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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Holland smoked a cigar and hung out longer. “City” recklessly celebrates the triplet on the second day

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 10:00:31

It was already 8am in Istanbul, but Manchester City’s English contingent was still hanging out: Kyle Walker, Jack Grealish, John Stones and, of course, Erling Haaland. Yes, the striker grew up in Norway, but he was born in Leeds, which one early Sunday morning proved. The 22-year-old greeted the sunrise in the DJ booths, puffing on a giant cigar.

The footballer had every right to do this: the day before, City had beaten Inter at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium and added the Champions League trophy to the previously won Premier League and FA Cup cups. Josep Guardiola’s team won the last two in May, but the European Cup was the icing on the cake of all the triumphs of the long period of collaboration between the Catalan and the ‘citizens’.

kevin debruyne

Manchester City midfielder

“So far we’ve had modest parties, but now we can really party for a few days, as it should be.”

The festivities, which began on the field and continued in the locker room, have moved to the Marriott Hotel, a 30-minute drive from the stadium. De Bruyne was being interviewed on club social media in the dead of night when he was interrupted by Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, which City fans had made the anthem of the season. Grealish stormed into the frame with a huge boombox slung over his shoulder.

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Rodri was waiting in line for the Belgian to finish his interview and let out a sarcastic “finally” when Kevin gave way to the protagonist of the finale in front of the cameras. Haaland was supposed to be next, but Erling was in no mood for programmatic communication with club television. He climbed into the frame, snored picturesquely and, bored, went to hang out some more.

By this time, Brandon Ashton, the Citizens’ assistant, had put on his favorite performance: He slid all over the locker room facedown in shorts. This is already a traditional trick of a cheerful bald guy, a week earlier at Wembley a member of the club’s staff did the same thing, only after the Istanbul final he almost found himself face to face with the Champions League trophy.

Last week, after the FA Cup final, the players cheered Gala’s Freed From Desire, changing the lyrics to Gundo’s on fire, your defense is terrorized. In the London stadium, Rodri attacked the fans, and in Ataturk’s dressing room, the Gala coup was remade in his honor: the modest Spaniard deserved the most forceful praise from his teammates.


Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

But the emotions were very different, especially after the end of the match, which recorded City’s historic achievement. There were tears on the pitch, too: Grealish choked on them in conversation with reporters, and Haaland doubled over after the final whistle and collapsed on the grass. On June 10, 2022, he posted a photo of himself as a child wearing an MS T-shirt with the caption: “To be continued…”. Exactly one year later, the Norwegian scored one of the best individual seasons ever at just 22 years old. .

The fact that she was one of the last people to stay up at a party in Turkey speaks volumes. The rest are seasoned partiers, but Erling always points out how scrupulously he takes care of himself, rarely using anything stronger than fresh milk. The Norwegian even advised Jack Grealish to stop partying, with whom he became close this year.

turnip tops

Photo: Tom Flathers/Getty Images

In 2018, when City won their first title under Guardiola, Pep forced the players back to training the next day, despite a party the day before, so obsessed was he with the idea of ​​scoring 100 points. That didn’t stop some players from showing up at the club’s base after two hours of sleep and popping a bottle of champagne at breakfast.

On this occasion, the Catalan allowed the players to enjoy the championship despite the fact that the finals in London and Istanbul were approaching.


manchester city goalkeeper

“We should enjoy the victories. Those who like to drink should drink – it is very difficult to plow 10-11 months and not be able to properly celebrate the achievement. We have to make the most of it.”

The Brazilian is one of those who know how to celebrate well, and from Saturday to Sunday he was one of the last to give up. The next morning, the doorman boarded the club bus to the airport with a bottle of beer in hand and without his usual beard. Before the final, he made a bet with a Brazilian journalist to win: the goalkeeper lost his chin hair and the reporter shaved off his mustache.

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The team continued the celebration on Sunday in Manchester, and on Monday night – after the parade through the city and the celebration of the treble with the fans – another party was scheduled. Immediately after the final, many simply did not have the emotional strength to fully revel – some players and the coach were mentally devastated.

“City” recklessly celebrates the triplet on the second day

Photo: Tom Flathers/Getty Images

When MS defeated Aston Villa on the final day of last season, going back 2-0 with 20 minutes to go, the championship parade took place the next day, with many players partying all night and not sleeping for a minute. This time they had an extra night, an extra party and two extra trophies on board the bus.

Photos of Grealish having a good time (the guy does not stop hanging out) appeared on the club’s social networks throughout the day, and the main “hero” of the team, third goalkeeper Scott Carson, for some reason showed up at the parade. in football boots and swimming goggles. It was pouring with rain in Manchester and the celebrations had to be postponed for a bit, but fans won’t be embarrassed by such nonsense.

“City” recklessly celebrates the triplet on the second day

Photo: Will Matthews/Getty Images

The fans of the blue zone of the city filled the streets and accompanied their idols to the final point of the tour, watching Guardiola savoring a cigar, Haaland naked to the torso and the rest of the triumphs. At the end of the parade, the entire team burst onto the stage and once again greeted the crowd: Calvin Phillips performed an obscene chant about the Stones, and Ilkay Gundogan brought the Champions League trophy to the audience.

This part of the celebration was short, and the players with the club’s squad left the audience. The “citizens” need to conserve their strength, before the next party.

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