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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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How the Mbappé saga will end. Dream come true of Saudi Arabia, Chelsea or Real Madrid?

Date: September 27, 2023 Time: 23:41:22

The Parisian giants once again failed to fulfill their main task – to win the Champions League, after which the bosses decided on a radical restructuring of the team. The bid for older stars did not work out, and many of them left the team. And then PSG had a much more serious problem.

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Like it or not, it was Kylian Mbappé who was the main star for the Parisians. Management hoped and planned to build a team around him, but his leader refused to renew the contract, which expires next summer. Apparently, PSG for Kilian is not the last dream, but the club bosses were upset by the player’s decision and tried to put pressure on him.

Mbappé was put on loan, but the price scared almost everyone. The club’s management promised that if Kilian is not sold this summer or does not renew his contract with PSG, then the striker can forget about football for the next season, since he will be expelled from the squad.

Too many obstacles on the way to Real Madrid

Talking about Mbappé wanting to play for Real Madrid has been around for a long time. The problem is that Florentino Perez currently cannot meet PSG’s financial needs and he would prefer to sign Kylian for free next summer, but the Parisians are not happy about that.

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The €250m that PSG are rumored to want for their player is a cosmic amount even for Real Madrid. Madrid is trying to negotiate with the Parisians, to find a compromise, but in vain. As a result, information appeared that the leadership of the “creams” found the money, but how true is this?

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The bookmakers believe that the Mbappé saga will end with the signing of Real Madrid. You can bet on this with a coefficient of 1.53. This option seems the most suitable of all, but it will be difficult to get to it.

Chelsea has money, but does Kylian want to go to England?

Recently, London Chelsea have become one of the contenders for Mbappé. It’s not the most obvious choice, but it’s not without logic. The Londoners’ new leadership undertook large-scale team restructuring, a classic American approach.

Mbappé, due to his youth, fits into the concept currently promoted by Chelsea. The Londoners will also somehow find the money for their transfer, as well as opportunities to circumvent financial fair play. For Kilian moving to England is not a priority, but his opinion may change.

Things are bad for Akhmat:

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The option with Chelsea, according to experts, is significantly inferior to that of Real Madrid in terms of probability. You can bet on the transfer from Kilian to London for 13.0. Mbappe and the Blues may just be rumors, but you can expect anything from Todd Bowley, don’t discount him.

Saudi Arabia lures with money

Now the most real contender for the player is the Arab Al-Hilal. The Saudis have broken into the transfer market this summer and have spent a lot of money poaching players from Europe. At the end of July, there was talk of Mbappé’s move to Saudi Arabia as a matter of time.

The Premier League wants to ask FIFA to move the transfer window in Saudi Arabia.

The Frenchman was simply offered a real contract. Salary of 400 million euros a year and the opportunity to sign for Real Madrid next summer. PSG, according to rumors, should have received 300 million euros for the player, now these talks have calmed down a bit. Kilian was not even tempted by that amount of money, although he still has time to change his mind, and you can bet on Mbappé’s departure to Saudi Arabia for 15.0.

Mbappé became a hostage to the situation

However, Kilian is in limbo, like PSG. Both sides are upset with the other’s behavior, but the bidding continues. The club has more influence in this matter, it can even afford to let the player go for free, but at the same time make his life as difficult as possible. Therefore, it can be assumed that in the end Mbappé will be forced to concede.

The options with Real Madrid and Chelsea this summer seem unlikely. For these teams, the amount PSG is asking for Mbappé is too high. But the Saudis, throwing money left and right, are not afraid to spend money. In the end, they only had to persuade the footballer himself, and although this is difficult, it is real.

Tender: Mbappé will move to the Saudi Arabian club for 15.0.

Express with a coefficient of 6.48.

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