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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Future Bayern, Liverpool and Juventus stars? Where could the best talents of the Eurocopa go?

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:43:30

The Euro U21 is over, and the best way to sum it up is to show how much the prices of the main stars have risen in the transfer market. And how will his career change? This article is about the players who deserve and are likely to get promoted.

James Trafford near Burnley

The goalkeeper had a crazy tournament. First, he prevented 4.1 goals in the tournament. Second, he took a penalty in the dying seconds, then reflected the rebound to give England their first Euro win in 29 years. Thirdly, I have never lost a euro! And he became the first goalkeeper in the history of the European Youth Championships with six “dry” games.

james trafford

England goalkeeper before the Euro Under 21 final

“In the morning I told the team that today I would save the penalty.”

James, like Sergio Gomez (more on him later), belongs to Manchester City. Last season he was at Bolton, where he made 22 crackers in 47 games. Among the main qualities of Trafford are the reaction and kicks. We make sure.

Among the options to continue a career, the main one for Kompany or number 2 for Guardiola. Even Fabrizio Romano wrote about the move to Burnley (the amount, including bonuses, exceeds 22 million euros), but this was even before the final. We wouldn’t be surprised if City now wants to add a top-priority buyback option to the deal.

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Sergio Gomez is also at Burnley

The author of the saddest photo – he presented the award for the best scorer of the tournament immediately after the defeat in the final. Is it necessary to describe how disappointed the guy was then?

sergio gomez

Photo: Sam Barnes/Getty Images

But Gomez had a fantastic tournament. He played as a winger, not in his best left-back position, and in doing so he became a critical offensive option. Superb delivery from both play and set pieces have always created a threat. Also in the final match – at least two of them slightly flew over the players, they did not have time to catch up with them. In addition to serving, the Spaniard has an elegant short pass and a vision of the field: he will always see an option to aggravate and hit exactly on the pass.

Sergio’s club career is not so happy: City took Anderlecht’s talent in the winter and put him on the bench. The guy came out, but very rarely (in the Premier League, in fact, only after the championship was issued). Rumors now link him, like Trafford, to Burnley attacking Kompany. And let’s hope the loan goes through: playing time is extremely important to Gomez.

Juan Miranda is the best defender in Spain

The defense of the Spanish, frankly, was terrible. They launched all the counterattacks in the match with Switzerland, in the semifinals with Ukraine, with England in the final, in fact, with all serious opponents throughout the tournament. The Swiss literally realized the only moment, Mudrik “carried” everyone to Ukraine, and the British created two magnificent chances in the first five minutes – we did not even take counterattacks into account.

In this system, the only one who played stable and always maintained his flank was Juan Miranda, a graduate at Barça and now a Betis player. And even he was in a circle, like, for example, Cole Palmer in the final, but not for long: he caught up with him.

Spain has a very cool team. Although he lost in the final:

This generation of the Spanish team is truly golden. They have already taken two euros and are demanding a third!

In attack, Miranda interacted well with Sergio Gómez. Since they are both sharp left-backs, they would often belay each other while someone went on the attack. Gómez used to play combinations in midfield and launch filigree passes, while Miranda liked to flank, shoot or cut. He scored twice, both times he hit the flying ball well, an unusual quality for a full-back.

Juan may be interested in Benfica, who is looking for an attacking left back. The transfer of Milos Kerkes – another talent – is very close to breaking. The first reports of Portuguese interest are already beginning to emerge.

John Miranda

Photo: Sam Barnes/Getty Images

Will Daniel Peretz now play in the first team?

The goalkeeper without whom Israel could not have done anything. Two penalty kicks in the match with Germany, in fact, predetermined the lineup in the group. And then, he won the post-match penalty shootout in the quarterfinals with Georgia. It’s a shame Peretz missed the semifinals due to disqualification; all that was left was to watch England disqualify their team. Who knows what would have happened if he had been on the field?

Peretz plays for local club Maccabi Tel Aviv and, in addition to his penalty kick ability, he stands out for playing on the line – he reacts quickly to shots from close range, manages to fold and get the ball out. For example, in the Conference League qualifier with Aris, he made an elegant double save: first, he parried a close header and then made a finishing move.

On his 22nd birthday, he is stable and even made his debut for the senior team! He will probably play more often now. The press hasn’t connected Daniel with other clubs yet, but obviously there will be interest after such a tournament.

Daniel Perez

Photo: Giorgi Ebanoidze/Getty Images

Will Giorgi Mamardashvili move to Bayern?

He is already the third goalkeeper of the selection! Mamardashvili cannot be singled out, because Georgia owes him a lot. I missed the first game, but I got involved in the most responsible and important ones. Against Belgium, despite two missed goals, he made 3 saves (2 from outside the box) and successfully scored twice. Against the Netherlands – an anomaly – 21 long passes! He has been played so often. And two safes. In the quarterfinals, alas, defeat, but 5 saves and 89% accurate passing! Too bad the series didn’t work.

Tbilisi went crazy on football, thanks to George’s game:


A historic decision by UEFA. Tbilisi has become the capital of European football

Even before the Euro Cup, Mamardashvili was followed by clubs from the top 5 leagues: Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea were in contact. But after a successful performance at the Eurocup, the goalkeeper added Bayern to his shortlist! In the next month and a half, Georgy will be felled.

Rodri: time at Betis or transfer to Juventus?

Yes, this guy didn’t shine in the final, but how good he was against him! His game is the apotheosis of technical football: with his “explosions” on the right flank, he constantly tore apart his rival, escaped and attacked with crosses, passes through. In matches with coach teams, Rodri was the key figure, the only one who could break such a stratified defense.


Photo: Alex Caparrós/Getty Images

The second game of the group stage with Croatia emphasized the sending functions: 8/8 accurate long passes. Taking the ball to his right and seeing two or three people, Rodri elegantly shot all this army and continued to refine the attack.

Rodri, from club football, is Fekir’s replacement at Betis. And, as you can see, for good reason, they have a lot in common. There will most likely be a lot more playing time in the new season, but there is also the possibility of a club change: La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Juventus are following the winger.

And Juventus wants to get rid of one of its symbols:

The 10 best transfer news of the day. City’s deal with Bayern and Juve’s rejection of the legend

Levi Colville: Chelsea or Liverpool?

The British central defender had a very confident tournament. It was this guy who gave the team the mentality of winners, and while the Spaniards were blurred in their own emotions, he calmly reacted to skirmishes, shot all serves, carefully played serves if necessary. And, of course, he slowly started the attacks with a good short or forward pass. Yes, you can remember the penalty in the last seconds: I could cross everything out. But this is perhaps Levi’s only inaccuracy in the entire tournament.

Levi Colville

Photo: Alex Caparrós/Getty Images

The match with Spain clearly showed Colville, which was the whole tournament. At the most crucial moment, he turned on, took all the riding martial arts and saved. The toughest quarterfinals with Portugal: 4/4 aerial duels won and 8 clearances. Semifinal with Israel: safe ballplay, 2 tackles and an interception. And finally, the final: 3 blocks, 7 clearances, 3 tackles and 2 interceptions!

At club level, Levy had a great season at Brighton and has now returned to Chelsea. Mauricio Pochettino has high hopes for the talent, but there are also rumors of interest from Liverpool. True, the insider Fabrizio Romano adds: the transition is only possible if Levi himself makes it clear that he wants it.

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