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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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How much will RPL clubs earn in the new season?

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:45:02

How much will RPL clubs earn in the new season?

Polina Kuimova August 3, 2023, 08:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The winner will receive more than 500 million rubles.

Before the start of the 2023/2024 season, at the general assembly of the RPL, the issue of finances was discussed, that is, how to distribute funds among clubs. After a long discussion, the participants came to the conclusion that for this year it is worth keeping the previous scheme: half of the funds are divided among the 16 teams in equal proportions, half is paid depending on the place in the table . At the same time, RPL President Alexander Alaev did not rule out that in the future it will be possible to introduce payments when KPIs are met. He mentioned attendance at home games, work in the digital realm and participation in youth football matches as three potential criteria.

Alexander Alaev

RPL President

“We studied the world experience, all the leagues introduced the third component: marketing, TV viewing, young soccer players, plus there is a retrospective component. We understand that it is wrong to drastically change the system, but it is good that ours is compatible. The 50/50 scheme will be maintained in the 2023/2024 season.

There was already experience with the inclusion of marketing indicators in the distribution of funds, before the pandemic took over the world (then it was 40/60, taking into account marketing indicators). In the 2021/2022 season, the scheme was changed by 60% equally and by 40%, depending on the venue. With this distribution, the teams at the bottom of the table began to receive a little more than before, which allowed them to at least somewhat offset the losses due to the pandemic. Before last season, the format was changed again, to 50/50. They argued “difficult times in economic terms.” The introduction of KPI was postponed, which they planned to return to. As CSKA CEO Roman Babaev explained at the time, Fan ID made it more difficult to secure subscriber growth on social media and compete in attendance.

Prize money for the 2023/2024 season

Before the start of the last season, the RPL signed powerful contracts that made it possible to increase contributions to clubs by 344% (or 6.9 billion rubles).

The amounts of the agreements with three key partners are as follows:

Gazprom-Media (TV rights to show RPL) – the cost of one season is 7.7 billion rubles; NPS MIR (main sponsor) – according to our information, the company pays RPL 720 million rubles a year; Winline (general sponsor) – 2.76 billion rubles a year.

A slightly smaller amount is distributed among the clubs: 7.5% of the total amount is discounted, which the RPL pays to the RFU for the acquired rights, and another 600 million rubles are spent on the production of a television signal. There are other expense items, so a little more than 9 billion rubles are ultimately distributed among the clubs.

Now we count.

The settlement, which will be distributed among all clubs, regardless of the result, is 282,897,325 rubles 84 kopecks.

The payouts for the result are as follows: we multiply 4526 million (this is 50% of the total amount of 9052 million) by a number from 16 (first place) to 1 (last) and divide by 136 (1+2+3 … +16).


1st: 532.51 million * 2nd: 499.23 million 3rd: 465.95 million 4th: 432.67 million 5th: 399.34 million 6th: 366.1 7th place: 332.82 million 8th place: 299.53 million 9th place: 266.26 million 10th place: 232.97 million 11th place: 199.69 million 12th place: 166.41 million 1st: 133.12 million 14th : 99.85 million 15th: 66.56 million 16th: 33.28 million

*Quantities have been rounded to two decimal places.

With the 60/40 scheme, the amounts were lower by 328.5% on average, so it is not surprising that with all the entries (lack of European competitions + drop in attendance), the clubs decided not to change anything.

Who earned how much last season?

ClubAmount, million rublesZenit815.4CSKA782.13Spartak748.85Rostov715.66Akhmat682.28Krasnodar648.99Orenburg615.72Lokomotiv582.44Dynamo549.15 Sochi 515.87 Ural 482.59 Wings of the Soviets 449.31 Pari NN 416. 03 Fakel 382.74 Khimki 349.46 Torpedo 311.4

To this it is also worth adding the revenue from the Cup, which was discussed in detail here:

CSKA can earn more than 300 million in the Cup. How much will the rest earn?

Puck Henry
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