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Monday, March 4, 2024
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How to pump the lower press? 6 most effective exercises for the gym and at home

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 00:10:35

Working the press is a complex process, and you can’t get by with exercises alone. Like it or not, but to get the coveted six-pack, you have to start eating right. If you have a normal physique without being overweight, the cubes with regular training and normal nutrition will appear quite quickly. Together with a fitness trainer, we have compiled a program for pumping the lower press in the gym and at home for you.

top trainer of the World Class network of fitness studios

“The lower press is called the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle, which starts from the pubic bone. She, in turn, forms the well-known “cubes”.


This is the key point of any training, even if you are going to pump the press. Warming up will tone muscles, help warm up and increase body temperature. Believe me, you will feel how it will be easier to perform the exercises. And although it is much more difficult to injure the abdominal muscles than any other, we recommend that you do three exercises that will invigorate you and prepare you for the load.

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jumping cat

execution technique

Stand up straight, lower your arms along the body, put your feet together. Perform a small jump and during the jump, open your legs to the width of the shoulders and raise your arms above your head. On the next jump, return to the starting position. Breathe evenly as you do the exercise.

Do 10-15 repetitions.

The physical trainer chose a complex that will help him become more mobile:


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execution technique

Stand tall, straighten your back, place your feet about shoulder-width apart, place your hands on your waist, bend your knees, pulling your pelvis back, and place your hands in front of you. Then return to the starting position. even breathing.

Do 10-15 repetitions.

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execution technique

Stand up straight, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, put your hands on the belt. Do lunges, bring your left leg forward and bend it at the knee, keep the other leg straight. Hands should still be on the belt. In this position, perform several springy movements. Return to the starting position. Perform a lunge with the other leg.

Do 10-15 repetitions, alternating legs.

Why is it important to unload the lower press?

The first advantage of pumping is that this type of exercise helps strengthen muscles, which support the lower body, including the hips and buttocks. Strong lower abs help improve speed, flexibility, and coordination.

Besides, can improve posture AND reduce risk of injuryassociated with sport, since the normal position of the pelvis is maintained and tension in the lower back is reduced.

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One of the main advantages of a well-designed lower press is improved functionality, as these muscles play a key role in the overall stability and balance of the body. The core serves as a kind of stable element, strengthening these muscles helps improve coordination of movements, as well as reduce the risk of injury and increase performance during exercise.

In general, lower abdominal work is an important element of overall fitness, so focus on it at least once or twice a week.

Common mistakes newbies make

fitness trainer, blogger, Ukraine IFBB 2019 runner-up

“Many people mistakenly think that you need to pump the upper press separately and the lower press separately. But is not. With normal twists, the load is distributed along the entire length of the rectus abdominis muscle. This means that any crunches from different sides will activate the abdominal muscles in the same way.

This problem has a solution. For even more activation, try crunches on a Bosu or regular fitball. This will give your abdominal muscles extra width, and the longer it is, the more involved the muscle will be throughout its entire length.

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Many also face the problem of crooked or “misplaced” packs and blame the wrong training plan. In fact, this is genetically determined and nothing can be done about it. But this is not a reason to be upset, because many famous athletes and stars have a similar press structure, and this does not prevent them from looking good. It’s in your power to make your core muscles as prominent as possible, but you don’t have to worry about the rest.

The best abdominal exercises in the gym.

If you are bored with the usual twisting at home on a rug, then there is a way out. In the gym you can find a large number of sports equipment and equipment that will not only make your abdominal training more effective, but also diversify it. There is everything here: from the horizontal bar to the inclined bench and various simulators. Do not hesitate to try them all, and include in your program the exercises that you like the most.

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spinning on fitball

execution technique

Lie on a Bosu or fitball, feet on the floor, press your head with your hands so that it does not tip over backwards.The pelvis and shoulder blades should be at the same level with respect to the floor.Relax by stretching the abdominal muscles as much as possible possible. While exhaling, simultaneously lift the shoulder blades and rotate the pelvis forward, push the buttocks up. Thus, you will reduce the distance between the hip joint and the ribs, that is, you will reduce the abdominal muscles as much as possible. .

Do 20-25 repetitions.

We tell you how just 15 minutes a day will bring great benefits to the body, in the material:

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hanging hip flexion

execution technique

Starting position: shoulder blades are lowered, legs dangling. As you exhale, pull your knees in toward you, while starting your lower back and rolling your pelvis forward and up. Return to the starting position.

Do 20-25 repetitions.

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Reverse crunches on incline bench

execution technique

Lie on your back on an inclined bench, while exhaling, push your straight legs up, moving your pelvis away from the bench, at the same time your hands should be along the body.

Do 15-20 repetitions.

Ekaterina Kravchenko: This exercise is more difficult than all the others, so if you find it difficult to perform, don’t worry, try doing the same, but on a straight bench.

The best exercises for the press at home

The hallway is a good solution, but not always convenient. For some, the schedule does not allow them to regularly study there, there can be many reasons. But the press is the muscle group that can be very effectively loaded even at home.

Ekaterina Kravchenko: All abdominal exercises are universal and there is no division into male and female, so you can safely perform any of them.

reverse crunches

execution technique

Lie down on the floor, place your hands along the body, legs straight, as you exhale raise your legs and push them up, tearing the pelvis off the floor, as you inhale slowly, with resistance, lower them without touching the floor.

Do 20-25 repetitions.

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band hip flexion

execution technique

Take an elastic fitness band. Lie on the floor and lean back on your forearms, place the elastic band on your feet. Take your legs off the floor and alternately pull the elastic band with your foot towards you so that your feet pull the elastic. band in different directions Try to breathe evenly during the exercise.

Do 40-50 repetitions.

diaphragm breathing

execution technique

Lie on your back and squeeze the press, twisting the spine. In this position, inhale, opening the ribs and pressing the diaphragm to the sides and down. As you exhale, “gather” the ribs, as if closing them. Inhale with the nose and exhale with the mouth. Do not relax during the exercise.

Do 10 repetitions (inhale-exhale).

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And remember: you can inflate the press in a relatively short time, but you will not be able to do it very quickly, so the “killer” method of training every day will not work, you should not even check it. Your task is not only to exercise regularly, but also to give the muscles a rest. If you practice wisely, the result will not be long in coming.

We talk about effective exercises below:


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