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“His voice sounded aggressive and almost angry.” Sharapova’s difficult path to all-consuming love

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:10:47

Maria Sharapova is a tennis player with an incredible destiny! Her life has had its ups and downs both on and off the court. In love, the athlete also had a hard time. The Russian woman faced the bitterness of unrequited feelings, and she experienced a terrible betrayal by a loved one. However, she did not lose faith in the big and bright love and was rewarded for her patience.

Sharapova is now happily in a relationship with Alex Gilks, who is the father of Maria’s young child, but not her husband. How and when will the wedding be? And her?

Unrequited first love “outlaw”

Maria Sharapova has repeatedly admitted that it is extremely difficult for her to show emotions when it comes to personal experiences. It was even more difficult for the tennis player when, at the age of 16, she first experienced the feeling of falling in love with her colleague Juan Carlos Ferrero. In 2004, a Russian woman became interested in a majestic 23-year-old athlete and literally became her shadow, accompanying him to various events.

However, there was not and could not be a relationship between Sharapova and Ferrero, if only because Maria was too young, and this was against the law both in Russia and in Spain. Another problem on the way to happiness for the tennis player was the lack of reciprocity: Juan Carlos had already met another girl, and soon married her.

“In 2004, Ferrero was 23 and I was 16. In most countries, this is even illegal. But you can’t tell your heart. I followed him, I made plans. She hid behind the curtain of her cabin window and watched his every move. And I had a big problem. Juan Carlos had a girlfriend! Perhaps she was wonderful, but how could I perceive her except as an obstacle to my happiness? As soon as I saw them together, so cute, I realized that she was just a foolish child in love, ”the athlete recalled in her memories.

Ferrero tried to smooth the situation over and made sure that Sharapova did not find herself in an awkward position and did not experience overwhelming pain, and Maria thanked him for his tact and unwillingness to hurt her.

Maria Sharapova

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Sex scandal with famous musician

Subsequently, it was suspected that the tennis player had a relationship with Andy Roddick – they were seen together many times in 2005 – however, the couple’s fans did not expect public recognition from the athletes. But there were plenty of confirmations of Sharapova’s romance with the lead singer of the pop-rock band Maroon 5, Adam Levine. True, the romance ended unsuccessfully, and, unlike the same Ferrero, the musician did not regret his feelings, a couple of years after their separation, he gave a scandalous interview, where he revealed the unpleasant details of his intimate life.

“During sex, she didn’t make any sound! I thought she would scream like she did on the court, but she lay like a dead frog. You can’t even imagine how disappointed she was. After that, she took antidepressants for another month. I’m still in shock. For me, this was the most serious shock in my life after the incident in childhood, when I found out that Santa Claus is a fiction, and my parents bring me gifts, “Levin’s words cannot be called anything other than vile. Fortunately, he had the conscience to ask Maria for forgiveness for them in 2012.

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With whom Sharapova did not work out. All Mary’s lovers before British millionaire Gilks

The boy she’s too good for

When the tennis player recovered from the shock, she drew attention to the son of billionaire Dick Ebersol Charlie, but in the end, Sharapova chose not him, but basketball player Sasha Vuyachich. The Los Angeles Lakers player immediately won the heart of the athlete, who for the first time in a long time felt happy. The couple’s relationship developed rapidly, and already in 2010 Vuyachich made an offer to Sharapova. This love story could have ended with a grand celebration, but it turned into a devastating disappointment for the Russian woman.

Maria had just won Roland Garros, picked up the Race Helmet and wanted to share this good news with Sasha, but instead of congratulations she was met with a torrent of reproaches that turned into open aggression. It turned out that the basketball player could not compete with a more successful tennis player, envying her victories on the court. This put an end to their common future.

“He didn’t like to remember that I earn more, that my house is bigger. We have never discussed or acknowledged that I am more successful and important in the world of tennis than he is in basketball…

Maria Sharapova

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

…His voice sounded aggressive and almost angry. As it turned out in the course of our conversation, I was furious that I didn’t mention it in my speech during the award ceremony. I couldn’t think of anything else. For many months I waited from him for some sign, some clue. And now I got it, in just one sentence. Our relationship is over, ”Maria wrote in her memoirs.

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Serena Williams’ lover with a “black heart”

Sharapova’s next love interest was Grigor Dimitrov, the ex-boyfriend of her arch-rival Serena Williams. Of course, the American did not like it very much, and she spoke harshly about the emerging feelings of the two tennis players:

“If Sharapova wants to date a guy with a black heart, go ahead.”

Many felt that Williams was just offended, but in the end Sharapova dumped Dimitrov, even though he courted her beautifully. For example, once Grigor sent a bouquet of 500 red roses directly to the tournament in Stuttgart. Together with the Russian, the Bulgarian grew professionally, but not everything was so simple.

“I saw him move up in qualifying. I saw him trade a dirty hotel near the highway in Madrid – one where not even rats live – for a suite at the Four Seasons in Paris. I saw him become a man, ”Maria recalled.

Both athletes decided to focus on their own careers, so they stopped communicating.

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ideal boyfriend but not husband

Continuous failures in her personal life almost drove Sharapova to despair and ended her with a doping scandal. It was not easy for Mary to cope with such pressure, but soon a worthy man appeared at her side, who was able to support her in a difficult moment. In 2018, the tennis player began dating British businessman Alexander Gilks. At first, the lovers did not announce their relationship, but then it became useless to hide it.

In 2019, Sharapova and Gilks ​​attended a social event in Los Angeles together and no longer denied it. You could tell the young people were happy. Maria shone at all: she finally got a partner who respected her and her wishes. For his sake, Alex even began to speak more Russian; this skill was passed down to him by his mother Robin, who worked for many years at Oxford University in the Department of Russian and Eastern European Studies.

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Sharapova said: “Yes!” The famous tennis player is going to marry a British millionaire

In late 2020, news broke that Sharapova and Gilks ​​were engaged. Alex proposed to Maria by presenting her with a luxurious rose gold ring with an emerald-cut diamond valued at about $400,000. It is true that there has not yet been a wedding, but the tennis player and the businessman have built a real family: almost a year ago , Sharapova gave birth to a son, who was named Theodore. Gilks, like his mistress, was delighted with the new role of father, immersed in raising a child. Maria spends a lot of time with her family and, probably, she is in a very good mood even without a stamp in her passport, but how I would like to see her at least once in a white dress! ..

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