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How did samurai live and train to develop stamina and find inner peace?

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The samurai are warriors who were in the service of the emperor. Its history dates back to feudal times. It was then that the class of noble warriors was born, the status of which was inherited. The word “samurai” comes from the old Japanese verb “samurau”, which means – “attend”. They were also called “busi”, which translates as “warrior”. Hence the name of the set of rules that govern the life of a samurai: the Bushido code. It contained rules of behavior, combat techniques, and methods of internal concentration.

The most complete and understandable principles of bushido were described Yamamoto Tsunetomo – A samurai from the principality of Saga in the province of Hizen. His most famous work is “Hagakure. Hidden in the leaves. It is from here that heroic quotes about the path, honor and other philosophical categories are most often taken from. However, Yamamoto Tsunetomo also described more practical points: the regulation of daily life, training methods, etc.

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Also interesting is the philosophical treatise “The Book of 5 Rings” (17th century), written by the Japanese ronin. Miyamoto Musashi. This is a kind of collection of samurai mentor recommendations. Something like a practical manual. If you want to adopt the training system of these warriors, you can find the knowledge of the system here.

How did the samurai work on themselves?

From the age of eight, the future warriors underwent special physical training in order to become invincible in battle. It included not only daily sports training and honing the skill of owning weapons. A great place was given to the development of spirituality and education.

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The exhausting training of the samurai cultivated in them strength, agility, calm and the ability to navigate in space. In addition to developing their mind and logical thinking, it was important for them to be able to read and write. Also, the unity of body and mind played a key role in the training of samurai. To improve their concentration and stay calm and collected in battle, they used various meditation techniques.

The basic techniques that were necessary for successful training included many types of martial arts: kendo, aikido, karate, judo and many others. Each samurai chose the type of art that he liked the most and that he considered most convenient.

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A distinctive feature in samurai training is internal concentration. In this they differ from another famous Japanese warrior – the ninja. For the samurai, under any circumstances it was important to maintain equanimity and strength. That is why he devoted a lot of time to meditation, along with sports training. Ninjas, being essentially spies, placed great emphasis on physical data. Their main task was to be fast, stealthy and discreet.

In addition to perfecting martial arts, to develop excellent physical skills, the samurai engaged in running, jumping, wall climbing, swimming, and weight lifting.

What methods were used by those for whom secrecy was important?

How did the ninja train? Japanese mercenary survival techniques.

Bushi was also practiced with weapons such as swords and spears. For these purposes, future soldiers were allocated a special room in the house. They also practiced karate and fencing to maintain a lean body shape and develop coordination.

Samurai had no right to appear in public before dinner. They strictly observed the daily routine and got up at dawn. On special days, such as the celebration of important events, the warriors could stay up all night.

It was also important in the life of Japanese warriors healthy nutrition. His diet consisted of a large amount of fruits, vegetables, rice, and shellfish. They often went on hunger strikes to be prepared to endure the rigors of war.

Samurai are not only famous warriors, masters of martial arts, but also an example of endurance, endurance and self-discipline. Today you can use his example to develop your body and mind.

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