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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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He will be punished. Abascal publicly crushed Sobolev and Rocha called the striker a clown

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:05:57

Spartak won the derby with CSKA, but the main topic after the match was not football at all. Everyone comments on Sobolev’s gesture after colliding with William Rocha. Plus, Karasyov’s refereeing, who, apparently, showed updated interpretations of some episodes.

Below we’ve compiled the top quotes from the season finale main game.

Fedotov disagrees with the judges, Abaskal is not satisfied with Sobolev

Let’s start with the head coaches. Here are the express results of Vladimir Fedotov’s match. More comments on the referee’s actions.

“Today we looked good, we exceeded many components, but the only illness was that we did not finish the episodes. But then what happened, it is already difficult for me to explain.

Eliminate Roshi? There is a team of referees, VAR. When there was an obvious indecent gesture on the part of a footballer who was seen after a break, the referee was there. The VAR intervention was not necessary in such a simple episode. Lateral also saw everything.

Do judges have to explain their decisions? Yes, we are also confused. Soccer is a contact sport. Purely won martial arts – a ball game, and the judge is invited to look at the theme of 11 meters. The second time no one invites anywhere. We also wonder why? The first is an unresolved issue, and the second has already been resolved for some reason,” the CSKA coach said.

And here are all the details of the derby:

It had been a long time since there was a derby like this! Spartak, CSKA and Karasev put on a wild show

Abascal described Spartak’s victory as deserved: “In my opinion, our victory today is deserved. But we can’t concede goals like today. Also, we can’t start every match without giving the opponent space. We started with a missing target, we’ll work on it. But I’m proud of the team. I want to highlight the atmosphere in the stadium thanks to our fans. The guys felt how the fans helped us and pushed us forward. We lacked the feeling of victory. In this game, we made up the points we lost in the spring. Now is the time to fight and show your football to be as high as possible”.

Separately, the coach spoke about Sobolev. It turns out that the player will be punished. It remains to understand how.

guillermo abascal

spartak head coach

Sobolev will be punished. His gesture is incompatible with our values. If this happens again, he just won’t play. I hope you have also seen Roshi’s aggressive actions on Sobolev. It is important to note that in the previous match at the CSKA stadium, Promes received a card. When Quincy fouled in an episode, there was VAR. But the referee’s decision is the referee’s decision. There was a similar episode. As for Sobolev, he will be punished by the club.

And how did the players react to Sobolev’s gesture? Criticism does not come from everyone.

Now to the players. Spartak defender Nikita Chernov doesn’t think his teammate should apologize.

“I didn’t even see Sable. Maybe he talked to the coach. This is not the time to apologize. We won. With a fresh mind, I think he will apologize if he wants to,” he said.

What happened to the arbitration? Analysis of Igor Fedotov:

“There was no penalty or expulsion.” Scandalous arbitration in the match between Spartak and CSKA

And here are the details of the Willian Roshi incident. It was to him that Sobolev showed the same gesture, and then the judges saw this gesture already made by the defender.

Willian Rocha

CSKA defender

“Sobolev made a disrespectful gesture. Even though this is a derby, there must be respect between the players. I called the attention of the side referee so that he would look at this gesture in the VAR. I don’t know how he interpreted my call. I have never seen player behavior like this. To me he is a clown. We should not respect me, but the women who came to the stadium. I have the feeling that the judges helped Spartak more. To eliminate me for this, there is no logic or sense in this. When the judge passes here, ask why he removed Roshu.

Spartak captain Georgy Jikia called such a gesture unacceptable: “The most important thing was to achieve a result. Game quality may have faded into the background. We played a good moment with a goal, which was canceled for offside. There were good exits from the defense. Satisfied with the result. We will decide in the week what to do with what we miss first. Nobody likes it, but it happens.

Such a gesture, which Sobolev showed, is not acceptable anywhere. But we didn’t meet in the locker room, so we didn’t discuss this issue,” Jikia said.

The reaction of the rest: Babaev is unhappy with the arbitration, Fedun congratulated Spartak

CSKA general director Roman Babaev was not satisfied with the refereeing. And the behavior of Sobolev.

“A brilliant match with a not very pleasant aftertaste. The reasons are clear, but we will not draw conclusions yet. Let’s see and learn. There are questions, but I do not want now in the chase and in emotions. Let’s study all the protocols: for what reason Rocha was expelled, let’s take a good look at the criminal episode. After that we can say something.

Yes, the fight for second place will be even more intense, but it’s all in our hands. We are confident. Today’s team in the game was not inferior to Spartak in anything. Somewhere VAR, somewhere not entirely clear decisions of the judges. As for Sobolev, there is a disciplinary control committee that should fix this situation. It is clear that this is a derby and emotions. However, such behavior, in my opinion, is beyond the limits,” Babaev said.

And Leonid Fedun congratulated the team.

leonid fedun

former spartak president

“Any win over CSKA is a joy, especially when the issue of winners is being decided. It’s very important. How not to believe that Spartak will fight for second place? The difference is only one point and CSKA has two more complicated games ahead. Everything will be decided on the pitch.”

RPL Chairman Alexander Alaev called the derby “fiery” and reacted to Karasev’s actions: “As for the game itself, it’s a fiery match. Maybe there was a lot of marriage, but in general, emotions and fire , so the game looked good. There are questions about refereeing. I did not understand the situation with the elimination a bit. Colleagues will understand. I can only say that such situations do not color our league and football. Everyone understands that it is about of emotions, but such gestures should not be on the field or on the TV screen. I did not quite understand why Rosha was eliminated. It is difficult to judge when you have not seen the replay. ESC will understand.

Sergey Karasev could come out now and comment on why there was an elimination, why a penalty wasn’t awarded and why he didn’t go to VAR a second time. I’m sure Sergei would come out now and calmly answer questions. Even if he made a mistake, he can come out and say that he made a mistake; there will be less discussion and suspicion. But the derby is great. I am very happy that the fight for the medals continues. I hope that the teams that will receive medals and will not fulfill their tasks in the last minutes of the 30th round will be determined, ”he said.

Words of Alexander Sobolev

Alexander finally apologized. This is what he wrote on his Telegram channel: “I apologize to everyone who was in the stadium, watched the game on TV, for my intemperance. These emotions and what I did is just unacceptable! I understand that children, women and all the fans who love football were on the screens. I promise you this will never happen again. Very sorry.”

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