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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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How are male and female brains different and similar? Neurocoach answers

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 13:28:28

“Neuroscientists have shown that the brains of men and women differ in neural structures, size and weight. This influences psychological differences in the perception, ability, response and behavior of the world.”

It all begins in the prenatal period.

Different sex steroid hormones pass through the brains of men and women. In women, it is estrogen and progesterone; in men, testosterone and some similar androgens.

In the prenatal state, the male fetus receives large amounts of testosterone that shape not only the parts and proportions of his body, but also his brain. Genetic defects that interfere with the influence of this hormone on cell development make your body more feminine.

Femininity (the complex of psychological characteristics traditionally attributed to women) is our basic human constitution.

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Another key variable is sex chromosomes. Women have 2 X chromosomes in a pair, while men have one X and one Y. The genes on a chromosome influence psychology and consciousness.

Size and weight

A man’s brain weighs on average 100 g more than a woman’s, which does not affect intelligence or character. Men have better developed connections within the hemispheres, while women have better developed interhemispheric connections.

Neuroimaging studies show that men and women use their brains differently.

Women tend to solve complex thinking problems using both hemispheres. And men use only the hemisphere that is most suitable for solving the problem. Therefore, women look at things more broadly and make decisions taking into account more aspects of the situation.

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Men focus better on one thing at a time. That is, they perform tasks that involve spatial reasoning, speed and precision with greater ease. For example, painting a door will be faster because it requires motor skills.

Women find social communication and learning easier. They will quickly find out what color the door will be and find the right paint in the store.

Structural differences

Women’s brains have more areas responsible for speech. Therefore, they more easily describe their experiences, emotions, and also remember more sounds, smells, sensations and visual details. For the same reason, they recover speech better after a stroke.

Difference in hormones

Women have more serotonin, oxytocin and estrogen, so they are more sensitive, emotional and capable of creating stronger human relationships.

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Men have more testosterone, which is associated with aggression and decreased empathy. Men have a harder time coping with stress, are more likely to suffer from depression, and are more prone to suicide.

emotional intellect

In men, the stress response is expressed in the amygdala of the right hemisphere. In women, the opposite occurs: under stress, the left amygdala is activated. Therefore, the former remember the motive better, while the latter remember the details of the emotional experience better. The brain of the fair sex better analyzes their inner world, their memories and their emotions and that of others.

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Men get tired of analyzing emotions and the inner world and prefer to immediately move on to active actions. Therefore, their actions in relationships are less thoughtful. They are less able to predict the impact of their words and actions on others and appear more rude and tactless.

Sexual behavior

Sex-related areas permeate the entire human brain. The control centers of the sexual function of smell, the search for a partner and sexual reactions of the limbic system penetrate almost every corner of the cerebral hemispheres, transmitting sexual impulses to our consciousness.

Almost all types of brain activity are associated with intimate contact: from imagining a happy future with a potential partner to the emotions and physiological reactions involved in sexual intercourse. Therefore, any disturbance in the brain area can lead to sexual disorders: indecent behavior, manic syndrome and lack of sexual restrictions and norms.

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The sexual signaling system in men is visual and tangible. A certain type of appearance, voice, smell, or eye or hair color triggers desire in them.

The female brain, in addition to smells and visual stimuli, calculates all the qualities of a partner: physical characteristics, ability to care for offspring, intelligence. Since, from an evolutionary point of view, a man’s choice should guarantee the survival of children.

Risk taking and anxiety

Men’s brains are less active in an area at the front of the frontal lobes called the prefrontal cortex. Low activity is associated with greater impulsivity, making them more likely to take risks, both in business and in life in general.

The frontal lobes of the brain also contain an area that helps recognize errors. In women, their activity is especially high. Therefore, they tend to dwell on negative thoughts and worry about trifles.

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Men worry too, but they do it differently. When women worry, they engage in associative thinking, and an anxious thought connects with others. This creates an impulse of anxiety, which can turn into stress or a panic attack. Men are less likely to do this because they can compartmentalize their problems.

Empathy and intuition

The part of the brain responsible for our emotions and the formation of attachments, sedentary habits and empathy is more active in women than in men. This explains why they are more likely to care for children and the elderly. Empathy allows them to love and put the needs of others before their own.

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The insula, which is involved in the transmission of physical sensations and subconscious images, is more developed in women than in men. Therefore, the female brain more quickly evaluates the thoughts of others and reads information that may be difficult to explain logically.

Predisposition to diseases.

Men’s brains begin to shrink earlier than women’s as they age and become noticeably smaller overall. The amount of nervous tissue is reduced especially in the frontal and temporal lobes. They are associated with thinking and feeling. This leads to increased irritability and other personality changes.

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Women lose more tissue in the hippocampus and parietal lobes as they age. These departments are responsible for memory and spatial-visual abilities. Therefore, as women age, their memory and spatial orientation deteriorate. Mental illnesses in men appear before puberty, in women – after.

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