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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Guberniev and Buzova were engaged in athletics. Show racing with the participation of stars took place in Moscow

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 08:05:11

As part of the Athletics Week in the center of Moscow on Nikolskaya street, a 60-meter race of sports stars was held. The participants were not only athletes, but also figure skaters, football players, journalists, and even a chess player.

Olga Buzova opened the contest. She hit her and ran the distance under Dmitry Guberniev’s comments. What she was?

“Abroad, such an atmosphere in stadiums”

It is worth mentioning right away that the competitions in the center of Moscow were originally purely entertaining in nature, their main goal was to attract the attention of fans. And it was successful! Nikolskaya for Tonight resembled herself in 2018, when she was overwhelmed by football fans.

Qualifying races for professional athletes were held before the show starts. Turk Ertan Ozkan accelerated so much that he even flew over a soft fence and fell on metal structures. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt and got up quickly. But thanks to the speed he gained, he qualified for the final, where, however, he ranked last. Three Russians overtook the Turk. Yaroslav Tkalich, a two-time silver medalist of the Russian Championship, became the best on his birthday. He covered the distance in 6.58 seconds and set his personal best. The second place was taken by the champion of Russia Igor Obraztsov, the leader of his qualifying career Danila Ten became the third.

In women, the strongest Russian sprinter, Kristina Makarenko, won. She won her next gold from other champions: Victoria Maximova, Natalia Kombarova and Vera Filatova.

“It’s great to feel like you’re in a different environment. Abroad, such an atmosphere is present in the stadiums, we, unfortunately, do not have such an atmosphere, but here we feel this adrenaline a little, ”Makarenko said.

Emotional interview with the best Russian sprinter:


“You understand that nothing will change.” The cry of the soul of the Russian champion locked up in the country

In the women’s hurdles, Russians Irina Boldyreva and Victoria Pogrebnyak lost to the Belarusians. The victory was celebrated by Elvira Graborenko, her compatriot Ruslana Romanovskaya took second place.

In men, the 2015 world champion Sergey Shubenkov became the best. By the way, he admitted that he was afraid of losing. Belarusian Vitaly Parakhonko and Russians Konstantin Shabanov and Anatoly Kiselyov finished after Sergei.

“The event is great and necessary for athletics, especially now. I should have thought of something like this before. I want more,” Shubenkov said.

Sergei Shubenkov

Photo: RIA Novosti

Konstantin Shabanov managed to win at the end of the day. Together with his younger brother Philip and the Cuban stars Dayron Robles and Anier García, they closed the day as part of Athletics Week.

“I didn’t understand anything, I just started”

Show races on Nikolskaya were opened by figure skaters from the Eteri Tutberidze team. Alina Zagitova, Kamila Valieva, Sofia Akatieva and Adelia Petrosyan were the most anticipated people by fans. Flowers and posters were prepared for the girls. And Guberniev, before the start, knelt in front of Alina Zagitova, kissed her hand and apologized for criticizing her.

Contrary to expectations, the fight for first place did not work out. The girls raced to the finish line with a warm up and even pace and stopped at the line to cross it together. However, Sofia Akatieva stumbled slightly, so she claimed the victory. Olympic champion Zagitova is third.

More about the figure skater career:

Tutberidze’s students refused to fight in the race. But there is still a winner.

Representatives of different sports fought at the next race, and this only increased the intensity of passions. The victory went to the chess player Sergey Karyakin. The grandmaster was ahead of strongman Mikhail Koklyaev, Olympic figure skating champion Alexei Yagudin and Olympic champion and world record holder in high jump Cuban Javier Sotomayor.

“I didn’t understand anything, the siren just sounded and I started. They told me: “Save your strength.” What happened next, I don’t know. Judging by the screams from the audience, I could tell that I was a bit in the lead, well, I ran as fast as I could. Star company, I immediately said that I did not claim a medal, but it was a tactical move. Of course, I wanted to win, but I understood that it would be difficult,” explained Karjakin.

Yevgeny Aldonin scored in the career of footballers. He ran his 60 meters in 9.34 seconds. Dmitry Bulykin, Alexander Filimonov and Ruslan Pimenov finished right behind him. Bulykin joked that Aldonin is now in a form he wasn’t even in during his playing career.

Evgeny Aldonin

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

In the journalists’ race, the representative of RIA Novosti, Alexei Khanin, celebrated the victory. While rushing to the finish line, Dmitry Guberniev entertained the fans with an epic imaginary guitar and finally became the last.

The mini-tournament certainly drew attention to the queen of sports, as the organizers intended. But the week did not end there. Ahead of the athletes is High Jump Day, Long Jump and Triple Jump Day, Sprint Day and the famous Znamensky Brothers Memorial Tournament.

And what about world athletics?

The Kenyan runner has set a unique record. The rivals hugged her together at the finish line.

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