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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Handball did not know such defeats. SEHA-Gazprom League sets new trends

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 22:52:51

“Battle of the lair” or “Bear classic” – you can somehow call the match for third place between the two Russian handball hegemons.

The first season of “Chekhov Bears”, when you need to get used to the status of “second”. And this is after 21 years of complete dominance in the national handball scene. CSKA dismantled handball players near Moscow into components in the final of the Russian Championship, and Chekhov’s team could only wait for the prestigious tournament SEHA – Gazprom League, where, as a saving pill, it could wrest from it the “golden” consolation for a disastrous season. And, again, the army team, only this time from Minsk. The Belarusian SKA destroyed the Russians in the Final Four, sending up an incredible 34 goals against the Chekhov Bears. Nobody has done this with the team of the legendary coach Vladimir Maksimov.

Photo source: Soviet sport

The brothers of the Perm brotherhood of bears, who were not going to part with reality, lost to BGK “Meshkov Brest”. But here there was a fight to the last drops of sweat and blood. The last duel between the rivals in the semifinal of the SEHA-Gazprom League happened more than ten years ago, when in the EHF Cup the handball players from Brest left no chance for the Perm players in both matches. And now the scenario has repeated itself. Blame it on goalkeeper Denis Zabolotin, who played the game of his life, making a record 23 saves.

Against such a sad background, two Russian bear clubs are approaching the bronze medal match, making even the match for third place a battle of principle.


He barely had time to start his countdown as the teams tossed 5 balls to each other. The “Chekhov Bears” were luckier, they took a slight lead at the score 3:2. The viscous way of playing handball players near Moscow caused the guys from Perm a lot of inconvenience. Especially zealous was Artem Kulak in the first five minutes of the match, who gave almost all assists to his team’s balls.

Photo source: Soviet sport

The positional attack of Chekhov’s team literally crushed the Permians. It is symbolic that by minute 8 the favorite had already scored 8 goals. The “Perm Bears” burned with a blue flame, responding with only two successful shots. There was no rescue from the shots of Roman Ostashchenko and Donat Morozov. Even Chekhov’s handball players did not expect such agility from themselves. In the 10th minute, the score was already a crushing 8:3 in the SEHA-Gazprom League game.


By the 15th minute, Chekhovskiye had failed to convert two consecutive 7-meter shots, but his lead was no longer in doubt. The Permians constantly connected to the attacks of their goalkeeper Andrey Dyachenko, which ended badly for them: goals to empty nets. In the 18th minute of the first period, the score became completely indecent 14:6. The Perm Bears manager had to come up with something, but it was clear that the players did not have enough emotions for a fierce comeback.

There was only one question in the first segment: how many Vladimir Maksimov’s wards will throw the ball before the break. This was the main intrigue of the match for the “bronze” SEHA – Gazprom League. By the way, the “Chekhov Bears” played rather aggressive handball, as if they wanted to take out all the anger for past failures on all fronts of the season. In total, by the end of the first period, the crazy numbers of the Chekhov Bears’ dominance over the Perm Bears were burning on the scoreboard – 23:10. Permian pain… Perm players have not played so badly this season.

Photo source: Soviet sport


The fate of the “Perm Bears” is to be outside observers at the “Chekhov Bears” banquet. Ostashchenko and Yermakov continued to torment their opponents with quick counterattacks. Maksimov’s show continued according to the scenario of the first half. At minute 3 the score was already 25:12. Those rare moments of Perm bursts were explained solely by the fact that Chekhov’s handball players, in fact, solved all their tasks in this game.

What was happening on the site was reminiscent of the standard “All-Star Game” in any sport. Spectators love the spectacle and the variety of goals scored – St. Petersburg handball fans were treated to the full range of beautiful combinations. In the game “Chekhov Bears” you can safely teach young handball players. They declassified the opponent like he was a textbook.


In the first third of the second period, the Chekhovites gave the Permians some leeway and began to use it. In minute 12 the score was reduced to 28:18. In the 20th minute, the most active player from Perm raised the figures for the gap to a beautiful round 30:20. A lot for handball. Finally, the favorites gave the Perm Bears a breath of scoring air. Well, the final score is 40:30 and the “bronze” of the SEHA – Gazprom League deservedly goes to Chekhov.

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