubles / Minaku

Photo: fashion

What to wear?

The recommended combo is with an oversize t-shirt or an oversize jacket. For walks in the park, a white sleeveless and patterned top is suitable “on top.” Complete your footwear with low-top white tennis shoes. Simple but tasteful. The fashionable set is knitted shorts and a beige jacket.


For several seasons, midi options with a free cut with a belt have not gone out of fashion. Despite the fact that these are predominantly sports models, the waist will stand out favorably. Belts play an important role in this. Slant pockets add functionality and practicality.

Shorts, 1399 rubles / ostin

Photo: Austin

The material is pleasant to the touch and wears well. Short models are an important element of a sports wardrobe. Because? They can go for a walk, and on the sports ground.

What to wear?

Choose a stylish T-shirt, T-shirt or cotton shorts top. By the way, not only low-top sneakers and high-top sneakers are suitable for shoes, but also sandals.

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