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Greenland Championship – wow. It lasts a week, instead of stands there are rocks, they are marked from the center. Video

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greenland. The largest island on the planet. It is located northeast of North America, between the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Labrador Sea to the south, and the Baffin Sea to the west. Translated from the local Greenlandic language, the name of the territory, Kalallit Nunaat, means “green land”. This does not fit at all with the fact that now 81% of the land of Greenland is covered with ice. But a long time ago, the island was completely covered with vegetation, which is why Eric the Red, a Viking and Scandinavian navigator who founded the first settlements on this land, gave it that name.

History, only sports – on the photo:


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In 1536, Greenland came under the protectorate of Denmark, but the island lost its colony status only after World War II, then it was proclaimed part of the Danish kingdom. In 1979, Greenland received autonomy, and after another 30 years, self-government was extended so much that the Danish government at this time can hardly influence the internal affairs of the territory.

Due to thick ice sheets, settlements in Greenland stretch along the west coast: there are 18 cities and about 56 towns there. And, although the territory is as big as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium combined, only 20% is habitable. The population of the island is small – about 56 thousand people.

But even there is football there, even if there are catastrophically few days when you can play it.

The Greenland Championship lasts only one week. The calendar is terrible – this year five games are played in five days

There are no plains, almost no grass grows, and for nine months of the year you cannot play soccer, because the fields are covered with almost two meters of snow. Another difficulty is the huge distances between settlements and unpredictable weather conditions, which make traveling around Greenland almost impossible at times (even in summer). Somehow, however, the game not only survives but thrives: it’s the most popular sport on the island, with about 10% of the population playing football in Greenland.

The sensational team from the islands is an example for the Greenlanders. And their houses are also picturesque:

“I offered 20 sheep for Ronaldo.” Cherchesov left the club with fishermen and painters without work.

Until 2016, players ran on stone and sand fields – it was painful to fall, it was difficult to play because of the rising sand. In order to somehow alleviate the fate of the players, the fields were watered, only in this case it was possible to control the ball. The goalies had an even tougher time, layering up to minimize the amount of bruising and abrasions.

In 2010, FIFA President Sepp Blatter approved Greenland’s first artificial turf pitch at Qaqortoq. By 2021, six full-size artificial fields were planned to be built, but now there are already 12; according to the president of the Danish Football Association, Jesper Møller, it was “a great success”.

“We have an agreement between the Danish Football Association and the Greenland Ball Games Union on the development of football in Greenland,” he said. It is a long journey, but we have begun it. The future of Greenlandic football is bright.”

How soccer is played in Greenland

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There are no grandstands near the fields: spectators are located on the rocks, which offer impressive views not only of the game, but also of icebergs, the ocean, and whales, which sometimes jump into its waters.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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Just look how beautiful it is.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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A new field in Tasiilaq, the largest city on the east coast.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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The changing rooms are wooden huts or tents, which are doors covered with tarpaulins.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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This year, teams have built wooden structures where they can wait for substitutions.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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The season lasts just one week: first, a regional stage is held in July, then six of the best are selected based on their results, who proceed to the final round. This year, the championship was held from August 10 to 15: at first, the teams played each other for four days (three matches per day), then on the last day of the competition there were games for the fifth and sixth place. , third and fourth, second and first.

The draws were held in the city of Qaqortoq, located on the southwest coast of Greenland. Its population is just over three thousand people, who, in fact, are very lucky: no other developed territory has such greenery as there. It is ironic that the name of the city is translated as “white”.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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For the Greenlandic players, the August championship is the main event of the year. Sometimes they arrive at the final round venues by shuttle, helicopter or even dog sled; the journey sometimes lasts several days. Arriving in the city, the teams are located in boarding houses, schools or kindergartens, where they sleep on mattresses scattered on the floor. The television network and the national radio come to cover the championship, the hospitals switch to an improved mode of operation, although they only do so in extreme cases. For everyone else there is a cold sea.

To get into the team, you need to pay a membership fee, around €70. Until August, the players play in futsal: there are now around 39 clubs across the country who spend most of the year preparing in the arenas for the main competition. of the year. In Greenland there are no professionals, but the return to the game is the most serious thing: the players say that this week of August is like the World Cup for them. “If you play well, people will come up to you on the street and congratulate you,” said one player, Inuutek Kreutzmann. “And if you become a champion, then even more.”

In addition to the medal, each player on the winning team receives a gold harpoon tip, an award given by the Greenland Sports Association.

Each team has its own secrets for a successful game: someone sleeps until 11 am, someone eats seal meat because it is “good for energy”. On the field, the players do not swear or fight – everyone treats the opponent with respect, because in such a small country everyone knows each other through someone, and news spreads at the speed of light.

The commands are called abbreviations. it is easier to read

The main team of Greenland, a kind of “Royal” from the land of glaciers, is the Boldklubben team af ​​1967. The club has won 13 league titles since 1967, with most victories coming in this century. Nobody calls the team by its full name, for everyone it is just B-67. Other clubs also have names abbreviated from the first letter and the last two digits of the year of foundation: N-48 (another multiple champion, up to 12 wins), K-33, T-41, K-45.

This year they attended the championship: B-67, G-44, N-45, E-54, I-79, K-33. The cuts were powerful: the match between I-79 and E-54 ended with a score of 14:1, B-67 beat E-54 – 15:0.

In the final, B-67 and G-44 met, and the local hegemon defeated the opponent with a crushing score of 5: 0, taking the 14th championship in its history.

How soccer is played in Greenland

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Greenland’s dream is to reach the World Cup. But for now, there are several factors.

Greenlanders have dreamed of international football since 1999: then national team coach and former West German player Sepp Piontek said he had applied for UEFA membership (although the Danish Football Association denies this has ever been done officially). ). There are two obstacles to entering the international arena: the status of an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and the lack of playing fields that meet FIFA requirements. In 2016, however, artificial grass was laid at the national stadium located in the capital (the city of Nuuka), which was awarded two FIFA stars.

Greenland was inspired by the example of Iceland, which enchanted at Euro 2016, and then reached the 2018 World Cup. The islanders had a dream, also one day to qualify for the World Cup.

A little more atmospheric football:


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Until now, Greenland is part of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, where, in addition to them, there are also Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia, Tibet, Hawaii and other teams whose states are partially recognized or not recognized at all, or they are autonomies. within other states. Greenland tried to enter UEFA, but Denmark, for some reason, is against it. The Icelandic media wrote that the island began the process of joining CONCACAF: autonomous territories are accepted there, and the Danes are not opposed to this option.

One of the options where the national team can play is Iceland, and there they are willing to accept the Greenlanders. The Greenland national team committee is now actively looking for players in Denmark who have Greenlandic roots to strengthen the team. All efforts are now focused on preparing the team for 2025, when Greenland is expected to join CONCACAF.

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