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Friday, September 22, 2023
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“He’ll give up the first time.” Remember how Yevseyev scandalously left Loko because of Byshovets?

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:12:48

Vadim Evseev is one of the iconic defenders of our football. He played for Spartak and Lokomotiv, won six Russian championship titles, won the Russian Cup four times and won the Super Cup twice. At the end of his playing career, Evseev took over as manager. He now works with Fakel, who will face Lokomotiv in Voronezh today. With the club to which Evseev delivered seven years of his career. And that he left with a scandal.

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Byshovets said that he did not need Evseev after a week of training. Vadim went to Yartsev on Torpedo

The reason for Evseev’s departure from Lokomotiv is a conflict with head coach Anatoly Byshovets. The specialist led the Moscow club at the end of 2006, and Vadim left the team a couple of months later. The coach decided almost immediately that an experienced footballer did not fit his concept. When Evseev was put on the transfer, the defender denied the existence of a conflict.

“I want to say right away that I did not have any conflicts with Byshovets,” Evseev said in 2007. — It was so. On January 29, in a conversation with me, Byshovets made it clear to me that he did not see a place for me in the updated team. For me, I will not hide, it was a surprise, but we spoke correctly. And two days later I flew with Loko’s double to Turkey. There was no loud voice. It’s someone’s guess.”

Anatoly Byshovets at Lokomotiv

Photo: Grigori Sysoev / TASS

Byshovets made a radical decision just a week after the start of training camp. Evseev was very surprised by such an act. The defender admitted that he would have understood if Yuri Semin (then president of Loko) had said that the club did not need the player’s services. But to hear this from Byshovets was, to put it mildly, not very pleasant.

“I replied that I was not going to finish football,” Evseev recalled. – I’m going to train with a double. Then there was a conversation with Semin. He said: “he plays double”. I replied: “I am used to making money, not getting it.” And he just received an offer from Georgy Yartsev. I agreed and went to Torpedo.

“It’s just that Vadim did not meet the requirements that he used to make to the players in the process of creating a new team. But this does not mean at all that it is not useful to Torpedo,” Byshovets said after saying goodbye to the footballer. After switching to car factories, Evseev allowed himself a sharper comment about Anatoly Fedorovich.

Vadim Evseev

former Lokomotiv footballer

“I can say that I would not go on reconnaissance with Byshovets. He will give up on the first occasion. He will play. He is unpleasant to me. But not because he has taken me out of Lokomotiv. Because of what he’s doing to the team.”

A few months later, Evseev moved to Saturn, where he met with Dmitry Loskov, another Loko legend Byshovets did not need. Before the match with the railway workers, Vadim said the following: “You can say that they kicked me out of my family. Think about how I feel.”

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Evseev reacted sharply to the victory over Loko. I almost got into a fight

In the summer of 2007, Saturn beat Lokomotiv (2: 0) thanks to two goals from the penalty spot. The second was designed by Loskov. Immediately after the goal, the former Lokomotiv captain shouted something very emotional to the red and green bench. “These were emotions,” Dmitry explained after the match. – What provoked them, I hope you understand perfectly. Did you meet Byshovets after the game? No, I haven’t seen it anywhere.”

After the match, Evseev was at the center of the incident. According to the delegate of the game Andrey Butenko, the defender allowed himself a blunt statement: “After the end of the match, I immediately went to the locker room. When both teams went up the stairs and went to their rooms, Evseev stopped and shouted in a wild voice: “Suck!” Lokomotiv players stopped and looked around, and the reaction of the club leaders was appropriate: they rushed to claim Vadim. I think I managed to avoid a group fight. Yes, there are riot police, if they were intimidated, it was necessary to call! Then Evseev repeated the phrase from him again.

Vadim Evseev in “Saturn”

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The player himself made this comment: “Yes, I yelled on the way to the locker room. I don’t deny it. But there was not a hint of a fight, and I turned to no one in particular. This is a common outburst of emotions after winning a match. Is the word obscene? No, censorship, I did not offend anyone, and there were no complaints against me.

In the 2007 season, Lokomotiv failed in the Russian Championship. He took only seventh place, the worst result at that time in the club’s Russian history. True, the railway workers took the Russian Cup. Despite this, Byshovets was fired from the position of head coach, and Semin from the position of president. Evseev played for Saturn until 2010, although a little before that he went to see the Kuban, which at that time was coached by Sergey Ovchinnikov.

In 2022, Evseev explained why he doesn’t go to Lokomotiv matches:


“In what ways are foreigners better than ours? Write backwards: our coaches are the best.” Frank Evseev

After 13 years, Evseev and Byshovets mentioned the reasons for the player’s departure. Everyone has their own version.

In 2015, Loskov called Byshovets a teacher. But of course he did it sarcastically. “Byshovets is a unique person, master! When he eliminated Vadik Evseev, I understood that I would be next. I don’t want to remember… Maybe it’s good that he left then. The people who appeared in the club, their goals did not coincide with mine.

Five years later, Evseev (then already coaching Ufa) published a post on social networks dedicated to his departure from Lokomotiv. “Byshovets took Loskov and me out of Lokomotiv because we felt too uncomfortable for him, and the association with Semin and recent big wins was too strong. Leaving helped me better understand how Loko fans appreciate those who were a part of the club. I didn’t greet him after that. Life has put everything in its place. Football life first.

Vadim Evseev as Fakel’s head coach

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

Byshovets reacted to Evseev’s post and at the same time explained why he removed the player from the team. “Evseev says that life has put everything in its place? I wonder what it fixed… I’d like to remind you that I didn’t clean it. Evseev had time to decide. During the preparation period, he was convinced that the team’s restructuring was underway and he had certain problems in preparing, in being ready to meet the requirements. I went up to Vadim and told him that I am not counting on him in the future. He asked to make a decision. He decided to go. I did not see Evseev at all after this incident, ”Byshovets said.

By the way, Evseev has his sixth match for Lokomotiv as head coach ahead of him. He beat the railwaymen with Amkar (2: 1), but was unsuccessful with Ufa and Fakel (two draws, two losses). Therefore, Evseev has not beaten Loko for five years, since March 2018.

The material uses quotes from “SE” and “Soviet Sport”.

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