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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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How Medvedev’s daughter encourages her father at the US Open! Daniil needs support in the match against Alcaraz

Date: September 30, 2023 Time: 03:05:42

How Medvedev’s daughter encourages her father at the US Open! Daniil needs support in the match against Alcaraz

Alexander Nasonov September 8, 2023, 16:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Little Alice is the secret weapon of the Russian tennis leader.

On the night of September 8-9, Moscow time, world number three Daniil Medvedev will play one of the most important matches of his career. The US Open semifinal awaits him with the still leader of the ATP ranking, Carlos Alcaraz (as of Monday, September 11, he will lose first place to Novak Djokovic). It is these tennis players who in recent years have won a trophy each in the last major of the year and Alcaraz defends the title. On the eve of such a difficult and important fight, Medvedev needs support more than ever. And it’s just wonderful that his wife Daria and his daughter Alisa, who is about to turn 11 months old, are present with him at the tournament.

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Even before the start of the US Open, Medvedev showed how his daughter accompanied him to training. And then he won five games. Support from loving people means a lot! In the video, the father smiles and says goodbye to his daughter, and she smiles back. This video is perhaps one of the cutest ones filmed during the current tournament.

Because of her age, Alice still doesn’t know what a forehand and a tiebreaker are. But in a few years, Dad will surely explain it to him. At the same time, as the tournament progresses, Daniil does not forget the responsibilities of his father. Spoon feeding a child is something sacred!

Daniil Medvedev spoon feeds his daughter Alisa

Photo: from the personal archive of Daria Medvedeva.

And when Dad undergoes rehabilitation procedures or is just training, Alice and her mother go for a walk. In a big city like New York, there are many places to go. You can go to the zoo and communicate there with unknown animals in an unknown language…

…or simply take a walk through the streets of New York, all accompanied, of course, by his beloved mother.

Daniil Medvedev’s wife walks with his daughter Alisa in New York

Photo: from the personal archive of Daria Medvedeva.

If you are tired of noisy streets, you can go to the park, closer to the water.


Six months ago, Medvedev had a crazy period of play. He then won four titles in five tournaments and in another case reached the final. Before the birth of the child, Daniil’s career did not have periods of dominance on the court. Did parenthood really have that effect? In one of the press conferences in May of this year, the tennis player spoke in detail about this topic.

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“Do you think that since I became a father my results have improved? Same feeling. I’m not sure, but let’s hope. Perhaps it was my daughter who influenced my tennis career and gave me new impetus. Both before and after her birth, she always trained a lot. I want and try to improve my game. I want to win as many games as possible and I absolutely hate losing.

So it hasn’t changed at all. But yeah, maybe, I don’t know. I don’t want to say that I’ve become more mature, because I’m not sure that’s true (smiles). However, let’s hope that the birth of my daughter has changed something deep inside me, something that makes me play better tennis,” Daniil said.

The words of a grown and self-confident man.

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