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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Gastronomic trends – 2023: trendy food for those who are tired of constant diets

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 18:14:10

Food affects our memory, emotions, state, and even brain function. This year, the gastronomic industry has many surprises and discoveries in store for us.

functional food

It involves a more conscious approach to daily diet and food choices. This also includes a passion for “clean” food: vegetables, fruits, dietary meat, nuts, fish rich in healthy fats.

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Now it is fashionable not to buy a semi-finished product, but to cook it yourself, controlling the amount of salt, sugar and spices.

food from childhood

A kind of anti-trend to functional nutrition, since here everything is about emotions, childhood, greasy and harmful. Nostalgic products are returning to restaurant menus and store shelves on the principle “like at grandma’s” or “like at school”.

From macaroni and cheese, potato and cottage cheese casseroles to tubes with cream and nuts with condensed milk, sausage cakes and homemade Napoleons. Depending on the mood, it will appeal to those who are tired of constant diets and restrictions.

spiced honey

Spiced honey has been popular in the United States for several years, and this trend has made its way to Russia. It has already appeared in restaurants as sauces, you can also easily make it yourself.

Will need:

Honey; hot pepper; herbs to taste: mint, basil or rosemary.

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All this is mixed, poured with honey and stored in a transparent container. Spiced honey is poured on avocado toast, muffins, chicken, sandwiches with eggs and vegetables, soaked in crackers, added to yogurt and muesli with fruits.

Oil food compositions on blackboard

Food bloggers actively create them to attract attention, as it looks very impressive. The cooking process itself is as simple as possible. A wooden serving board is smeared with oil and edible flowers, nuts, honey, jam, berries, dried fruits, herbs and vegetables are placed on it in a chaotic manner.

This type of snack has replaced the usual cheese and meat dishes. Bread, crackers, crackers are served to the table.

There are two classic types of fatty food compositions: sweet – with honey, fresh berries, dried fruits or jam, and salty – with herbs, finely chopped bacon, fried garlic or nuts.

vegan eggs

Many plant-based protein options have emerged recently, including affordable egg replacers. Of these you can make tortillas or custard, while any dish is more useful, since it has less cholesterol. The vegan version has the same calorie and fat content as the traditional product. And just one less gram of protein.

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Instead of regular eggs, they use mashed bananas or ground flaxseed with water, as well as applesauce, silken tofu, cornstarch, soy protein powder, and chickpea flour. Some manufacturers use algae proteins, which also whip well.


The powder from the leaves of this tree treats depression, strengthens bones, reduces high blood pressure, and normalizes blood sugar levels. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6, calcium, and iron.

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Moringa can be brewed in place of tea, and its powder is perfect for adding to nutritious shakes and smoothies.


Smoky, spicy, smoky, floral, spicy, rosy, black, Thursday – just a small part of what salt can be. Various spices and spices are added to it – this is how Svan, garlic, ginger, citrus, adzhichnaya, Provencal and a million other types of products appear.

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Each has its own characteristics, so in the kitchen they can become the basis for diversity. New types of snacks are already appearing in restaurants: different types of salt, bread and simple butter.


This spice has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine as a natural remedy for various ailments. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Turmeric has a rich mustard color and is the perfect complement to soups, salads and meat dishes, giving them a special touch and flavor.

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Sprinkle turmeric over the popcorn, add it to hummus, cappuccino or hot chocolate. The cymbals will acquire a new sound. In many restaurants, spiced tea and coffee have already appeared on the menu.

potato milk

It has a low carbon footprint, is suitable for vegans and is lactose, soy, gluten and nut free. This drink has a creamy texture and a sweet aftertaste, making it ideal for coffee, morning muesli, cereals, toasts and pastries. Very soon it should appear on store shelves, as well as in cafeterias and restaurants as an alternative to other types of plant-based milk.

Immersive Food Shows

Interactive service, storytelling, corridor and facade design, augmented reality, waiter robots – everything that can cause additional emotions. The food service will be accompanied by live music and a multimedia show, with changing projections that will be broadcast on walls, tables and cutlery.

There are already several restaurants in Russia that offer diners such an experience. The food in immersive performances becomes part of the performance. As a rule, dishes are served and served in a special way.

cognitive nutrition

The foods we eat affect memory, mood, and concentration. Due to information overload and poor memory, consumer interest in the topic of cognitive nutrition is increasing.

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This means that by 2023, more people will be seeking foods and beverages that affect cognition, control stress levels, and optimize brain function. That is, there will be even more dishes with oily fish (salmon, mackerel and trout), broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.

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