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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Genius or crazy? García first deceived and then amazed the entire world.

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Genius or crazy? García first deceived and then amazed the entire world.

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Ryan admitted that he was simply leading everyone by the nose.

On the night of April 20 to 21, a great evening of boxing took place at the Barclays Center in New York (USA). Its highlight was the fight between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia. It is worth noting that everyone had already written off the “golden boy” even before the fight. Ryan behaved very unconventionally, seemed crazy and showed everyone that he practically did not train. And then he entered the ring and pulled off a huge upset, literally destroying Devin. Unfortunately, Garcia failed the weigh-in, so he missed out on the championship belt. But now Ryan suddenly decided to reveal all his cards and admit the trick.

Devin suffered the first loss of his career and suffered three falls:

What is the “golden boy” doing? García destroyed Haney, but he did not become champion

Before the fight started, Ryan was really scared. He demonstrated in every possible way that he was not fully prepared for the upcoming battle. And he’s not even going to train. Instead, García gave intimidating interviews and evoked the impression of an unbalanced person. And at the same time he posted photos and videos with alcohol. The highlight was Ryan’s admission that he got drunk literally every night and didn’t follow the regimen at all.

In such a situation, few believed that Garcia would be able to do anything to oppose his opponent in the ring. And the show continued at the weigh-in. Ryan turned it into a demonstration performance. He did not confine himself to the confines of the division of it. But he got on the scale with a bottle of beer, which he drained almost instantly. After this, experts once again remembered that such a Garcia could not oppose anything to one of the most talented American boxers. However, in the ring everything was completely different. There Ryan showed himself in all his glory, sent his opponent to the ground three times and won deservedly.

Ryan Garcia – Devin Haney

Photo: Cris Esqueda/Getty Images

And after the fight, Garcia suddenly decided to show all his cards. And he claimed that all this time he was simply taking everyone by the nose: this was made up beforehand, several months ago. “So I said, ‘I’m going to make sure everyone thinks I’m crazy.’ This is all documented. I planned this a few months ago. I don’t know what made me come up with this idea, I just decided to take a chance and follow the plan I had. They underestimated me.” because of social media. They can make anyone look a certain way. “They fooled themselves.”

Garcia’s trick paid off in full. One gets the feeling that at one point Haney himself simply believed that he had won this fight before even stepping into the ring. Especially after Ryan’s performance at the weigh-in. But it turned out that this was also a common trick. Garcia said the bottle contained apple juice and sparkling water. However, everything worked. Everyone was sure that the “golden boy” was still drinking alcohol and having fun. Meanwhile, Ryan was calmly preparing for the fight, not paying attention to anything else.

Ryan Garcia

Photo: Cris Esqueda/Getty Images

García is an incredible boxer. And his pre-fight eccentricities didn’t end there. At the end of the fight, it was learned that Ryan had bet a large sum of money on his victory. Yes, yes, he is allowed to do that (you can’t bet on your loss). The media reported that he bet $2 million on his victory in the fight with Haney, thanks to which he won $12 million. Later, García confirmed this information on his social networks: “If you bet, then bet on yourself.”

Ryan is a showman who doesn’t care about titles:

Garcia is more talented than the legendary Tyson. But championship belts are not for him.

Garcia is an incredible talent and a fantastic boxer. But, unfortunately, he does not take full advantage of his professional skills. But he creates a calm atmosphere around his fights. Of course, this trick won’t work the second time. Therefore, Ryan will have to prepare something new for his next fight. But one gets the feeling that this will not cause him any particular difficulties. Garcia is doing everything possible to forever go down in the history of professional boxing as one of the brightest and most popular athletes. And frankly, Ryan is a lot of fun to watch.

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