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Friday, September 29, 2023
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How Blue Beetle turned out: the new DC movie will be immediately forgotten again

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 06:32:25

In recent years, DC has released many movies that were expected to be breakthroughs. Unfortunately, none of them fired. “Black Adam” did not change the hierarchy, “Shazam 2” did not attract even the fans of the first part, “The Flash” just loudly failed.

Hope came from nowhere. Initially, the Blue Beetle seemed like an inevitable flop, but early reviews were impressive. The public compared the novelty with “Iron Man” and was showered with praise. Is DC finally back?

Unfortunately not.

“Blue Beetle”: where to look?

Theatrical screenings are not expected in Russia. We will have to wait for the online premiere; most likely, this will happen no earlier than the end of September …

The video is available on the “Kinoafisha Trailers” YouTube channel. Video rights belong to Warner Bros.

A banal story about family and extreme luck

Jaime Reyes is an ordinary Mexican who graduated and returned to his homeland. He thought a degree guaranteed him a great career, but reality was stark. The young man found himself in a situation in which his relatives are about to lose their home, his father is tormented by an illness and they only give work as a cleaner.

All this drama takes place against the background of banal thoughts. Here the hero sits with his father on the roof and looks at the pretentious skyscrapers where the rich come from. “We are poor Mexicans, all this is not within our reach.”

It seems that the authors hoped that the viewer would be outraged by the injustice, but I personally did not care when watching. In other movies, the theme of the gap between rich and poor was brought up much more dramatically, and the Blue Beetle writers were just enough to chew it up in front of the audience and end there.

Protagonist Jaime Reyes

Photo: Warner Bros.

It is curious that Reyes gets out of the pit not by intelligence and perseverance, but by pure luck. The hero accidentally caught a dispute between the owner of the evil corporation and her pretty niece. He accidentally drove up to the beauty when she was stealing an artifact. I was chosen by chance. He accidentally didn’t kill a crowd when he wrecked the bus. The entire movie is based on such coincidences.

For most of the movie, Reyes doesn’t decide anything, and that makes him a character he’s not. The suit itself builds defenses, chooses weapons, decides the fate of people. Something changes only towards the end, when the hero deals with power: there the device already has to slow down Reyes and push philosophical thoughts. At this point, the movie suddenly becomes interesting, and right after that, it ends.

learn skills

Photo: Warner Bros.

Do not expect memorable villains and brilliant characters from the novelty. The point is the absence of gray tones: on the screen is a notorious bastard who, for the sake of profit, will even eat a baby, or a perfect angel. Only the cyborg soldier Carapax and the Reyes family stand out, where there is a funny conspiracy theorist and a feisty grandmother.

It is the hero’s relatives who do not let him get completely bored. On his account, successful jokes, intelligible drama, memorable moments – that’s just most of the time in the spotlight of other characters. As a result, the plot is not impressive: it is painfully stereotypical and bland.

one of the villains

Photo: Warner Bros.

Blue Beetle is strong, but doesn’t have time to open up

In the center of the film is an unusual beetle. Her strength is enough to destroy the planet, but she can’t stand up to the small-town villain. The insect becomes the basis for creating fancy exoskeletons, and then makes its way to Reyes.

The beginning of the relationship between the beetle and the hero is interesting. A powerful creature implants itself in the wearer’s body, controls it, transforms the limbs into swords and guns, and launches the poor fellow into space. At the same time, living beings have a voice and conscience, which gives rise to curious conversations and situations.

The problem is that Blue Beetle’s powers are only impressive at first. Over time, the authors forget about the variety of abilities and reduce all fights to banal blows and shots. Watching two graphic pieces artfully punch each other is not the best waste of time. At the same time, the effects of the film are mediocre, they are far from the level of Iron Man.

such a graph

Photo: Warner Bros.

Blue beetle – is it worth seeing?

The novelty does not stand up to comparison with Iron Man. The action game that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe had brilliant characters, gorgeous graphics, and fascinating fights. There’s nothing like it in the Blue Beetle. Of course, this is not an outright failure, but blatant mediocrity. Only the most dedicated superhero fans should see such a movie.


There are some good jokes. The conspiracy theorist and grandmother of the Reyes family are great.

I dont like him:

Strange plot where everything happens by chance. Mediocre action. The graphics are not impressive.

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