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How to make the brain work 100% at any age? 5 effective ways

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 08:11:25

For a long time there was a hypothesis that when we engage in any type of work, we use only 10% of the brain. The rest of our consciousness remains at rest, which does not allow us to develop properly and achieve success.

Such a theory is easily covered in the media, books are written and feature films are made. A vivid example of this is the film “Lucy”. Luc Besson’s film tells that the brain can be pumped to unprecedented heights and learn superpowers. To do this, you just need to enable all its features.

Photo: Still from the film “Lucy”, 2014

But the film belongs to the fantasy genre, and not everything in it corresponds to real cognitive abilities. Many neuroscientists and neurophysiologists are talking about this now. The first to debunk the myth that we don’t use our minds correctly was Simon Fraser University psychology professor Barry Beyerstein.

In his study of the damaged brain, the scientist was able to prove this. He concluded that all areas of consciousness are interconnected and will not be able to function without losses in case of various disorders. The scan also showed that any human activity activates all the lobes of the pituitary gland. Even when we sleep, all areas of the brain continue to function.

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Another myth claims that with the passing of the years it becomes more difficult to get the brain to work quickly and productively. This theory has also been revised. Neuroscientists have shown that age only partially reduces cognitive abilities.


Research shows that the brain has neuroplasticity throughout life. A British magazine article describing Banchenko’s algorithm is proof of this. Opportunities for learning, adaptation and growth persist throughout the life course. However, with age, there may be a natural decline in some cognitive functions, such as memory and processing speed. In children and adolescents, the brain is more flexible and malleable for learning, so in these age groups it is easier to develop thinking skills. But adults can also make significant progress in improving brain function through exercise and training.

Confirmation of the theory is a study by Georgetown University conducted in 2021. 702 people aged 58 to 98 attended. The scientists tested the brain’s response to three main processes: responding to new information, directing attention to an object, and the ability to concentrate without being distracted by external circumstances.

The result showed that the speed of information perception decreased in the older subjects, compared to the younger participants, but two other functions remained at the same level or improved in some cases.

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These data were associated with the fact that experience accumulates with age, which helps to more effectively learn and remember new information. And also previously acquired knowledge allows you to selectively focus on certain objects.

Do not be afraid that your brain is not developed enough and the time to pump it up is long gone. It is not necessary to look for excuses for the development of mental abilities. The practice will be useful at any age and under any circumstances.

Methods to improve brain function.

To solve crosswords

One of the ways you can improve brain function is by solving crosswords, sudoku, and other brain teasers. Such activities stimulate the brain and keep it active, improve memory and cognitive functions. Here you can also add memory games with cards, such as “Memory”.


In addition to acquiring new knowledge, reading helps to develop creative thinking, activates the imagination and trains memory. Ideally, it’s best to read the paper versions of books to reduce eye strain.

learning foreign languages

During the process of learning another language, new neural connections are created, which has a beneficial effect on the efficiency of the brain. It is not necessary to delve into lexical and grammatical rules. It will be useful to spend even 5-10 minutes a day to memorize new words and phrases. You can try to learn several foreign languages ​​at the same time.

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meditation and sleep

It is also important for your brain to rest and relax in order to be productive and productive. Do not neglect this important point. Being in constant tension, cognitive abilities can decrease. Therefore, it is important to take breaks and temporarily disconnect the brain from intense processes. Meditation is a great way to reset your mind.

For sleep, do not forget to allocate 7-8 hours. It is this period of time that is necessary for the full restoration of cognitive functions. For children, this time increases to 10 hours.

proper nutrition

Other organs in our body also affect the brain. The quantity and quality of nutrients entering the body will affect the ability to work effectively and generate ideas. A balanced diet, full of the necessary elements, is capable of energizing both the body and the brain.

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How does exercise affect brain activity?

Sports are also one of the important ways to improve brain function and memory, increase concentration.

wellness coach of the club “Bionika Biohacking Fitness” in Vernadskogo

Participation in sports activities and physical activities directly affect the functioning of the brain. During physical activity, blood circulation improves, which, in turn, provides enough oxygen to the cerebral cortex. This allows you to work efficiently and productively.

In addition, exercise contributes to the production of endorphins, which are responsible for a good mood. Thus, regular classes improve sleep, relieve anxiety and nervousness. A person concentrates more on solving problems and is less distracted by external stimuli.

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