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How to learn to pull up if there is no horizontal bar? 5 preparatory exercises for home

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:43:39

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Pull-ups are a great way to build strength and build your upper body muscles. This is a great exercise for building a powerful back, but it takes time to learn. This is a very difficult movement not only for beginners, but also for people who are overweight. After all, you need to get up only with the muscles of the back and biceps.

To perform, you need a horizontal bar, but not everyone has this sports equipment at home, and visiting the gym sometimes does not fit with a busy schedule or other life situations. Today we’re going to talk about how to strengthen your upper body and prepare to master the crossbar.

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Characteristics of pull-up training

If you want to master pull-ups, start with basic beginner exercises. How can you replace pull-ups at home if there is no horizontal bar? This is exactly the case when you need to look around your house and determine what can help you.

But before talking about the exercises, I will describe the basic rules for training.

Heating. Before getting up, don’t forget to warm up your muscles. This will allow you to avoid injuries and increase the effect of the lesson. Make special emphasis on the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle, back, abdominals, biceps and triceps. Since it is these zones of your body that will be involved in the lift.

Types of grips. You have the opportunity to exercise with different grips. The main ones are superior and reverse. They differ in the location of the brush. With the upper grip, the hands are directed with the back of the hand towards his face, with the reverse – with the inside. The use of different grips helps to change the load during training and prevents muscle adaptation.

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Correct position of the body. Hands should be shoulder width apart if possible. During the exercise, the shoulder blades should be together, the back straight and the shoulders low.

Execution speed. All movements during pull-ups should be slow and without jerking. After lifting, you need to stay at the top for a few seconds, and only then return to the starting position. This is necessary in order to feel the tension in the muscles of the chest, arms, back and abdominal muscles as much as possible.

Breath. The main mistake is incorrect breathing. Remember that you must exhale in the effort, inhale in the relaxation. With inadequate breathing, the muscles will not be saturated with oxygen. This will lower your strength and stamina.

Load distribution. If one side of the body receives more stress than the other, a muscle imbalance occurs. This puts you at risk of joint injuries.

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How to replace the horizontal bar at home: a set of exercises.

horizontal pull-ups

The closest variant to the classic. They develop the latissimus dorsi, the posterior deltoids, the trapezius, the brachialis, and also strengthen the stabilizers of the spine and biceps. To perform the exercise, you will need a table, depending on its width, the grip will be determined: wide or narrow.

execution technique

Put your legs and torso under the table, firmly grasp the table with your palms, from above or from the sides. Keep your torso hanging straight over your straight arms. With an exhalation, with the effort of the muscles of the back, pull the chest towards the table, bending the elbows. As you inhale, slowly unfold your arms, keeping your body line straight. You can perform the same exercise on two strong chairs and a straight stick (broom, pin, etc.). With the help of them you will create an improvised crossbar. Of course, you have to fix it very well to avoid injuries.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row

In this exercise, most of the load is received by the latissimus dorsi. The rhomboid and round muscles, biceps, the back of the deltoid, the trapezius muscle also participate in the work. As well as the hips, buttocks, spinal extensors and abdominal muscles as stabilizers. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can use any makeshift weights, like water bottles.

execution technique

Starting position: holding the dumbbells in your hands, lean forward. In this position, the back should be straight. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly. The grip can be straight, with a horizontal arrangement of the dumbbells, as when working with a barbell, and parallel, in which the arms move strictly along the body. As you exhale, pull the dumbbells towards the belt, bringing the shoulder blades closer to each other. It is very important to control the execution of the movements using only the strength of the latissimus dorsi, while you inhale slowly lower the dumbbells without rounding your back.

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pull up with door

For loading, only its own weight is used without additional weight agents.

execution technique

Stand in front of the door and hold on to both sides. Place your feet a little closer to the door so that you can lean your torso back. Remember that the more you bring your body back, the more difficult it will be to pull. Sit comfortably to transfer the weight to your hands. Do pull-ups in this position.

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10 types of pull-ups that a man should be able to do

Pull up with a towel and a door

For this method of getting up without a horizontal bar, you will need a towel and a door.

execution technique

Tie the ends of the towel in a knot on both sides. Then throw these knots on top of the door and close it well. Make sure the door doesn’t open in your direction. If you do, you could fall and be injured. Be sure to check that the knots are secure before pulling up. Perform pull-ups in this position.

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You can learn to get up at home. If you have nowhere to perform pull-ups technically and physically, the listed exercises will come to the rescue. Beginning athletes can improve their fitness level to be able to perform pull-ups, as well as easily train a target muscle group in case there is no opportunity to train on the horizontal bar.

By the way, even those athletes who can perform a small number of repetitions on the horizontal bar can additionally train their muscles by including these exercises in training. Then the development process will go faster, the muscles and ligaments will strengthen, the necessary endurance and strength will appear. Go ahead, and everything will be fine!

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