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How Moscow clubs conspired to destroy Spartak. Even the prosecutor’s office did not interfere.

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:46:26

The era of the reign of the legendary Starostin ended with the collapse of Spartak Moscow. In 1975, the team caused a sensation when they finished the championship in a record tenth place. It was decided to head towards restructuring, but the changes soon turned out to be a disaster for the club.

The rojiblancos lost the support of their party, and then completely became an “undesirable element” in the elite of Soviet football. Spartak failed to stay in the big leagues.

Starostin’s departure is a symbol of Spartak’s downfall

Spartak of that time was based on the authority and skill of Nikolai Starostin, who managed to build a strong team for many years. However, the system failed. The fatal decision was the appointment of Krutik. He was unable to continue the winning traditions of the Moscow team due to his inexperience and self-confidence. It is not surprising, because he had only two years of experience in Spartak … from Nalchik.

The removal of Nikolai Petrovich occurred in 1975 during the UEFA Cup match “Milan” – “Spartak”. Management needed a reason to fire a person who had a large number of enemies in the union. And they found it: three Spartak players were detained at customs with currency, which in those years was tantamount to treason. Starostin took responsibility and was subsequently ousted. It was from this moment that the collapse of the team began.

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In 1976, the USSR championship was divided into two parts: spring and autumn. Such an innovation was necessary to prepare the national team for participation in the quarterfinals of the European Championship and the Olympic Games.

The problems started already at the beginning of the season. The team, decapitated by the departure of Lovchev and Bulgakov, could not prove anything in the domestic sphere. The head coach could not cope with the crisis and the club plunged into the abyss. The stadium barely had a thousand people, and with each game the situation worsened. As a result, Spartak took only 14th place, but has not yet been relegated anywhere – the result of the season was determined in the fall.

So such an oversight was perceived only as a consequence of the removal of the permanent Starostin. In the preseason, there were hopes that new people would come to replace the former leader, and in the final part the team would meet again. At that moment, one could really believe it, the disastrous segment was illuminated by the victory in the international tournament in Palma de Mallorca. There, the team demonstrated the type of football that the fans have been waiting for in recent years: Spartak beat Queens Park Rangers 3-0 and drew with Barcelona Cruyff and Nesques (2-2).

Moscow conspiracy against Spartak

Hopes were not destined to come true – the team fell lower and lower in the standings. In the last round, the Muscovites occupied the same 14th line, but this time the situation was much more serious. The rojiblancos still had options to stay in the First Division, but relegation directly threatened the club.

In order not to leave the elite, it was necessary not to lose face in the match with Dynamo Kyiv. But that’s half the battle. Ararat and Dnepr, who played Soviet soccer giants Torpedo and CSKA, also fought to keep a residence permit. But if the match of the army team was not decisive, then it was enough for Avtozavodtsy to play a draw with the Ukrainian team to save Spartak from relegation. By the way, it was the Torpedo team that was proclaimed champion that season.

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An amazing coincidence: CSKA lost to Dnipro, Torpedo lost to Ararat, and Lokomotiv lost to Shakhtar. Thus, the Moscow trio saved everyone and “sunk” the fourth metropolitan club, which went to the second division with thirteen points, for the first time in its history. Spartak itself lost to Dynamo Kyiv (1:3), finally losing the chance to survive.

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rescue of the drowning

Despite the decline, the rojiblancos continued to have a gigantic following, it is not for nothing that the team is called the people’s team. Tens of thousands of fans flooded the USSR Sports Committee with letters asking them to investigate this incident. People literally begged to leave the team in the “tower”, referring to the experimental format of the championship, but all attempts were in vain.

Later, the question of the fate of Spartak was personally raised by Viktor Grishin, the first secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU. The official openly resented the organization of the season and the unfair relegation of the rojiblancos, hinting at the agreement that existed between the team’s rivals before the last day. According to the official, the principles of fair competition in the championship were ignored in favor of the interests of the sports leaders, who sought by all means to keep the sponsored teams in the Major Leagues. In addition, Grishin said that the evidence of violations was already in the hands of the USSR prosecutor’s office.

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The official failed to achieve justice. There were simply no people in the party leadership who were interested in Spartak. Brezhnev gravitated towards CSKA, while the rest opted for Dinamo or Torpedo, anyone, but not the rojiblanco. As a result, the main rival of the Moscow favorites successfully went downhill, but, fortunately, returned to the elite after one season.

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