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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Going on vacation: 8 things that take up little space and replace an entire closet

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:03:52

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The long-awaited vacation is approaching, and with it a headache: what to take with you. One always has nothing to wear, while others, on the contrary, have so many clothes that no suitcase is enough. Indeed, on vacation, a few universal things are enough from which you can collect a maximum of pictures. What can go into a women’s vacation capsule?

The first rule of thumb when packing a suitcase is to forget about the phrase “Suddenly it comes in handy.” Many mistakenly believe that on vacation they will finally want to “walk” all the dresses and sandals that they supposedly have nowhere to wear in the city. As a result, they are wearing the same shorts and T-shirt in all the photos.

The fact is that holidays are the time when we want to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Select clothes, focusing on this criterion. Good thing comfortable clothes these days aren’t just sweatpants with hoodies. Here we mean basic things that are perfectly combined with each other, forming completely different images.

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Give preference to natural materials. In them you will not spend so much heat and the body will be able to breathe. Make sure you have at least one item with a summer fashion print. It can be: stripe, vegetable, “jungle” or abstraction.

Another important rule: the “top” should be thought out more carefully than the “bottom”. In the second case, you will have enough shorts and a skirt. By the way, the dress can also serve as a bottom if you put a shirt on top of it. But on top of a T-shirt it is clearly not enough. Consider options for short and long sleeves.

What are eight things that will allow you to make an entire vacation wardrobe and at the same time not take up too much space in your suitcase.

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Feminine capsule for vacations at sea

1. Cotton midi dress

Let it be a model with the main summer print – a strip (sailor suit). This dress is suitable for walks both on the beach and in the city. In combination with a white shirt, it will look like a midi skirt and will be appropriate for both lunch and dinner on the summer terrace.

Zarina dress, 2599 rubles.

Photo: Czarina

Please note that the horizontal stripe is not suitable for everyone. Plus size girls can replace it with an animal print, also a hit this summer. Any bright color that suits you will also work.

2. White linen jacket

This is a fashionable escape from the heat and wind, which is suitable for almost any summer look. Alternatively, it can be replaced with a cotton cardigan, linen shirt, or jeans. The main rule is to wear this thing without fastening, then you will create additional verticals and adjust the proportions.

Sela linen jacket, 3999 rubles.

Photo: Sela

3. Shorts

The hot-trend version is a model similar to men’s cotton briefs. Despite their extravagant appearance, they blend perfectly with a variety of things. Ideally, with loose cotton and linen shirts. If you are not ready for experiments, take shorts of a classic cut or bermuda shorts of medium length. They are like almost everyone.

Shorts Closer.moscow, 1018 rub. / berries

Photo: Wild Blackberries

4. Shiny linen dress

She easily transforms from day to night with the help of shoes and accessories. While the sun is shining, wear it with a shopper or beach bag, sneakers or flip-flops, and in the evening complete it with sandals with small heels and a handbag. Add a bright shade of lipstick – and you can safely go to the most sophisticated restaurant on the beach.

Sela linen blend dress, 1799 rubles.

Photo: Sela

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5. Light fabric pants

It is unlikely that you want to take jeans with you to the sea, in which we have already spent more than half the year. However, in case of bad weather, pants are still needed. Also, light-colored palazzos are a convenient clothing option for city tours. Pair it with heeled sandals for an elegant evening look.

A la Tete pants, 7999 rub. / Live shopping

Photo: Shopping Live

6. Classic white t-shirt

This is an indispensable garment in your wardrobe. You can create different looks with the help of a neckline: a round one will look sportier, a V-shaped one will look romantic. Choose according to your mood and circumstances.

7. Up

An off-the-shoulder or bandeau top is a great option if your figure allows it. In a suitcase they will be almost invisible, but at the same time they will help to create interesting images. With a bandeau top with shorts, you can go for a walk or to the beach, and with trousers and a jacket, you can go to a disco. If the figure does not allow, we take a couple of more closed lids.

Top REPUBLIC OF LOVE, 2599 rub.


8. Classic Leather Sandals

This pair is the perfect complement to any of your outfits. Shoes of skin color will visually make the legs longer and slimmer. As an alternative to sandals, you can wear espadrilles. They will protect your feet during long walks.

TENDANCE women’s sandals, 6760 rubles. / Appointment

Photo: Quote

important little things

Now about the fact that it will not take up space in a suitcase, but will help make your “vacation wardrobe” even more variable.

A true lifesaver on vacation is handkerchief. It can be worn on the head instead of a hat, as a top, belt, bracelet, bag decoration. In general, with the help of a scarf it will be possible to update any image.

Monger ACSY fedora hat, 1480 rubles. / berries

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I would also like to have a partner. Sunglasses, boho bag, hat. You can wear a fedora hat. She does not have too wide a brim and often quite a soft crown: she will pack into a suitcase with no problem.

What swimsuit will be universal? perhaps the most varied one piece black model. First, she is skinny. Second, she can function off the beach. With pants or shorts, this swimsuit will look like an elegant corset.

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