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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Gazprom-Yugra took the title in a suspense duel. Everything was decided again in the penalty shootout!

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:47:48

While the whole world is watching the European Football Championship, real passions are boiling in Russian futsal. Gazprom-Yugra won its fourth Russian champion title in a tense final series and a dramatic decisive match. The Ugra team fought to the end with Ujtá: the winner of the trophy was determined only on post-match penalties: 5:5 (4:2). It seems like this is how unpredictable the title fight should be!

true swing

The entire final series between Ukhta and Gazprom-Yugra was terribly nervous. Both teams did not want to give in: the Ukhta team rushed to their first title, and the Ugra team planned to take the fourth trophy. That’s why the clubs played each game as if it were their last. The first match in extra time ended with victory for Ukhtá (6-5), in the second and third match in the penalty shootout Gazprom-Yugra was stronger: 3-3 (6-5 on penalties) and 2-2 (5 :3 pen). Only the fourth game was quiet. In it, Vladimir Kolesnikov’s team defeated the rival 6-0.

At the beginning of the series there was a feeling that there would be a new champion in Russia:

“I hope we go down in history.” Will there be a sensational Russian futsal champion?

Considering the dramatic battle that unfolded in almost every match, the decisive fifth match of the final should have been no less intense. And so it happened, despite the fact that each team had personnel problems: “Ukhta” was missing two main goalkeepers due to disqualification and Rafael Bruno due to injury, and “Ugra” did not have Guilherme in the application, who had too many yellow cards. cards.

At the beginning of the first half the Ukhtá team had a clear advantage. It was clear that the boys intended to continue the series. Numerous attacks led to Maxim Perevalov’s goal in the 11th minute. After conceding the goal, Gazprom-Yugra tried to get back into the game, but failed to score.

However, the Yugra team tied the score at the beginning of the second half: Nikolai Shisterov accurately shot from the corner, and Dmitry Shvedko found himself in an advantageous position and blocked the view of Denis Kasimchuk. Apparently, the goal inspired Gazprom-Yugra, because three minutes later the second goal came into the Ukhta goal: Alexander Vinogradov scored. But in the 30th minute, Sergei Denisov did something: the footballer lying on the ground sent the “picked up” ball into the net (2:2).

Gazprom-Yugra celebrates its champion title

Photo: MFC Gazprom-Yugra

The dramatic turns continued: five minutes later, the Ukhta team managed to take the lead thanks to a goal from Andrei Pavlov (3-2), but the Ugra team took advantage of the majority and Shvedko tied the score (3-3) in the last minute. minute.

“We put on a good show”

The extra time passed in the same nervous fight. Gazprom-Yugra took the lead twice at the end of the period, but Ujta was heroically saved twice thanks to goals from Lukas Pedala in the final minutes.

The post-match penalties did not bode well for the Ukhta team: in the final series, Vadim Yashin’s team had already lost twice to the Ugra team in six-meter throws. This time it was not possible to take advantage either: Zurab Kalmakhelidze deflected Mikhail Moskalev’s shot and Albert Akbalikov calmly scored. Gazprom-Yugra achieved its fourth victory (4-2 in the series) and completed the final, taking the country’s main trophy for the fourth time.

All penalty shootouts in the final were in the hands of Ugra:


Gazprom-Yugra won in another penalty shootout. Two wins until the championship!

Ugra coach Vladimir Kolesnikov admitted that despite such a dramatic match, his team did not stop believing in victory.

“We believed in victory. This was exactly the message, especially to those in the dock. The goal was to return home! We haven’t been home for a long time and this had to be resolved today. We did it, so we are very grateful to the guys. And congratulations to all the fans who were here, who cared about us on the screens. Congratulations to everyone for the championship, all handsome. And we will rest!

One of the key players of the Ugra team, Nikolai Shisterov, supported his opponent after the defeat.

“Thanks to the opposing team for these games: they turned out incredible. What intensity in almost every game! It turns out that we won three games on penalties. It is not a very simple series. I would like to wish my opponent not to get angry and continue working. “I think everything is ahead of them.”

How Gazprom-Yugra defeated Ukhta in the fourth match of the series:


Gazprom-Yugra destroyed Ukhta in the most important match. Can we celebrate the championship now?

In Ukhta, the result of the final series was treated with some regret. The team’s coach explained that he was disappointed with the result.

“There is a bit of disappointment that we haven’t been able to get the series going today. I just want to congratulate Gazprom-Yugra for the victory and thank the fans who cared about us throughout the season and gave us the energy that was always enough to have such a season.”

And Kirill Kozlov said that he was satisfied with the completed season.

“I think this is a successful season for us, even despite the lost final. Whatever they say, we have the Super League final, the League Cup victory and the Cup Final Four. It’s hard to find words now, but we put on a good show in the final matches. Today was my last game with the Ujtá shirt. I only have words of gratitude for everyone. When I arrived here we were last, but now we are finalists and we have a trophy. The fans walked this path with us, thank you very much.”

In fact, the final episode turned out to be a real thriller. And it seems that, largely thanks to this, the fourth Gazprom-Ugra championship will be truly special and unforgettable.

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