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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Here is 3%. “Miami” passed over “Boston” in the third quarter and won the game

Date: March 3, 2024 Time: 18:21:25

Introduction: Let’s try to ask ourselves the question: “Is Jimmy Butler a true MVP? Not in the classic sense of this award.” Perhaps the answer is below.

NBA – playoffs. End – East. 1st match

May 18, 2023, Thursday. 00:30 UTC

boston celtics


Miami Heat


Boston Celtics: Tatum – 30, Brown – 22, Brogdon – 19, Williams – 14, Smart – 13, White – 11, Horford – 7, Gallinari, Griffin, Cornet, Muscala, Pritchard, Williams, Hoser, Champagne

Miami Heat: Butler – 35, Adebayo – 20, Vincent – 15, Lowry – 15, Martin – 15, Stras – 15, Love – 8, Zeller, Jovic, Oladipo, Robinson, Highsmith, Haslem, Hero, Yurtseven

The third quarter decided everything

Control in the first half of the match went entirely in favor of the receiving side. A lot for the break, the following figures were recorded on the scoreboard: 66:57. At the same time, Miami’s three-second zone was under constant load and pressure: 40:14 in terms of points scored and a clear lead for Boston.

The Heat did not allow the hosts to gain a significant lead, largely thanks to accurate and important three-pointers – 7 of 15. Boston became the team that controlled the pace and, it seemed, achieved everything they set out to do.

Boston Celtics-Miami Heat

Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

In the second half of the game, the guests began to physically outplay the opponent, which allowed them to lose after losing. Eric Spoelstra had no qualms about experimenting with fives, but the only person who couldn’t be replaced was Jimmy Butler. And we almost forgot: there was also Max Strass. It turns out that two people.

In the third quarter, Butler had 12 points, three rebounds and three assists, while his teammate had slightly more points, 13. Strass made three shots from behind the 4-point arc, and also added two rebounds. Bam Adebayo helped with nine points. As a result, this quarter was won by Miami with a score of 46:25, but Butler remained in the spotlight nonetheless.

It should be noted that the Celtics basketball players in the third 12-minute stretch sold 9 of 20 field goals against 17 of 26 for the Heat. The Celtics also lost the shield – five rebounds to 13. The reaction of the Boston manager can say a lot.

The video can be viewed on the Chaz NBA YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

Butler, Butler and more Butler

Naturally, Miami did not lose its advantage of 12 points (103:91) at the beginning of the last quarter and did not create problems for itself. In addition, Jimmy Butler elegantly scored a “three” a minute before the end of regulation, which brought the score to 120:110. And before that, Jason Tatum had two losses in a row.

The video can be viewed on the Chaz NBA YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

And you know what immediately came to mind? The last playoff draw and also a series of Eastern Conference finals “Miami Heat” – “Boston Celtics”. True, Jimmy Butler then botched the most important segment of Game 7.

The video can be viewed on the BlacktopBuckets YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

The forward became the first player in Miami playoff history with at least 35 points and six steals in a game. Renowned TV host Skip Bayless was impressed by the player’s performance: “I’ve never seen anyone like Jimmy Butler – such strength and athleticism, such court vision and a high basketball IQ. He’s a great offensive player, an excellent point guard, shooting guard and power forward.”

At the same time, Eric Spoelstra was very brief: “It is impossible to assess how much Butler affects our team when he plays at a high level.”

The video can be viewed on the NBA’s YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

Jimmy Butler is back in the public eye, depriving Boston of home field advantage and forcing them to catch up now. Butler, of course, certainly helped, but he still wasn’t alone: ​​Bam Adebayo, Gabe Vincent, Max Strass, Caleb Martin and Kyle Lowry. One way or another, Butler can show a similar level of play – we don’t observe the limit in his case. And we are convinced of this once again.

The Celtics simply couldn’t adjust to Coach Spo’s adjustments during the game. The “Celtas” could not show the game of the first half. On the one hand, there can be no doubt about Mazzulla’s attack (51.9% from the field, 34.5% from three-pointers), but it is very likely that most of his attention will be focused on defense in games. later.

Even more surprising is the fact that Spoelstra can close out games with the help of Strass, Martin and Vincent. And the successful use of such players is another argument in favor of Eric being the best coach in the Association. Boston will fight to win when Jimmy and Adebayo are the two best players on the floor. In this case, Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum need to show incredible level.

Don’t listen to ESPN anymore:


ESPN analysts estimate just a 3% chance Miami will reach the NBA Finals

statistical summary

The Boston Celtics in the current playoffs have scored 10 wins and 11 losses. The Miami Heat’s performance in the playoff series with Jimmy Butler, when the team wins in the first games, is seven wins and one loss. NBA in the playoffs: only six players scored at least 15 points. It’s also the 19th time in postseason history. Miami’s 46 points in the third quarter is a club record for a specific quarter. The Heat previously scored 43 points in a span of 12 minutes during a series with the Charlotte Hornets in 2016. Boston guard Marcus Smart had 10 assists in the first half. This is the career best indicator for a 29-year-old basketball player and a repeat of the club’s best indicator, which belongs to Rajon Rondo (2012, Game 7 in the series with Miami).

The video can be viewed on The Asylum’s YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

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