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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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How did Russell have an accident? Is Perez being slowed down and is it time to fire De Vries? analysis

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 23:10:00

How did Russell have an accident? Is Perez being slowed down and is it time to fire De Vries? analysis

Jun 19, 2023 06:30 pm UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Egor Orudzhev analyzed the main points of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.

Egor Orudzhev, permanent expert of the Championship, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series, answered the main questions after the results of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, which ended with a new victory for Max Verstappen.

Are the competitors really closing in on Red Bull or is it a one time story?

If you look at the gaps, then all the teams have become closer. Even the half-dead Ferrari was not far behind. I think this is due to the fact that the track did not shoot off and slipped more and more. Or just the details of the track, that all the cars are closer. On a more traditional circuit, the gap will widen. But both Mercedes and Aston took a step towards Red Bull.

How do you explain Russell’s accident and are you surprised that he was able to continue the race?

In general, I would say that George was unlucky. Yes, I made a mistake and jumped to the curb. But he didn’t figure that where he ended up he was so dirty. He jerked off and already very close to the wall. Max also hit the same curb late in the race, but he wasn’t taken out as widely. And the car is strong. I am very surprised to have done another 40 laps.

More about the self-drilling “Mercedes”:

The force of the F-1 car is shocking: after hitting the wall, the Mercedes did another 40 laps!

What happened to Perez’s speed? Is it unlikely that the team will slow him down that much?

No, no one specifically stops it. But the car will be made for a faster driver, as he is faster. Others will have to adapt more. Well, in the end, don’t demand that Pérez be Max, he’s not Max. Sad Verstappen is better than Perez, and it’s time they stopped being surprised that there’s such a difference.

In qualifying, Leclerc asked to set slicks and the team demanded to set time for the intermissions. Who has the reason? And should Charles demand that they do what he said?

In my opinion, the decision was not bad. Verstappen and Alonso also set time for the intermissions first. The question is why in the “software” it did not show a good enough time. But yes, for a change, Ferrari could have listened to the pilot.

Ferrari had a strong race: is it time to hope for a comeback from the Scuderia?

I repeat: in terms of pace, everyone was closer than usual. But at the moment it seemed that not pitting under the safety car was a mistake. I think Ferrari themselves were surprised to see how other drivers cannot pass Albon. And yet, if we look at the top four teams (Red Bull, Mercedes, Aston and Ferrari), I wouldn’t bet on Ferrari in the next few races.

On Sunday, the Scuderia suddenly pleasantly surprised:

“Ferrari” suddenly achieved tactics! How is that possible?

Paseo lost a lot again with Alonso. Can you imagine Dad taking Lance away at the end of the season?

Of course not! Just no.

Shouldn’t weak teams consciously make cars for several tracks a year – Monza, Montreal – to score points due to good “top speed”?

Good idea, but it’s a lottery. Nobody will bet on 2 races out of 23. You never know, it is in these races that the team will fail and there will be a retirement. Also, engineers are engineers: they make the most of what they have. So I don’t think anyone did it on purpose.

Who is to blame for the tough contact fight between Magnussen and de Vries?

There are no complaints about Magnussen. He didn’t pull anyone out and he didn’t block the wheels. There are questions for Nick. At first, he took out the opponent hard on the first turn; I think it was a surprise to him that Kevin was able to stay next to each other in the first turn. But the second moment: here the Dutchman simply did not calculate the braking on the dirty side of the track.

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Nick drove a few more Grands Prix – is he F-1 worthy or is it time to clean up?

Well, it’s easy to tell from the couch that you’re not worthy. But Red Bull is a rigid system. They can be removed at once. Much depends on what happens behind the scenes. They will definitely decide at some point if they are worthy or not.

Should they be penalized in F1 for manoeuvres, like Norris, when he braked behind his teammate before pitting?

Of course they should. I remember there were those times, and yes, those things should be punished. It is essentially a lock. They can’t overtake you under the yellow ones. That is, you deliberately slow down your opponents, but they are powerless. Everything is deserved.

At the same time, globally, Norris is just handsome! He would give -5 seconds for his effort and action! He was amazing overtaking. Even the absolutely unnecessary attack on Okon on the last lap, which didn’t fix anything, but made it worse… But Lando tried anyway. Well, what a good fellow! Real runner. I think if it wasn’t for Albon, then he should have been given the rider for the day.

Safety car anniversary: ​​50 years in Formula 1:

Medics downed F-1 racer; in response, they demolished the gate! 6 safety car incidents

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