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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Griezmann and Simeone break another record

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:58:23

With El Cholo, Antoine Griezmann had different stages in his relationship, but Simeone always made a special commitment to this player.

At Atlético, Antoine is useful at all stages, Simeone does everything possible for him, Raymond Domenech, one of Griezmann’s former mentors, once noted. And this is a very accurate observation. As time has shown, only two people in the football world were able to fully reveal all the talents of the French striker – Diego Simeone and Didier Deschamps. This became especially evident after the failed transition, or rather, Antoine’s flight to Barcelona in 2019, where Griezmann not only did not take root, but was almost lost. Difficult relationship with the untouchable leader of the Catalans Leo Messi, the constant change of coaches, none of whom could find an effective use for him: Valverde, Setién, finally Koeman – Antoine tried to adequately try all the roles and positions, but he failed. more important. -freedom in decision-making-he was never given.

– He does a lot for the team, but he is not appreciated at all, – Blaise Matuidi noted in an interview. “Antoine is thrown from position to position.

So it’s no surprise that after enduring two unsuccessful seasons on the maroon-blue ground, the French striker rushed home to Atlético Madrid.

It became a fateful and the only correct decision. Griezmann returned courage and confidence in his exclusivity. With what inspiration Antoine played the World Cup in Qatar! And although this World Cup did not bring him a second championship title, how many useful things he managed to do for his team on the courts of Qatar! He assumed the duties of a soccer chameleon and demonstrated the full range of his tactical uniqueness. In this World Cup, the 31-year-old Griezmann has been as much a creative playmaker as a productive defender and profiling goalscorer. He was appropriate, necessary, and good everywhere. And this, if you do not specify that even without these statistics, the Frenchman came to the world championship in Qatar already in the status of an absolute legend of the national team, setting a record – Antoine has not missed a single game of the national team. since June 2017, having played 70 games in a row. “Grismann has the character of a great player, he has been at the highest level for 10 years,” Didier Deschamps said at the end of the World Cup and it is hard to disagree with him. At least Simeone definitely shares these sentiments. Cholo tried to replace or weaken the leading influence of the French striker on the “mattress”, but the history of Atlético, having come full circle, returned to its roots – to the special importance of Antoine Griezmann for the rojiblancos.

And in Atlético de Madrid’s last game against Athletic Vascos, the pink-haired forward showed it again, becoming the author of the 1000th goal of the ‘mattress’ in LaLiga in the Simeone era (for whom this game also became a record ). – 425 for Madrid in example). But even without this achievement, Griezmann is already a full-fledged legend of the “Indians”: it was Antoine who scored the first goal in the history of the Metropolitan, then the first double in the history of this stadium followed, then the first hat- trick, and after the first poker made by the French. Griezmann is without exaggeration one of the best players in the history of Atlético de Madrid: he has 324 appearances, 148 goals and 66 assists. If anyone is going to help the ‘mattress’ survive this difficult season, it will only be Antoine and El Cholo’s crazy faith in him. After all, as Griezmann recently admitted, if Diego Simeone still leaves Madrid, the Frenchman sees no reason to stay at Atlético.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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