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How the new season of “Grande” turned out: an absurd vulgarity about tsarist Russia

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 21:47:46

“Great” latched on immediately. In the plot, a young German woman, destined to become Catherine the Great, arrives at the wedding with Peter III. She dreams of a happy marriage, considers the king a wise man, and shares naive ideas about their first night together. “Your bodies connect, souls merge, feelings are awesome, and you fall into the endless sky full of sparkling stars.”

But Peter turns out to be a reckless jerk and, during sex, tells a friend about “a hundred bloody ducks that ruined the hunt.” The absurd was so talentedly displayed that the audience roared with laughter.

Peter III and Catherine the Great

Photo: Hulu

Then Catherine announced a boycott of the tsar, changed the country, wove intrigues and organized coups. Each action was accompanied by a slight absurdity, appropriate vulgarity and elegant humor. Therefore, the audience was not embarrassed by historical unreliability, black peasants and other crazy things; all this created a unique fun atmosphere.

Also, at the right time, the plot was diluted with drama. Which are the arrival of Ekaterina’s mother, Peter’s gloomy memories of his father and the assassination attempt in the second season. These episodes were heart breaking and made you warm to the characters.

The first few seasons set the bar high and made Elle Fanning a superstar. Not surprisingly, the sequel was highly anticipated. And what a pity that this time the authors lost their sense of proportion and stopped surprising.

The video is available on the YouTube channel “SubVideo”. The rights of the video belong to Hulu.

Where to see in Russia

Officially, the third season is not shown in Russia, it is only available on pirate sites. Only the second season is available on more.tv and Kinopoisk.

Some good jokes and good drama for a car of vulgarity

The season two finale promised dramatic changes. Catherine noticeably strengthened her power and stained her hands with blood. But in the first episodes, everything returns to its place: Peter is still alive, relations with him are incredibly difficult, and the queen is still striving to reform.

The lady intends to outlaw murder, ban dueling, and introduce education, but the educational ideas meet with resistance. The nobles are outraged, the peasants look at them and timidly agree, and Peter’s supporters laugh and are clearly up to something. As a result, Catherine keeps changing her plans, and instead of proper reforms, she orders to install monkeys in the villages.

It is interesting to follow the implementation of laws and intrigues. The archbishop pressures the peasants and scares them with eternal torment, Aunt Isabel manipulates the merchants, and Catalina quarrels with her husband, reflects on the ambassadors’ proposals, and goes mad with despair. Thanks to good dialogues and acting, everything works.

In a session with a marriage psychologist

Photo: Hulu

Unfortunately, the plot is often marred by dubious decisions. For example, one of the central bows is associated with Paul, the son of Catherine and Peter. He should become the official heir to the throne, but at some point the queen rejects the centuries-old foundation, and for an insane reason.

The problem was Paul’s first word, which turned out to be unworthy. That’s right: the baby mumbled something, and Catherine threw a tantrum, she publicly offended her husband and personally paved the way for popular unrest.

Of course, noble impulses were behind the decision. What if the child grows up to be as unfaithful as the parent? Still, power in the wrong hands will not lead to good. But didn’t the writers find more harmonious ideas to start a conflict? It is clear that the series is absurd: the rulers in it even unleashed wars due to an absurd dispute. However, the third season has crossed all limits.

In the third season, Peter shoots a lot.

Photo: Hulu

However, the harshness of the script can be forgiven, and the second half of the season turned out to be decent. There’s drama, unexpected shifts in tone, and poignant moral dilemmas. But it’s harder to close your eyes to problems with humor.

There are some good jokes in the series. Take, for example, Elizabeth, who in the first episode wryly dances and babbles common truths to Peter. The show is so ridiculous and fascinating that one cannot help but laugh.

Unfortunately, there is more inappropriate humor. The feeling that the writer went off the rails and dedicated almost all the jokes to sex. In the “Big” before, there were enough bed scenes and vulgar conversations, but now all episodes are full of them.

Elizabeth tirelessly talks about orgies, the archbishop goes mad without love and sniffs at a woman’s breasts, and the Swedish empress passionately seduces the royal commander. Episodes last an average of 50 minutes, with half of the time usually devoted to vulgarity.

Elle Fanning entrenched in the big leagues

With acting, everything is fine, despite the restrictions imposed by the controversial script. For example, Peter III is played by Nicholas Hoult. The actor has long proven that he can cope with dramatic roles and skillfully squeeze out a tear, but in The Great all this is not necessary.

Holt has been making faces and turning into a short-tempered jerk for the third season. He’s good at it: the character steals the spotlight and does a charming frenzy, but I’d like more.

Pedro’s image lacks depth.

Photo: Hulu

It’s even more interesting to look at Aunt Elizabeth played by Belinda Bromilova. He is so light and energetic that she fascinates with every appearance. At the same time, behind the wind and the obsession with sex, she hides the most powerful character in the series. The lady has a clear goal and confidently goes towards it. She sometimes smiles and inspires, and sometimes she poisons the enemy and weaves insidious intrigues.

Although the main star is Elle Fanning. The girl has an unimaginable facial expression and selflessly recovers all emotions. If she screams, then she convincingly and loudly. Laughter is very contagious. And when the lady makes speeches, you believe her words unconditionally: Elle Fanning immediately disappears from the screen, now we have a surreal version of Catherine II.

Elizabeth became a key character.

Photo: Hulu

The role in the “Great” deservedly made the actress a world star. She perfectly copes with any task – amuses, touches, scares. No wonder Hideo Kojima entrusted him with a major role in Death Stranding 2.

Worth seeing?

The first few seasons were great, definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for something unusual and fun. But for the third season there are doubts: there is too much vulgarity and controversial points in it. Though for the sake of acting and a dramatic ending, the cons can be tolerated.


Elle Fanning is great from the first to the last frame. Other actors are also good. Good second half of the season. The series has beautiful costumes and settings.

I dont like him

Too much vulgarity and bad jokes There are doubts about the motivation of the characters.

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