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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Fury has already received a contract from the UFC. The fight of the century with Jones is getting closer

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 16:49:38

Fury has already received a contract from the UFC. The fight of the century with Jones is getting closer

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It remains to understand the hybrid rules.

Tyson Fury is rightfully considered one of the strongest, if not the strongest boxers of our time, but the Gypsy King has always been famous for exactly what he did in the ring, and there has never been any talk of activities outside of it before. It looks like the UFC, Dana White and Jon Jones are ready to change that.

It all started with Fury’s traditional social media skirmishes, which are generally not worth paying attention to. It didn’t pay off this time, either, until Jon Jones agreed to a boxing match, and this, in turn, became a signal to Dana White. The UFC boss has already helped set up the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and said he would find Fury all the money he needed.

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“I was in talks with Francis Ngannou about a hybrid fight and now there is talk of me and Jon Jones doing a hybrid fight. Yesterday I received a contract from the UFC about this. You never know what’s going to happen, there are so many options,” Fury said.

It is significant that for the sake of Ngannou, the great boxer did not make concessions, but Jones is a completely different matter. This is no longer just a fighter with a terrible punch, but a person who in some ways even personifies MMA.

To what extent is this a realistic perspective? Fury does not hide the fact that such an event is interesting to him, but not a priority. However, the boxer’s career is still ongoing, and Tyson wants to take the title of absolute world champion. On the other hand, Fury complains that the entire top 15 in the rankings refuses to fight him, which means you can earn extra money.

Probably the most intriguing question is what kind of hybrid rules? So far, neither party has specified, but we know for a fact that Fury flatly refused to leave the ring. It can be assumed that this will be a boxing ring, but, for example, with MMA gloves, and the time of the round can be changed. In any case, the basic rule is most likely this: there is no wrestling and no use of kicks.

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Be that as it may, it is difficult now to say with absolute certainty that such a duel is quite real. However, knowing that there are three blocks like Jones, Fury, and White behind this, it is very possible to take that possibility into account.

Jones is also taking a break now. Joyfully returning to the Octagon in March, John first declared that he was ready to fight Stipe Miocic in the summer, then the date was moved to November, and now everything has completely calmed down, and it’s unclear what Jones is planning. Will he fight Pavlovich instead of Miocic, will he re-enter the Octagon, or will he focus on furthering the Fury fight? While Jones attends a bunch of events and gives Ngannou advice on what needs to be done to defeat him.

Of course, the fight between Jones and Fury will be the biggest event of the decade. Let’s hope it still happens.

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