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Friday, December 8, 2023
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How is your professional boxing? Jake Paul can’t even beat McGregor in the ring

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:08:02

How is your professional boxing? Jake Paul can’t even beat McGregor in the ring

Sergey Sorokin August 6, 2023, 11:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

He barely beat Nate Diaz on his turf, but confidently steps up to MMA.

The duel between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz was expected by many. Some expected an experienced fighter to punish a daring blogger. Others: that in his territory, Paul will send the UFC’s top gangster to a deaf knockout. And in the end we got something strange. The fight lasted all 10 rounds and ended with a decision. Of course, Jake was declared the winner by a unanimous vote. But the blogger did not leave the impression of a dominant force.

It seemed especially surprising in the context of the fact that Paul had a very powerful prep camp and approached the fight in great shape. And Diaz looked like he hadn’t trained at all before entering the ring. Nate’s striking technique was also very questionable. In his entire MMA career, which is 37 fights, the Stockton mobster has only knocked out his rivals four times.

Let’s refresh our memory with all the brighter details of the tournament:

Nate Diaz – Jake Paul: the expected victory of the blogger. But the main gangster of the UFC did not let us down

The first two rounds really looked convincing for Paul. He dominated and consistently delivered punches to the target. But then Diaz got used to the ring and Jake got lost. Of course, there was a knockdown, after which Nate was down in the fifth round. But even then, the former UFC fighter bounced back quickly and even went on the counterattack.

In the last three minutes, apparently, Paul was also let down by the “gas tank”. Also, Diaz began to interrupt him in terms of accuracy. It seemed that Jake was simply focused on scoring points, as he understood that this fight would not end in a knockout. But before the start of the fight, he kept repeating that he would definitely send Nate to “sleep.” Towards the end of the battle, all these plans fell apart, almost nothing came of it.

We restored the chronology of the fight:

The guillotine did not help. Jake Paul beat another UFC star

Jake won, but he didn’t convince. He has a much more serious boxing school and has been performing consistently lately. And against a person who was in the ring for the first time, he could show a better job. Therefore, serious doubts are raised as to whether Paul is ready to accept challenges from professional boxers with a strong background.

Jake is going to fight Conor McGregor. But even with him, Paul’s chances don’t seem so real now. Diaz is not a pronounced drummer, but even he was able to give the blogger a lot of trouble. What can we say about the Irish, who may well “shoot”. Of course, Notorius’ boxing debut turned out to be a flop. But comparing Floyd Mayweather and Paul right now just doesn’t make sense – too different levels of boxing.

It’s funny that Jake is now presumptuously counting on a rematch under MMA rules. Díaz looked very dignified on foreign territory. And now he will return to his lair. And if Paul underestimates Nate, he could fail. Stockton gangster will not miss the chance to win and earn extra money. The blogger offers Diaz a cage fight for $10 million.

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